Is Making Money with Clickbank Real or Just Rumors?

The topic today I want to write is making money with Clickbank, a network affiliate specializing in digital products in the international market.

Surely the majority of you have heard about, because of quite a lot of people do.

People who have results also have money, but people who burn money but do not earn it are also many.

Whether this form is real or not, if it is true how it can make money with it, and how much it earns, the following article will answer all questions.

Making Money with Clickbank

What is Clickbank?

Clickbank is a digital affiliate marketing network, understood simply as a digital product market that includes products for online needs such as Ebook, software, online courses, online marketing tools, live platform,…

This will be the place to connect 3 groups of people:

Vendors: Product creators. They are using Clickbank as a distribution platform.

Publishers: Those who go to Clickbank, choose products to sell & receive commissions set by Vendors. Rose product number is quite high, fluctuating 30% to 100%

Customers: Customers who buy products.

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Here, the main publisher is us, who make money with affiliate marketing.

Your job is to register a Clickbank account, select & research products, decide to promote & think about how to get buyers.

Everything is completely voluntary, there will be no sales or constraints required for you. If you do well, you have a commission, simple as that.

In short, Clickbank is a marketplace, where anyone can post their digital products for sale, and anyone can promote other people’s products for commissions.

Clickbank is a network, an intermediate network that collects a small percentage of sales on each product. Every day, the number of products on Clickbank is consumed up to several tens of thousands,

Can make money with Clickbank or not?

Look at how Clickbank works, you can easily answer this question. Clickbank is a network, they have the connection role of vendor & publisher.

Also earned or not, it depends on your skills, I just know there are many rich people thanks to the form of affiliate marketing & clickbank is also a channel they choose.

For example, the guy below earns about $ 2000 / week on the Clickbank platform.

Or for just 9 days, Duston made $ 400 / day with a completely new website.

Your task is to look for products that you think are feasible on Clickbank for promotion, and commissions are very high.

Getting products is easy and promoting it to get customers, earning money is important.

You work for yourself, looking for customers who buy the products you promote, not doing anything for Clickbank.

I started with a very long affiliate with the simplest form is to make money Product Launch, which means promoting some digital products to be released.

There are a few products that choose to choose Clickbank as a product. Should I be a bit confused at first, should I choose Clickbank to do it? (Because 2-3 years ago, there was no Payoneer card, waiting for payment to receive a check very long, and psychology is very much want to make money fast).

I think that if I want to be like them, I have to start working, what do I think for a lot. They wait for a long time, I can wait, mainly to make money or not is important.

After a period of effort, I also have a certain number of achievements & USD has come to my hands.

make money with clickbank How does Clickbank pay you?

The first thing you need to do is open a Clickbank account.

After successfully registering a Clickbank account, there will be payment settings similar to the picture below:

make money with clickbank

I will explain each item:

Payment Threshold

Payment threshold. When you reach this amount in your clickbank account, clickbank will pay you.

Minimum threshold is $10. Many people do not want to have $10 and they want to have a lot of money for a while, they put a bigger number, for example $100, $1000, ….

make money with clickbank 3

Payment Method

Payment methods. Clickbank has 2 payment methods: Check & Direct Deposit

As shown in the USD image, I posted the check above, Clickbank will send you a check, you will get the bank to receive the USD.

With this form of payment, it will take a long time to check your home, ~ 2 months, then you will receive it.

Later, with Payoneer account, I can easily receive money from more international platforms, so is Clickbank.

Owning a Payoneer account is like having a US bank account dedicated to receiving money & withdrawing money in Vietnam. But do not recharge it

You can also provide a Payoneer card in Mastercard, when your Payoneer account loads money, you can bring this card to any ATM in your country to withdraw money.

Or transfer from Payoneer account to Vietnam domestic account, 1-2 days is returned.

Time to start payment from Clickbank to Payoneer card is only a few days to arrive, it will notify you via email similar to the following account has money:

make money with clickbank 4 result

When you go to Payoneer, you will see the payment details as below:


Payment Frequency

Frequency of payment, you can choose weekly, or Bi-weekly is every 2 weeks, as I selected, it is 2 weeks of payment once.

Direct Deposit Information

This entire section is your Payoneer card information, this is US bank account information, you will be provided after successful registration of Payoneer card.

