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Top Affiliate Marketing Networks In 2022

Best Affiliate Networks

Affiliate marketing is estimated to be an industry that brings in billions of dollars a year and that is the main source of income for thousands of online marketers.

Some of these affiliate marketers work directly with a business, but others work within a specific affiliate network. There are likely millions of affiliate marketing networks to choose from, but it’s best to only be associated with the top affiliate marketing networks.

What are the top affiliate networks?

Affiliate networks are a good deal for marketers even though they take part of the profits generated, which makes it so the affiliate marketer makes less money. They make up for it by doing things like:

+ Combine offers from several merchants at once

+ Give an easy way for the affiliate marketers to compare all the merchant offers

+ Handles all the administrative duties in the affiliate marketing process

Some of the top affiliate networks include:

CJ Affiliate by Conversant (Formerly Commission Junction)


CJ Affiliate is one of the biggest affiliate networks and offers a one-stop shopping network in the affiliate industry. No matter what niche you are in, you are bound to find some type of business to work with through this network, which lists thousands of merchants.

Plus, once a merchant is chosen, the affiliate gets an affiliate code to use on their website and can be up and running and selling in just a few hours.

Rakuten LinkShare

Rakuten LinkShare

Rakuten LinkShare is one of the oldest affiliate marketing networks. However, it does have less participating merchants than some of the bigger ones with only about 1,000 merchants.

The fact that it involves LinkShare though does make it a bit different than some of the other affiliate networks. One of these things is being able to automatically go through various banner ads for a specific product, which lets the affiliate have more control. They can pick multiple versions and rotate

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

Amazon is said to have the biggest affiliate network and has products that represent more than 1.6 million merchants.

Plus it has one of the easiest to use of all the networks. Even a beginner affiliate marketer can get going with a program in a few minutes and if they are an expert they can get access to advanced ways to use Amazon’s affiliate network. However, Amazon has a low commission rate at only between four and 15 percent and they only pay once every two months.



ShareASale is also a large affiliate network and it has around 3,800 merchants. About a third of these are only listed by ShareASale.

They also offer things like Earnings per Click, as well as Reversal Rates, and an Average Sale Amount, and an Average Commission. Plus they pay every month as long as the affiliate makes at least $50. The disadvantage is that it is harder to use than some of the other networks.



Click Bank is another huge affiliate network participant that many affiliate marketers use. It has everything from entry level to advanced opportunities for beginner to expert affiliates.

Still huge even as they have had to evolve with the changing rules on promotions and disclosures. Massively popular with entry-level merchants.

Affiliate Window


This is an affiliate network in Europe. If you are looking to take your affiliate opportunities to a global level, then check them out at

 eBay Partner Network


eBay got into the affiliate network business when they bought PepperJam. This  blend of eBay’s large scale network with the already established relationships in PepperJam brings together a great choice of networks with lots of opportunities for beginners to expert affiliates.



AvantLink is a professional affiliate network and is very popular among advertisers. It has a distinctive approach to performance marketing and only works with merchants that provide supply product catalogs with a percentage of sale (CPS) arrangement.



Another one of the European affiliate networks is TradeDoubler. It started in 199 and has been going strong all over the world ever since and maintains a good merchant list.



The difference with LinkConnector is that it puts a focus onto proprietary technology so it is great for affilate marketers who want to get into this sort of merchant choices.



Revenue Wire is an affiliate network that specializes in merchants that well digital products. So, if you like to sell these kinds of items, then choosing this affiliate is great for your affiliate marketing business.

This is just one list of top affiliate networks, as there are other good ones as well, but these will help you to get started in your quest to be an affiliate marketer.

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