What to post on instagram? Instagram growth Research for Local Business Juice Bar

What to post on Instagram? Instagram growth
Research for Local Business Juice Bar

It alright, so this is we’re going to go over the presentation for the face Instagram research for Florida link flow Florida Lima.

Let me just get into here.

Now pop them again to present Well, I’m just going to go through the slides I’m going to do you know, just kind of explanation of each slide, I’ve added some new ones that weren’t here in the first one.

South Florida Lima farms is a cold press juicer in the city of San Fernando.

And we ran the Instagram account analysis in order to check out what the competitive landscape what what other accounts in that niche are doing what’s working for them, what’s not.

So it’s basically what this report is all about.

So, hope this microphone back phone, hope you’re working.

So, so there’s four, four pillars to Instagram, that help an account grow.

Number one is the research, that’s the part that we’re working on right here.

Consistency, how many times a day you’re posting, according to the niche that you’re in, and sticking to that in order to build that trust.

And, you know, kind of set up that pattern for people that, you know, they’re going to be comfortable expecting a post from you already.

Like, they’re gonna be like, Oh, you know, this account posts once a day, and they know to expect to see a new post from them.

Content is what the posts are actually about what’s in the images, what’s in the captions, what’s the call to actions are and the network is the is very important also, is the accounts that interact with you are the people that you partner up.

So do shout outs or do a promo, something like that, you know, the other people in the neighborhood.

And that’s good, the network is good, because it also shows trust.

The other accounts are engaging with you.

And it helps you also cross promote across their audiences as well.

And sometimes there’s even there’s some audience crossover.

And sometimes that crossover might be following you might not but if they’re not, it’s great, because then they find out about you through that other other audience.

And then you get some new followers off that if they’re, you know, they’re in the same niche, same space that you are.

Alright, so let’s keep going.

So here we’re going to go through the research findings.

So here, these are going to be in the report.

These are the this is August 2018.

These are hashtag that the Florida Nu mark account could rank for based off their current engagement levels.

This is these are the passionate they’d be over to get.

So that’s, that’s what these are.

So there’s a few patient disease, copy and peaceful.

Alright, so consistency, on average of the accounts that we analyzed.

We’re posting them on average once a day.

Yeah, what about one time a day, not many were doing any more than that.

common patterns, account accounts used to use short captions.

And they asked their followers to share their opinions like, what their favorite flavors are their favorite toppings, their favorite juice, that was a very common thing in the big accounts.

One of them the two main accounts we were looking at, since this is the juicing space was pressed juice Hurry, and also now actor juice, which are big in this space.

And we also looked at some similar accounts that have a similar audience, based off what Instagram was telling us, the suggested accounts that Instagram suggest off the ones we’re looking at.

So those that all being the Excel sheet that has all the the handles are the names of all those accounts, we looked at about 50 accounts.

So the best time of the day to post is, is here is around here, right here we have this industry, this is just general overall Instagram.

But as you post within your niche, you’re going to kind of realize that sometimes there’s better days and better times.

But in general, it’s important to keep in mind that people work and at their jobs, they usually don’t open up their phone.

And pretty much everybody that accesses Instagram is doing it through, they’re their cell phone.

So they’re not really you know, using their personal phone on company time.

So it’s very normal that people check their Instagram during their lunch break.

And then also in the evening, when they’re home probably already had dinner just sitting down to wind down.

They want to they want to check out what will happen during the day in the Instagram world.

And then some important days to look at.

We have Thursday, right there.

Thursday is always been popular, even in the TV space.

ads on Thursday, always were the most popular because that’s when people are planning what they’re going to do on the weekend.

So that’s, that’s a good day to keep in mind if you’re the type of business that gets more of its traffic over the weekend.

So yeah, and TV car dealers are known for running a lot of ads on the Thursday night newscast, because people are engaged in planning what to do on the weekend.

Tough, that’s the type of if a lot of the customers come in over the weekend, definitely take a look at that.

And then some people might look at it before work, but that’s going to be a little bit less people are pretty busy in the morning.

So the content that we saw, we’re going to go over some examples.

And for here we have lifestyle photos with food layouts, juice, juice and juice in hand, like just holding a drink.

There’s children and every few posts.

There’s pet shots, there’s testimonials, we’re going to see this right now.

So let’s look at some calls to action.

Okay, so we’re looking at Sukkot, this is from actual Florida, Lima.

This is a current post that they have.

That’s like for a drink recipe that’s available on sun kissed so so you know, I was like, Okay, well, what if we, we already know that our, our demographic is skewing more towards women.