From 2018, Clickbank asked for more Bank City information when filling in Payoneer card information, if you do not know Bank City can contact Payoneer’s support to get information and fill out.

So receiving payment in Clickbank now has become very convenient with the help of Payoneer card, receiving payment is to have ATM card withdrawn immediately or can transfer the balance from Payoneer card to your bank.

Forms of product promotion to make money with Clickbank

Above is the basic information about network marketing money leading affiliate products Clickbank number. This information is very easy to find at google or find out at the homepage. Next right here I will talk about the most important part, decide whether you can make money with Clickbank or not.

Like other affiliate marketing forms, products at Clickbank also have many ways to promote.

My qualifications cannot create products posted on clickbank for sale, so I choose to go as Affiliate, but whether you are a Vendor or Affiliate, you must promote your products to potential customers, below are some of the basic ways I used to promote products in Clickbank.

Make a website

Foreigners before they buy something on the Internet often hit Google (or other search engines) to find out the reviews of that product. For example, if you are going to study an English course, you go to google to find “evaluation of learning English at the center X, Y, Z, ….

So I create a website, write English articles assessing the product you want to promote, insert affiliate link into, when customers buy goods through affiliate affiliate, I will get a commission.

Saying is review (review) so only the content is mainly promoting products, saying some advantages and disadvantages, benefits such as the type of introduction but I did what was used through the product but “review”. The content of course I rented out but my English is very chicken.

When making a website to make money with clickbank products, it will be a little different from the website making money with Product Launch product on Jvzoo network.

The products sold on clickbank are long-term products, sold from year to year and the vendor has always appropriate content updates over time. Therefore, you will not only build a website with all the reviews.

Making websites to make money with clickbank that we encourage, is a niche market website that you decide to do on clickbank.

You can look through the clickbank Category section to see that there are many sub-categories in each large category, each sub-category is enough for you to do a lot of content for a niche website and sell a lot of products.


Making a website using WordPress source code is very easy, no need to know this code, it is easy to do but how to make potential customers find product keywords on google to appear on the top of the website is extremely difficult.

This job is called SEO, is a job to do a lot of things for a very long time to get the top search engine TOP, you can refer to SEO knowledge here and learn more from Google.

I must say it is extremely difficult!

Use Video Marketing to promote products

With this form, you have to hire a foreigner (hire in fiverr, odesk, freelance, ..) to make a video review of the product that you will promote at Clickbank.

After you get the video, you take the video that is uploaded to YouTube, then still have to do a difficult step is SEO so that your video is top when people search. Could be Top Google, Top Youtube or Top search engines.

Making money with clickbank in this form is similar to writing a product introduction review, but it may be more convincing if the video maker is good at speaking.

Currently, with quality products on clickbank, vendors have a tremendous investment in affiliate marketsers through affiliate pages or affiliate tools.

You can find a lot of resources to use as content for videos, banners, images, scripts, swipe content templates …


When looking for products to promote on clickbank, I usually focus on products that the vendor has invested carefully into affiliate pages with resources like the example.

Having shown the quality of the product, the person who is an affiliate as we are also more easily accessible to promote the product, you will have many ideas to hire people to make videos or get the videos that the vendor is prepared to promotion is fine.

Use Email Marketing

If you want to build a website on a certain topic (nichesite), using email marketing is indispensable.


The picture above is the field in Clickbank, a lot of choices for you, if you want to build a website specializing in certain areas then you can choose the most potential products in that field to advertise. report.

You build website content => Attract customers from search engines => Customers come to read your website content => Register email to receive offers, incentives => You send email marketing to promote other products.

Or simply put banner or popup ads on the website you build and insert affiliate links, when you see ads hitting your eyes, interested customers will click through your affiliate link to the product page, if you buy goods then you will be commission.

Use Facebook Marketing

With this method, a relatively high amount of capital is needed and there will be two ways:

Method 1: Build a fanpage about a certain area and navigate the fan to the website as in part 3

Method 2: Find good products, high conversion rates and run Facebook Ads towards potential customers for this product.

Both ways require you to have skills on Facebook Ads, even if you build Fanpage, you have to spend ads running at the beginning, otherwise it is VERY difficult to attract fans when no one knows to your Fanpage.

In the second way, it is too familiar to you guys selling Teespring T-shirts, instead of running T-shirts, it will be another product, but you have to identify the potential audience accurately, if you don’t want money to go away Facebook and income are not visible.

