How Can You Make A Considerable Success In Affiliate Marketing ?

It’s all well and good to have good products and services to offer, still need to make them known and most importantly, sell them! To achieve this, several methods exist, and one of them is called affiliation, and is particularly effective for virtual products such as online training. 

In recent years, the SEO agency and magento development have promoted affiliate marketing and has become the first solution for novice web entrepreneurs wishing to develop their income.

Even if some win thousands of euros through this channel, many people fail and conclude that it is not possible to win through the affiliation. We will dissect all the techniques used by the pros to earn every month a solid income by making the affiliation…

What is affiliation ? 

Affiliate Marketing

It’s a way of promoting your products and services that is based on “sellers”, which in this context are called affiliates. But rather than go door-to-door, make phone calls, or shop, affiliates are more likely to promote your product through their virtual storefronts, like their blog, newsletter, or social media. To do this, they use a unique hyperlink to your website where your product is sold.

This hyperlink makes it possible to ensure the traceability of their reference and thus, when a person from the affiliate network buys your product, the affiliate responsible for this reference receives a commission whose amount you have previously determined.

Affiliate marketing is a referral selling system. What do we mean by that? Just another small example to elucidate these words: 

You have discovered a product that has allowed you to lose 15 kg in ten days. The seller tells you that you can earn 70% of the sales price each time you get to sell a single copy of this product. You tell yourself it’s a great opportunity to make money because you have the opportunity to earn $ 18.90 per sale if the original price of the product is $ 27. 

In real life, whenever a friend of yours is looking for a way to lose weight, you send them back to that product and you get your commission.

Why is this best solution? 

The affiliate offers on its website a link that refers to the merchant’s landing page (page that allows you to buy the product or service). This link can be textual or can take the form of a banner. Whenever a site visitor clicks on the link and buys the product / service, the affiliate receives a commission from the merchant.  

The affiliate link has a particular form that allows the merchant to identify visitors to the landing page who clicked on the link, and therefore to know the number of sales made through the partner publisher.

The principle of affiliation is as old as the world. The affiliate can basically be compared to the salesman who receives commissions on the products or services he sells. 

How to sell by affiliation? 

Sell ​​something that you do not own, this is one of the magic of the web! 

This is the very principle of affiliation, which today represents a real vein on the internet, provided you find the right product… 

Affiliate marketing is to sell other people’s products and earn a generous commission! 

Because as you know, to do business on the internet, you have to sell something.

For example an advertising space, physical products that can be shipped or immaterial products that can be downloaded, or real services that you render (translations, surveys, writing articles, copywritting, etc.). ), but this last point is not the subject of this article.

Let’s go back to selling affiliate products. There is no winning formula for selling affiliate products. It is your belief that will allow you to sell so choose a product that looks like you, that you would buy yourself and that touches on one of your interests and it will be easier to sell.

With millions of sites on the web, know how to thwart the competition. Because it is impossible that you do not have competition, even if you sell something very original. So be sure to attract the right customers (those who will spend the purchase).

You will only do this by targeting your products with greater precision than your competitors. If you are seen by more visitors looking for a specific product, you will sell more.

The top method for selling by affiliation

If you do affiliate marketing this is not to earn meager income. If so, the solutions suggested above will help you. But if you want to make it a sustainable and profitable business in the long run, you need to apply other strategies.

Create a blog

Create a blog

By creating and developing your blog, you can gather around you thousands of targeted people who can buy products that you recommend. To create a profitable blog, you will need two things: finding a profitable niche is then launching the blog.

Create a newsletter

Create a newsletter

The newsletter will allow you to contact your prospects, develop a relationship of trust and offer them products thereafter. You can use Aweber or Mailchimp to create your newsletter and start collecting addresses from your visitors to make a list of contacts.

How to develop your newsletter?

Once your newsletter is installed, you must develop it. It is recommended to create a quality ebook and offer it to your visitors in exchange for their email addresses. Note that your book must be of high quality to interest visitors. If this is not the case, they will not register. 

How to choose a product?

Now that you know how to sell product using affiliate marketing, let’s see how to choose a good product that converts best.

Buy the products and test them

Before promoting a product, if you want to sell it, buy it and test it yourself to make sure it’s a quality product that really helps users. Remember, people are relying on the trust they place in you to buy the products you recommend.

Choose the best-selling products from affiliates

If you do not have the opportunity to purchase all the products you want to sell by affiliate, look under the top sellers section to choose your product. For example, on 1tpe, you can see how many affiliates have sold a product. This information can help you better choose quality products.

In conclusion 

We will not hide it: to embark on the affiliation asks to invest time and money. But this is also the case with all other marketing tools.  

Getting to know one’s products and programs is work, no matter how you do it! Affiliation relies on the relationship first and foremost: relationship between you and the affiliate, who agrees to endorse what you do, and also, relationship between the affiliate and the contacts in his network who seek secure recommendations.

Being in a relationship is easy when it comes to selling; membership is a very interesting and effective tool.

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