That’s what I saw in the research and, and digging a little deeper, I actually realized that it’s actually more like 85 to 90% women are the shoppers here are the customers.

So so let’s look we could on the geo tab when we do a post, we could do.

We could tag a break room just search break room somewhere.

And it’ll come up as a geo tag or and you know, just hand it to convey this emotion when you can’t have a margarita at 10am GL tag break room Tango co Tango co worker who would join you and you know, just kind of promoting this drink here.

So that’s just one example right here.

I know this is the one on the right and the pink is from press juicer, drinking her juice that’s pink wearing her her pink pants there.

And the caption says on when these we drink pink with the little pink car.

Now, this could also be pulled off.

Similarly, with Florida, the Lima right here, she has a green juice on this green tablecloth back here, the Jason green on her purse.

So an idea could be get this picture but get it with somebody that’s wearing green or maybe orange, an orange juice with an orange shirt would also work and do a similar similar caption right there.

Since it’s going to identify more with the audience.

To me, alright, caption CTA.

So this one’s a greens get the job done is a current post that’s already there.

But in thinking, Okay, some of the benefits here boost energy improve mood, low in sugar mentioned the friend that would bring you one to work.

So it kind of plays on that emotional like Oh my, you know, if you’re BFF or somebody is following you on this account, they’ll probably tag you.

And doing the mention and tagging friends.

works really good on smaller accounts, bigger accounts will ask questions and engage.

And that’s also good.

But for smaller accounts, it’s more efficient, more practical.

If you’re going to have a call to action, try to use the ones where people tag a friend.

Because you’re going to get more more bang for your beer, your CTA there.

So that’s good help to build that audience and also engage with the audience at the same time.

All right, close enough to this microphone.

Here we have hundred themes.

It’s really common in this niche, even in Instagram overall.

But we’re here we are looking at the the juice niche.

So this is from the nectar juice bar, we could see they’re using the the blues right here, nice blue, blue, blue.

And then it’s over our blue.

Other, it’s they’re pretty consistent with that.

And it has, it makes for a nice layout.

It’s soothing to people like they know what to expect.

And here, this is a harmless harvest too.

So my favorite coconut water, I really like this water.

Here we have that they have this, this pinkish theme going.

And it goes it’s it’s on brand with their message.

Because they’re if you’ve ever had this coconut water, part of the thing is when you drink if you actually look at it, it’s exactly this kind of color has a pinkish color to it.

And it’s something they saw, I can remember the reason best something to do with how organic or not contaminated it is.

Yes, it has something to do with that, but that they use it you know, kind of as a sign of their purity.

So they really like to push that that pink color.

So they’re also using it here in their Instagram.

And if you go to this account and you scroll down a little more, they’ll also transition to that green bottle cap that they have that neon Nish green color, though, they’ll switch it up for now, right here, they’re using that pink.

All right, so these were some food, our accounts and also, just because that similar audience crossover, I found these these images.

And these images are actually are based off best performing post.

Basically, we analyzed the the baseline likes and comments for an account, say of one post got 1000 likes, or 1000 comments, we looked at that.

And then all of a sudden, if we saw something that that will double, triple or you know, got more than went way over the baseline, that’s called a best performing post.

And these are two examples of best performing posts within the space with audience crossover and because you know it is Instagram, it’s it’s eye candy.

So people that are interested in juicing how fruit, you know, this is something it’s a nice visual, visual thing to look at.

So these are some things to consider.

So here are the lifestyle shots for content here.

So here’s Starbucks, which of course is big in the drink space.

They use this whole drinking and holding your cup in your hand.

They don’t just go on the goal guy got my account my training people are proud of it.

And then here I really ended up liking this coffee dose cafe.

And again, these accounts are we analyzed are because of audience crossover inside of the the juice space.

People that followed juice type accounts are also following this coffee dose here in Los Angeles, this places in Orange County, I think they have multiples, because I saw the things that said Santa Ana and stuff like that.

But somewhere in Orange County, oh, we’re actually gonna end up looking at this post.

And, but here’s here’s like, you know, here their, their lifestyle shots here on message, you know, they’re using that pink, a pinkish whitish theme with some sometimes they use these pastels, you know, that’s just their style.

All right, there’s color color with purpose.

So here you know, highlighting that that yellow here and contrasting the here with this nice blue, blue background.

These are their brand colors.

And over here you know we’re celebrating the color of the berries which is like this burgundy color, you know, we have this right there that far right there.

