Top Affiliate Marketing Platforms To Place Your Trust

Top Affiliate Marketing Platforms To Place Your Trust

Affiliate Marketing Platforms

If you are now running an online business, affiliate marketing platforms must be familiar to you. More and more people tend to cooperate with these platforms to get commissions paid from the vendors. They are much like an intermediary between the advertiser and publisher. The effectiveness of the affiliate marketing process is indicated by performance marketing based on different models such as CPA, CPS, etc.

You will get commissions paid on every single product that you help the vendors sell in the program. Working as an affiliate partner will be a very brilliant way to conduct business without leaving your home. So, let’s find out 7 well-known affiliate marketing platforms that many people now put their faith in these platforms:

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

Joining the Amazon Affiliate Program doesn’t require you to pay any fee. Your job is to advertise the products that appear in only and help them break into the market but don’t worry, this website provides products from A to Z which means you can find almost everything you want to sell. However, you need to follow the affiliate regulations which require you to have an active website, blog, app, or Social Media Channels.

The commission fees will not remain stable. Sometimes it can be very low (only 1%) but the rate can go up to 10%. Besides, the cookies only last for 24 hours so after that, you won’t get credit. If you put your effort in promoting products, there is nothing to be afraid of.  

CJ Affiliate by Conversant

CJ Affiliate by Conversant

There are tons of product you can promote from this platform and it also offers you a wide range of reliable brands. You can sign up to create your publisher account for free. To earn revenue, it required you to build a website to start getting high ranking on search engines and more visitors (from Google, Facebook, etc).

However, the rules are quite strict. You may be denied to join an affiliate program if your affiliate marketing doesn’t achieve good results.



Clickbank is likely a wide trading floor for e-commerce. You can choose to be a vendor or an affiliate. Being a vendor, you need to pay a fee to start selling your products but on the contrary, if you are an affiliate, you don’t have to pay a single penny. Besides, you don’t need affiliate approval before promoting products.

It offers very high commissions (about 75% in common).

After choosing a product you want to sell, building a clear sales funnel is the next step. It will help you build and manage your email lists to promote product easier. You can drive traffic to your website by using social media, investing in Ads or trying to rank on Google.


Linkshare is another option for you to grow your business or generate profits. It provides numerous options for you to choose from. The marketing content is really important. You need to provide clear information (it will be much better with a review) about the products, convince customers to buy them and wait to see the result.

This is a solid and professional affiliate program with great support but there is a drawback. You can only start doing affiliate marketing when the vendors allow you to do so. 

Share a Sale

Share a Sale

This affiliate marketing platform helps you earn percentages from sales transactions. It is based on the CPL model. After completing the registration, you will help the merchants selling products by promoting them and one of the most preferable ways is to monetize as a blogger. You need to set up your website at first and it will take you several minutes. The plus for this platform is that it provides deep links to lead customers directly to the web pages.

However, you must pay notice to the affiliate program because sometimes you won’t receive any notifications if there is any chance.



This is a perfect platform for launching an affiliate program. You will find both digital and physical products on this website. A huge number of famous vendors all around the world choose JVZoo as their marketplace so it’s much easier for you to choose high-quality products to promote, especially digital products.

It allows you to see the number of clicks, visitors and sales per day to keep track of your work easier but you need to request affiliate approval before joining the affiliate program.

By the way, it’s important to keep track of new product launches to ensure that you won’t let any opportunity slip through your finger.

Warrior Plus

Affiliate Warrior Plus

This affiliate platform specializes in digital products which means you can only find digital products in here. Warrior Plus is newbie-friendly. It provides quick registration, clear instruction and it’s effortless to follow. Sometimes the affiliate program will run a contest and the fastest affiliate will win the prize.

However, there is no advertising support and you need to request for affiliate link from the vendors before getting started.

Every coin has two sides, any affiliate marketing program has its pros and cons. Growing a business as an affiliate marketer is not as hard as it seems. I highly recommend that you consider carefully before making a decision and hope my review will give you a helping hand.

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