Use other Ads Network

Google Ads, Bing Ads, Native ads, PPV Networks, …. other tools are good for marketing if you know how to take advantage.

But not simply running ads is money, you must have a proper marketing strategy, of course pay through a training process and learn a lot, all are tools to support you, marketing as which is all for you.

Creativity is the key to making money online

Above are the most common forms, the most people use to promote Clickbank products, there are many other methods that when you practice, you learn you will enlighten yourself, no one will divide share their success with you.

Be creative, train a marketing mindset very well, because anyway you sell products on Clickbank, you are looking for ways to bring products to those who need that product.

There are a lot of high quality products, lots of buyers, high conversion rates at Clickbank and ALSO no shortage of junk products on this, because Clickbank is also a marketplace, anyone can post products How to choose products to promote is also an important stage.

Forget that someone is making a few hundred, a few thousand dollars a month with Clickbank sharing with you how to make money clickbank free or sell you with a few dozen, a few hundred dollars.

Currently I see many Clickbank courses “sanctifying gods” committed to income. After completing the course, we will earn a “xyz” of dollars each month, the truth about how these courses work together we continue to read the following section.

The “pitfalls” when making money with Clickbank

Fact: Making money with Clickbank is not easy

The first thought that I want you to know when making money with Clickbank is that making money with this form is not easy, even relatively difficult or very difficult if the product is highly competitive.

It requires a lot of strength in you. As you can see at the beginning of the article, I have a data that is the year 2011 with clickbank having 1.5 million affiliate subscriptions but only 100 thousand affiliate activities are frequent, so the registered affiliate numbers remain why not work. Foreign course

I’m SURE most of these people belong to one of the following two cases:

Seeing other people making money with clickbank is a few thousand, a few tens of thousands of dollars a month, going to find out, register an affiliate account but then leave it unattended, find it too difficult to ignore and then forget. The number of this case is very large.

Buying a Clickbank course, following the instructions, the introduction is always part of the affiliate registration, they register as a guide and then follow the instructions and successful people are less likely to fail.

So giving up Clickbank is a lot, the cause is only 1, clickbank VERY DIFFICULT!

The sweetest commitment of Clickbank courses

Currently there are many Clickbank courses spread online, the quality course is less and the junk is much, even many people say selling materials to make clickbank, teaching clickbank but throwing you a foreign course which he downloaded for free from the blackhat site, leak, … purpose for private benefit.

There are also courses that are committed to “hand-in-hand” or “income commitment”, divineizing as if making Clickbank so easy, everyone can do it, just follow steps A, B, C, X, Y, Z is an income but even … the teacher has not made money with Clickbank.

Consider carefully before making the right decision when joining clickbank courses as well as other money courses.

With affiliate marketing, no one can guarantee income, make sure you can do it. All of your success is a long process, no matter what course you take, creativity, tinkering with new things are always essential, most important to success.

Practicing skills is essential

No matter how you study money with Clickbank, you will encounter many difficulties when you start your practice and mainly come from your inherent skills such as computer skills, English skills, computer manipulation, marketing …

Clickbank is a foreign market, if you want to start with it easier then you should cultivate your ability first, internet marketing is not a step to the cloud.

You should try to use the computer fluently, do not need to study in depth but every thing you have to know a little (word, photoshop, excel, typing fast, quick operation, shortcuts, …) for making money online 100 % you use the computer, know as much as possible.

English skills are extremely important, you should learn to read English pages, you sell goods on clickbank without knowing what products you sell are not possible, and while practicing you will be exposed to ENGLISH very much, if you don’t get used to it first, you will be very frustrated.

Learn about marketing tools: learn about making websites with wordpress, email marketing, facebook ads, social marketing, etc. not only help you stay at clickbank but also help you in all other areas, online marketing always plays development.


I believe that after reading this article, you will have the most general way about making money with Clickbank today. For me, Clickbank is a very good system for making money as well as developing online marketing skills in the world market. For starters, clickbank may be a new goal, a passion for exploration and learning every day.

Remember carefully, making money with clickbank can be considered a HOT method but to succeed with CLICKBANK is a long way.

Thank you for reading the article, if you find the article useful, please like, share with everyone, hope in the future I will continue to bring you many other useful articles about affiliate marketing, earning online money, online marketing, ….


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