And then Facebook Instagram automatically picks that bar for you just because it detects that you’re doing that.

Now, here are some some patterns we saw.

We saw pets, pets, there’s a pet, there’s another pet.

Yeah, they’re like every 10 post in these accounts where it’s pretty common to see either pets and small children in the images.

And Instagram is a great place to put testimonials of your customers that truly enjoy your product, you know, they’ll they’ll actually record these themselves, untag themselves or send them to you somehow completely fine go ahead and use those in your in your account.

And here’s an example of a testimonial that was you know, just kind of like a customer engaging with the brand on Twitter they took a screenshot and then you know they threw a background of that that pink coconut water color image and put the testimonial on the front saw something something that could be used take screenshots from your yelps your Google’s wherever you have a more people engaging with you.

And other places Instagram, Facebook wherever they are, and you could use those in your your thing for your Instagram feed for social proof now this is an interesting account this one is a juicer out in I think it’s Norway or somewhere in Europe they have the they use pastels really nice I really like their style the pretty they use night where they call it blank space negative space a lot in their images which really appealing to the eye and then here we see the every few posts they the put like some throwback, American hip hop music videos in their feet.

That’s just their style that’s what they do.

And you could definitely mix up your content that way you don’t always have to stick to juice juice juice juice juice you could you could have a different categories of like juice out on the farm or and then some lifestyle testimonials but you know you don’t have to always be stuck in just juice you can mix it up to be yourself be the personality of the brand that that you’ll want to be but just make sure you know it kind of identifies with the with the market you will wants to the buyer the consumer you want to have we’re already do have and and i the account does skew more towards women so I would totally be comfortable with with speaking more to women than men because attract the people that like you already.

They’re gonna they’re going to bring them in anyway because you know they want to go get there just to bring along their boyfriend or whatever.

So don’t be scared to like alienate people.

This is your account is for your customer your loyal fans.

Not it’s not for everybody, not everyone’s going to follow but make it make the account for your most loyal your diehard fans.

Oh, here’s a some ways that some accounts are providing value.

This one right here helping us identify a good watermelon.

And then here we have this account the juicing check that gives us some recipes for making juice and detox plans.

Other accounts I found on Was it the trader Joe’s lyst gives a list of things to buy at Trader Joe’s to make certain unhealthy foods.

So actually when do some how tos and her Trader Joes Hall, but they’re just ways you could provide value not stuff that’s interesting that people so this page is is is a farm to table style page.

So I was kind of you know, kind of thinking okay, well Florida Lima has its own farm.

And they bring the stuff from the farm to the to the to the cafe, the restaurant.

So this, this I checked out this account and this was one of their best performing posts.

You know, just celebrating the freshness, the art the of the produce that goes into making the food to eat.

These are engagement post these are these are fun.

It’s really good for the for the Instagram platform, the algorithm to see that people are commenting liking your post.

So you’re this account, not necessarily in the juice.

This is just kind of like a comedy account.

Come on.

Yeah, I guess it would be more comedy than anything.

They know their audiences is the Mexican American market bilingual.

And they know they’re they know the products that they know their audience very well.

They have them very well dialed in.

So here they throw up this post of a typical Mexican cleaner like gut mop the floor.

And they asked you know which one’s your which one’s your favorite.

And, at least me personally, number three is the one night I know the most.

So, you know, this thing, got a bunch of comments down there.

But yeah, and it lets you identify with the audience and it gets them engaging posts, replying to what you put out so I in a way that you know, just it’s just fun, it builds a community built a movement, that was just one.

Alright, so here’s some, I’m going to go through some examples of some of the best performing posts that I found in the research of looking at the similar accounts.

Once again, this is looking at the the baseline data for likes and comments.

And these were the tip top, best in and just these recent months here.

So let’s look at some of the captions and what they’re doing.

So this one’s a, you know, both of these had a theme of being in the moment.

This one is from press juicer, three, apparently they’re doing ice cream.

Now, I didn’t even know that.

But it was like national ice cream day.

So they’re doing like a special promo, where you’re getting it, I guess for two daughters, the $2 freeze.

And it got a lot of a lot of comments way over their baseline likes and comments.

So that’s why it came up.

So here it is.

And in the in the research sheet, actually put a link of the best performing post where the accounts we were researching.

So you could go through all those cliff, you know, if you want to look at some more, other than what are here in this presentation, they’re going to be in the Google Sheet that’s gonna come your way.

Alright, so here’s a Starbucks This one is, Starbucks is known for doing this red cup for the holidays.

