Coronavirus Job Search: What Jobs are Hiring & How to Get a Job During COVID-19 Outbreak

Coronavirus Job Search: What Jobs are Hiring & How to Get a Job During COVID-19 Outbreak

Here is what you need to know about getting a job during the coronavirus outbreak.

I’m a human resource professional who is steeped in this everyday from the business side, and I’ve gotten hundreds of emails, from job seekers like you, to let me know what they’re up to.

And so I’m going to tell you the five major in sights I’m seeing in the job market, and I do have some powerful approaches to give you the edge for job searching during this trying time.

As an HR professional, I’m committed to helping you show your value, to land career-defining jobs.

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In my five insights, I will tell you how to land a job when things are stalling; which companies and industries to pursue; how to get interviews; and in number five, I tell you what to say, that may very well seal the deal, and get you the offer.

Insight number one, interviews are moving to video.

Companies are still interviewing.

They’ve got a lot of goals, and they can’t afford to stop hiring.

So keep your job search going, and pay attention to special ideas of how you can stand out.

And I will go through a few of those in this video.

Now interviews are being conducted more by video and phone.

So for video interviews, assume technology will not work, and show up at least five to 10 minutes early, test your camera, see what you look like.

Make sure your background is normal.

And still dress up.

Do not be too casual.

I have had a video interview where the person was lying on their bed, taking the interview.

No, make sure you prop your computer up to eye level, look straight into the camera.

Now I also have some of my best phone interview tips, all piled up into one video, where I walk through each step of a phone interview; what to expect, how to rock it.

And so I will link that video, both in the comments and in the description.

And there’s a bonus tip here.

Many of these companies aren’t necessarily used to doing phone interviews.

So think of ways that you can make this video interview stand out and be a special moment.

Such as Tik Tok user, chrisfecto, said on one of my videos to think about what it would have looked like in person.

“I sourced a white board for a design challenge “and they were impressed.

” That’s a great example of how to stand out “.

Another way is to have your work samples ready, and offer to screen share that when you’re asked about it.

Now I’ll link my video on how to build a Banff binder, which is essentially how to build a portfolio for any career path.

And this is an incredible way to show your value and wow the interviewers in a remote situation.

Insight number two, certain roles are in demand.

Everyone is feeling the impact of the outbreak, but some industries are really hurting, while others are may be even hiring even more.

Industries like shipping, retail, restaurants and travel, are lessening hiring or doing layoffs.

Glass door reported that 32% of new jobs posted have been by the government, healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and non-profit industries.

They said the top five roles that are the most coronavirus-related openings, include registered nurses, communications specialists, social workers, project managers and technicians.

ZipRecruiter’s said that ads for cleaners are surging by now by 75% up from what they were last year.

All these companies are really making sure that their sanitation is top notch right now.

My last tip here is just, don’t assume that companies are not hiring.

There are maybe aspects of their business model that completely thrive in these times.

Companies still need to hire, and you can be that person for them.

Insight number three, searches are happening on LinkedIn.

An interesting insight is that companies may sometimes skip applications that are submitted, and go straight to searching on LinkedIn for their talents, since they can pinpoint the exact combination of skills that they are looking for, more easily usingLinkedIn search function.

And recruiters are actually seeing increased responses to their messages on LinkedIn.

Since everyone’s, you know, sitting at home, away from their bosses, able to take the call.

The lesson here is, optimize your Linked In profile.

Make sure you are showing up in those searches.

Get those right keywords on there, so that you are getting these great job opportunities.

I will link several videos down in the comments, and in the description, of how to do this.

Also, it’s time to also step up your resume game.

You can go to

I have a free webinar coming out, where I’ll teach you exactly how to stand out from everyone else, and articulate your experience in a compelling way, even if you’re thinking about pivoting to a different industry.

Insight number four, offers are being postponed.

So while interviews may be flowing at a decent pace, when it comes to locking down that offer and a start date, companies are feeling a little bit of uncertainty and they may be a bit shy to pull the trigger.

The first thing you need to know, is that it has nothing to do with you.

They still want you, they love you, they want you to be on their team.

So don’t lose confidence.

This has nothing to do with you.

Now, more than ever, you need to follow up.

Persistence gets jobs.

Follow up every five business days or so, while you’re in the interview process.

Even if they don’t respond, keep following up.

They’re not responding because they’re waiting to hear from someone, who’s waiting to hear from someone else, who is trying to figure outwhat their next move is, and they have no idea what to tell you next.

So I will link a free followup email template download in the comments of what you can say to them, to keep this positive and sincere.

Insight number five, flexibility will be rewarded.

With the level of change and uncertainty some companies are facing right now, the more flexible and potentially non-permanent you can make your situation, the better.

I know some companies are terrified of bringing on new staff and then potentially having to terminate them a month later due to problems in the business, or taking on that expense of hiring someone new when finances are uncertain.

So be the candidate who understands those concerns.

Glass door has stated that there has been an uptake in the number of contractor and temporary roles posted online.

So when interviewing, be open to the role potentially being a contract role, or another thing you can do is, offer to have like a 90-day trial period, so that both sides understand that it may not work out in that time, and that way, the company doesn’t necessarily have to pay you severance.

Now, I know you want severance, that’s important.

But at least now, you’ll know that that’s an agreement.

You could be looking for other roles during that time.

Also think of maybe afreelance version of your role.

I work in HR and I could freelance, helping companies to write their HR policies.

I mean specifically, Work from Home and Sick policies, if we’re talking about the most needed things right now.

How can you take elements of your skill set and offer them to companies for an hourly or project rate?

There are lots of sites out there that can help you to advertise your work, like Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal.

Now I haven’t vetted these freelance remote work sites yet, so I don’t feel confident saying, this is the site you need to go to.

So if you know anything about this, please put it in the comments.

Recommend sites so that we can all learn from each other here.

Remember to like this video, and subscribe to this channel.

Thanks so much, everyone.

Stay safe.

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