Make Money From Blogging? Why not?

Blogging or making money websites seems to be no longer strange.

Many people have had their own websites and blogs for a long time – the original purpose was to post the stories that I liked, save videos, write diaries, review films, stories, restaurants, record food diary, instructions for playing games, graphics, … everyone has their own knack.

However, blogging or making websites to make money is something more attractive. And in fact, many people are doing it.

With the development of technology, making websites or blogging has become easy, there is no need to “know the code to do it”.

In this article, I will help you learn the practical benefits that blogs can bring as well as a topic that many people care about: Make money with blogs, websites.

Make Money From Blogging

What is a blog and website?

First you need to learn about the concept of Blog & Website:

Blog is a form of website, this is an online diary created by individuals or a group of people with 1 or more topics. The content of the blog is primarily a personal opinion perspective, example is a blog specializing in MMO & Digital Marketing

Website is a page created by one or a group of people for personal purposes, website content can be blog, news, service introduction, product sale, …

Making a website or a blog can be done by individuals or businesses.

The technological age has developed as much as it is now, the online business has become frantic, anyone who bypasses the online sales channel, does not invest in the website will lose against the opponent, because the number of potential customers comes through Google and Facebook are great.

For example, Traveloka invests in a blog specializing in tourism to attract customers.

Make Money From Blogging

But this is a big business, what about individuals?

Rest assured, there are many ways for an individual to be able to blog, make a website to make money. But first, I want you to review some of the benefits when “manually” building a blog.

Benefits of making websites, developing blogs

In addition to bringing more opportunities for passive income, blogging will be “silently” giving you a lot of skills:

  • Technological skills are enhanced: When making a blog / website, you will have to deal with many things related to technology. For example, the purchase of hosting, domain name & the most basic steps to install WordPress.
  • Improved writing skills: What is repeated will bring you habits & experience.

If you do not have good writing skills, the first few days of blogging can be quite difficult days for you when you have no ideas, content & know how to use words, …

But all will improve every day. Good content is the core element for you to attract more readers & trust you.

  • Learn a lot: From what research the keyword should write to research more knowledge to complement it. All help your knowledge go up every day.
  • Believed and appreciated by everyone: Each blog post written by yourself speaks to you, if your article is good, it will be appreciated by many people.

Readers will give you practical comments or you will become more prestigious, if you have any service, blogging will be able to bring you customers, because they believe you after reading your blog.

  • Applying for a job easily and getting a higher chance of advancement: Attaching your blog / website to your CV is sure you will be appreciated for the knowledge you share.

(However, your blog or website must also be built properly, but if sketchy or no useful information, the effect will be the opposite)

  • Be confident and live more meaningfully: Blogging, website making will help you diversify words, add more knowledge, and this is also a great thing when you apply real life.

In addition, blogging will help you be confident in your life, and in your thoughts. From there you will discover many interesting things in life, you are less selfish and like to share more.

  • You will help many people: Do not hesitate to share your knowledge on the blog. A lot of people need your knowledge to apply to their work or thoughts

From there, you will receive many thanks and sincere gratitude. This is true with the saying “let go will get back”.

  • Connect: In the process of making blogs, websites, you will get to know many bloggers and other developer websites, and they will likely bring you great cooperation opportunities that you cannot miss.
  • Business development: If you have a product or service, then making a blog and website will bring you a lot of potential customers.

For example: If you are a designer, write a blog, website sharing about design, graphic tips. Or if you are a chef, you can blog about cooking tips that you know well.

  • Make money even a lot of money: Of course, this is quite an important benefit, you can make money from a lot of things from blogs.

How to look? The next section will list the most popular forms when developing blogs.

How to make money with blogs and websites?

A lot of people are not simply blogging “for fun” – But behind that is a “tremendous” income. The number here can be $ 300 – $ 500 per month or more is $ 500 – $ 1000 per month.

I will list the most popular forms so you can imagine how to make money with a blog / website?

Promote your own services and products

If you are doing business, or have any products to sell, making a website / blog to promote is something you cannot ignore.

Potential customers search on Google is endless, and find a way to get them to visit your website => From there to buy products from you.

make money with

Make money with Affiliate marketing

Don’t worry when you don’t have your own product, because you can still sell someone else’s product and get a commission.

It is involved in affiliate marketing programs.

If you do not know this affiliate marketing form before, you can look at the following article:

Place Adsense or MGID ads

Google Adsense or Mgid are networks that allow you to place ads on websites. When the visitor clicks on the ad, you will receive money.

Of course, you must build useful content first. Until you reach a certain amount of traffic, Adsense or Mgid will accept your website.

Google Adsense or Mgid is the most popular 2 network I want to mention. In addition, you can still place ads from other networks.

For partners to put banner

If you have a website that has high traffic and regularity or a website that specializes in certain areas, then I think there is no need for you to search, but there will be people who actively contact you to cooperate in placing ads. For example:

  • If you develop a blog about cuisine, evaluating food, it will attract restaurants and cafes to advertise
  • Beauty blog will attract spa, beauty brand advertising
  • Travel blog, travel will have hotels that place ads, ..

The price of setting up a website or banner is usually higher than the price that Google Adsense or other network ads offer.

The subject to start

Now, I will give you some suggestions on topics to get started with website development, blogging.

However, no matter which topic you choose, think about your strengths first. After that, conduct keyword research

For example, if you know keyword research, you can know which keywords are searched much on Google for the field you want to deploy your blog.

Here are a few topics that you can start considering to deploy blogging:

  • Tips for WordPress
  • SEO tips
  • Marketing tips
  • Design, photoshop skills
  • Make money online / offline, …
  • Guide to learning foreign languages
  • Share discount code
  • Evaluation of domain names, hosting, VPS, …
  • Blog to guide writing skills
  • Blog about the type of animal you know
  • Blog about the development process itself
  • Health, practice, gym, fitness, jogging …
  • Blog communication
  • Family love
  • Communication skills
  • Technology (computer, phone, tablet, …)
  • Blog about cars and motorcycles
  • Sports (any subject is your strength)
  • Music (instructions for playing guitar, piano, …)
  • Women
  • Instructions for playing games
  • Review movies
  • Culinary blog, record the dining journey where you live
  • Blog about travel
  • Communication skills, social knowledge
  • Review books and stories
  • Blog share your design, images, .. .. if you are photographer
  • Share the lessons you get in life
  • ……

If you have decided to do it, do it in a regular way, leaving it unresponsive. 

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