But here they are, you know, celebrating the holidays with you know, with the community, the customers, there’s been in the moment it just it, because it really is bigger than just the product you sell.

These products that we sell, they’re just the vehicle to get where people want to go.

So it’s really about celebrating the thing that’s bigger than the product, it’s that that bigger aspiration that we have, you know, being with friends and family, enjoying a nice tree, sharing it with someone else.

It’s not just just the product, and that’s it just high and dry.

So it’s more it’s more than that.

So it’s important to just acknowledge that celebrate it and be part of the community.

Build that community that movement.

Alright, so here here’s this was one of my favorite accounts also had crossover in the Jew space.

This is that coffee shop I was telling you about the is in Orange County.

Identify with your audience, you know, speak the way that they speak and understand understand them.

So here’s the the caption, it’s a day without coffee is like, JK, I have no idea.

And this is one other this is their best performing post.

Got a lot of comments, you can go check it out and read how much people loved it.

And you know, this just they have a kind of a quirky tone here.

There, it’s an interesting account, they’re definitely focused focus in on women for their coffee shop.

If you go check out this account and other other captions that they use, they’re there.

They’re proud of their product.

Here’s another example of two best performing posts that also have crossover in the juice space.

Is this just a point of how how it really is bigger than just the product that we sell.

These two accounts have crossover.

And they’re not even, I wouldn’t say healthy.

It’s they’re both cake.

So I don’t know how cut the cake is.

But they have follower crossover.

We got sprinkles on the sprinkles is on the left.

And on the right is Susie’s cakes, then both of them, you know are kind of, you know, sprinkles kind of wants to figure out what flavor to bring, and is asking people to to let them know which which flavor they want.

And then Susie’s cupcakes, it’s here celebrating their 30th birthday, every birthday of the company in business.

And you know, they’re letting the the customers know, come celebrate with them with a special promo here.

And this got a lot of engagement.

So, so that’s another example of best performing post phone call to actions.

You know, sometimes we want to announce that we have something but you don’t have to just say like, Oh, we have a burrito there.

That’s it.

You could still be fun about it.

Let’s see this one.

This one’s nice.

Fitness, more like fitness, whole burrito in my mouth.

And then burritos available Saturday and Sunday mornings, Costa Mesa only.

So here, you know, they made their one of their little snarky comments, just fun.

And then they do let people know hey, yeah, the burritos are going to be available on Saturday.

So you could still be still be fun and have a call to action or, or let people know that you know, you have something special going on.

Just let them know about the menu or whatever.

And now here’s here’s the one on the right.

That’s really you know, what’s better than then a couple of anti bit serum, two cups of anti rich serum, tag your favorite coffee date low.

So this is a call to action I was telling you about that works really good for smaller local types of accounts where you ask people to mention a friend tag a friend.

So that’s exactly what they’re doing.

You know, they’re being fun when they start and then they have their call to action, you know, tag tag your favorite coffee date blow and and this is also one other it’s one of their better performing posts All right, so outside of the we’re outside of the juice base just to kind of make a point that this type of stuff works across all accounts and maybe you’re just a guy I don’t understand I don’t get it so so here we have this is from a fitness page elation fitness was the account I got this from and so it’s okay to say the pot kind of controversial, get people going and rile them up.

That’s what marketers do make noise that get attention.

All right here we have Ronaldo on the I guess on the left and messy on the right.

To have the greatest football players and but you know, Gary, most people, you you love one you hate the other.

So it’s a very controversial which one of them is better? And here you know, and you know that the gym leg days a big deal? Well, here we have there, they’re hitting both of those emotions in one post the the player and and then also, you know, works out more their legs.

So what are some What are where are some controversial things in the space, you know, organic, GMO carbs, diets, workouts, cold pressed juice versus centrifuge.

such kind of you could use use that type of stuff when you’re thinking of have some posts you could do for this.

So just kind of keep that in mind.

And I think we’re we’re done.

We’re not done Alright, so here’s some some maybe some other accounts you could network with and you know, get some shout outs to promos collab together.

The Trader Joe’s this has a good crossover shout out when you set something up.

It’s pretty typical to to pay about $2 per thousand impressions.

I think that’s pretty efficient.

And you know, you’re going to have an audience that’s actually interested in what you want.

And yeah, so I’m going to send the list and this presentation, it’s going to be in your email.

And this post is going to be here if you have any questions.

Go ahead comments, the video area and the commenting area.

So you could go ahead ask me any questions you know, if you want to check out anything else or see see what else we could look at.

Let me know.

All right, not this recording renew.

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