SEO STRATEGY Is Your Brand Ready For ‘Voice Search’

SEO STRATEGY Is Your Brand Ready For ‘Voice Search’

So if you have used a mobile device in the last year, 2 years, you’ve probably used Voice Search on Google or using Siri to help you find maybe a restaurant or a gas station or something, right?

And the fact of the matter is if you are a local business and you are not optimized, for search engines to showcase your information to people then you are not going to show up when they use this voice to search option.

So in this post, we are going to talk about some of the things you need to know about Voice Search and Search Engine Optimization.

Stay tuned, here we go.

So it’s been around for a while, the voice searching is actually a trend that it emerging.

It is going to be super-imperative for you to pay attention to with regards to SEO in the future and if you are not following best practices for local search listing placement or local search engine submission, then you are probably not getting all the benefits that you could as far as getting new traffic, new customers, into your business or your clients business.

So let’s talk about what you need to know about voice search but, before we go into that, you guys make sure to hit the subscribe button and that notification bell on the bottom right hand corner, that way you get updates to all of our free content, our free trainings and everything we do here in Cereal Entrepreneur.

So guys, voice search has actually become so popular that actually about 50% of searches are projected to be done via voice search by the year 2020.

Let’s look at why – Number 1, obviously because it is super convenient, right?

Just to say something instead of having to text it.

Number 2 is that the software is actually really, really advanced now.

So it will do auto-correction for you, it will actually make sure that the search that you are going to put in is exactly what you are looking for.

So it is just super easy to use and it makes the whole process faster.

So, businesses must understand how to actually rank for local search traffic when someone uses voice search and the methods used are little different than the traditional SEO methods but nothing too difficult, right?

So let’s look at those.

The first thing you want to understand is that people are looking for local business information usually when they are doing a local voice search.

So you need to make sure that all of your information is listed with search engines, listing sites stuff like that.

So, remember, if you haven’t seen my video, on Vendasta, then you want to check that out.

Just go to my channel and type in SEO platform, something like that, it will be on the channel.

Can’t remember exactly right now but that is where a listing management platform comes into play.

You are able to use those listing management platforms to go out to all the hundreds of listing websites out there and update all of that businesses information at one time.

Also, you can go to search engines like Google, Yelp, Bing and submit a business profile to those search engines, so that way they have your local business information already indexed.

Tip number 2, to making your brand ready is making sure that your website is optimized for mobile and the reason why is because voice search is done on mobile.

You can’t do it from a desktop like we are sitting at right now.

But I can do it from my mobile phone, I can probably even do it from my tablet.

So if your website isn’t mobile optimized your website really isn’t going to perform when it comes to local search anyways.

Next is your page load speed.

Search engines like Google actually do take that into account because if it takes long for your page to load, people are going to bounce off, right?

So Google isn’t going to want to suggest that page.

Actually as a matter of fact, most pages that load are that show that Google shows when someone does a voice search, load at in average speed of 4.6 seconds which is actually kind of on the high end.

So as long as you are, you know, within 1 to 2 seconds which most sites are, then your site is okay to go.

And then, number 4 is your Long Tail Keyword Targeting.

So what is a long tail keyword – essentially you have your broad keyword set which can be something like real estate, right?

But what would a long tail keyword be? ‘Real Estate for Sale in Atlanta, Georgia’.

Why – because that is very specific or ‘Where is the closest Dunk in Doughnuts’.

Basically long tail keywords target people who are typing in actual sentencing.

So, essentially it is what natural language would sound like.

It sounds like somebody asking a question to Google instead of ‘Doughnut shop near me’.

It would sound like ‘Where is the nearest Doughnut shop?’ right, so people are starting to get to use technology in a more conversational type of manner.

Thus you have to be able to write content on your website and submit content to search engines about your website and about your business.

That would relate to how people would search for your product or services.

That being said, one of the most popular things or one of the most important things in SEO is really understanding keyword research.

So, if you don’t understand keyword research, what I am talking about keyword density or any of the things that along with SEO and how keywords relate, then check out this video on the top right hand corner and even if you do know some, I promise you there’s some tidbits in that video that would train you or teach you something new about keyword targeting for SEO.

Oh and just one more reason to make sure you guys are optimizing your websites for voice search, 40% of adults use voice search at least once a day.

So guys really, it really comes down to again, making sure your website is optimized for mobile, making sure that your business information is submitted to those search engines and to the listing websites and then ultimately just including those keywords that people would use to search, for a business product or service on your website and try to do it in a way that people would use conversationally.

So really quickly and this is just kind of a bonus for you guys if you are still around, check out this video on the top right hand corner and we are actually going to show you how consumers use search engines to interact and find new brands or products or services online.

But that’s it for me guys.

Thank you so much for watching.

I really do appreciate it.

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