How To Use Best Guest Posting Service To Boost Search Ranking?

How To Use Best Guest Posting Service To Boost Search Ranking?

Best Guest Posting Service

SEOs and digital marketing companies are often looking for ways and means to provide the best guest posting service to brands. Guest Posting is one of a highly successful Off-Page SEO strategy that has shown tremendous positive results.

Guest Posting is the process of creating content and publishing it on an external website. The expectation behind handing over content to be used on another website is manifold. The standard practice is that the website, which has received the content, will give your website an all-important backlink.

Even though many agencies and SEOs know about the many benefits of guest posting, they fail to come up with the proper strategies for executing the same. In this article, we will look at five key ways in which you ca use the best guest posting service to boost search rankings.

Advantages of Guest Posting

We have briefly mentioned about one of the major benefits of guest posting- improvement in search rankings. In this section, we will look at some of the other advantages.

1. Effective Guest Posting helps in driving a significant volume of traffic from an external website to your brand website.

2. The best guest posting service helps in improving website metrics and SEO scores. Metrics like DA, DR, PR, Alexa Rank and so on show marked improvement.

3. Guest posting also helps in establishing great relationships and networking possibilities in an industry niche.

4. Gaining backlinks is perhaps the top priority of Guest Posting services. Backlinks are crucial recommendations for your brand that other websites give you.

5. A strategic Guest Posting plan helps in running effective and high ROI Lead Generation and Sales Conversion campaigns.

Besides these, there are a number of advantages of guest posting. However, most brands concentrate on the above-mentioned five top advantages.

Steps to use the Best Guest Posting Service to Boost Search Rankings

For SEOs and agencies who are unacquainted with executing the perfect strategy for guest posting, we have come up with some steps to help and aid them.

1. Research, Explore and Reach out to the right Publisher in your Niche

The first criteria of being successful at Guest Posting is doing it in your niche. This means that relevancy is very important when it comes to Guest Posting. Start by creating a list of websites and arranging them according to their website metrics.

This listing or data aggregation is important; as it will help plan the campaign in a strategic fashion. Depending on the number of backlinks, you would require to rank for, create the list. Please note that not all publishers would not be interested in the content.

Take a ratio of 1:5. This means that for every one publisher who might be interested in accepting guest posts, five will turn you down. Reach out to them in a personalized email, which is not a template.

2. Pitch the right Content Piece to the External Publisher

If you want publishers to accept your guest posts, you would have to pitch them the right content piece. Go through their website and see their content gaps. What are some of the topics that the site and its readers can benefit from?

Once you have been able to make the analysis, pitch at least three content titles along with a brief summary of what your article intends to do. This will not only intrigue the publisher, but also force him to engage with you and your expectations.

Once you come to an agreement regarding the topic, create a stellar content piece and get you expectations fulfilled. According to many experts, pitching is where most agencies and SEOs fail when it comes to Guest Posting.

3. Original, Authentic, Useful and Informative Content

No publisher no matter how great his or her website is can turn down a fantastic piece of content. Brands and SEOs need to realize that publishers always want to give their readers content, which adds value and improves their website.

This is why investing heavily in the content creation process is critical to executing the best guest posting service. This means that your content should ideally be long format, plagiarism free, SEO optimised and informative.

You can also try to improve or supplement the text content with high quality images of infographics. The better your content, the more are your chances of being successful at guest posting services.

4. Be Thankful to the Publisher and Build Long Standing Relationships

Being a Content Marketing company, which accepts guest posts, I have often seen how quickly people forget. Once the live URL is given, there is not even a general thank you email, which comes. This is detrimental to guest posting relationships.

It is important that you create, maintain and nurture long-standing relationships with publishers. This not only helps in future business, but also improves your credibility as a genuine and polite agency, brand or individual.

This also means that once you have completed an assignment, you pitch three more to the publisher. Try to make this a regular engagement. Social sharing of the publisher’s links on your social profiles also helps in demonstrating positive intent.

5. Pay attention to Technical Aspects of Guest Posting

Guest Posting is not only about linking back to your website. It is also about knowing the technical aspects of success. When you are guest posting, it is important to pay attention to the keywords you are linking.

I have often found some of the more experienced SEOs have no clue about keywords, anchor texts, links and positioning. While some websites will only allow links in the author bio section, others will be happy to give you in-content links.

This is where Keyword Research and SEO Optimizations need to be paid careful attention. Search rankings are all about ranking for keywords. It is important to make sure that your keyword is being linked.


In recent years. Google has come down heavily on websites engaging in spammy link building. This is why brands and SEOs need to pay attention to the quality of content and levels of SEO optimization when doing guest posting. The best guest posting service ensures that content is prioritized over everything else. This not only makes the engagement completely ‘White Hat’ in nature but also builds credibility and reputation.

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