What Is Pinterest? How To Get More Traffic From Pinterest?


For professionals who make money online, who do MMO or more specifically do Affiliate Marketing, traffic is always their number one concern. Even if they want to increase sales by means of Sale Funnel or Email Marketing, they need traffic so they can have the opportunity to convert that traffic source into paying customers. At the present time, the cost of paid traffic sources is increasing and it is really a problem if your budget is limited and not enough to pay for advertising.

Don’t worry about that. Because there are many sources of free traffic that you can take advantage of but still bring effective sales. And in this article, I will introduce you to a potential traffic platform, Pinterest and how to get more traffic from Pinterest, besides quality free traffic platforms such as Reddit, Instagram. I mentioned in previous posts.

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What is Printerest?


Pinterest is a free photo sharing social network and you only need to register to use it. If you are a new user, this is a very easy to use social network without too many complicated features like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter …

After creating and logging into your Pinterest account, you can create boards called boards and name the boards to make them easier to distinguish. Then with each Table you can upload the images you want or save from other people’s images in accordance with the content of each Table and manage them into collections. The goal of Pinterest’s creators is to help users keep interesting images during the surfing process and the main audience on Pinterest is women.

And especially with the characteristic that most Pinterest users are women, you can easily share or discuss fashion topics, beauty care, cuisine … Pinterest is also divided into personal and business accounts, but in terms of features, these two types of accounts are not much different, business accounts recently added Business Analytics features Pinterest Analytics to help you track the number of users viewing and interacting with your images. From there you can view the changes and strategically appropriate to get more traffic from Pinterest.

How to get more traffic from Pinterest?

More than just a photo-sharing social network that is loved by most women. Pinterest is also an extremely effective online marketing channel along with other social networking platforms like Facebook or Instagram. And now you’re probably wondering how Pinterest users can see what you post and how to get traffic from Pinterest to your website, blog or other platforms.

Here, I will give an example when posting an image to Pinterest.

First, at the Profile of your account you will see the Pin section, click the plus sign as in the image to upload the image you want.


traffic from Pinterest

Select your device to download photos from your computer.

traffic from Pinterest

Then select Upload image to upload the image and click Continue. The image will display as follows:

traffic from Pinterest

Here, you will select the table appropriate to the content that you post, here I choose the “Weight Loss Diet” table for the image which I have just posted. Then go back to the Pin section and click on the image you’ve posted to add a description, hashtag tag and link to the website or blog. This is how you can get traffic from Pinterest to your website, blog or other social media platforms.

traffic from Pinterest

You can also add links right in the description of your post. So you have a complete post on Pinterest. But for Pinterest users to see what you post, all you need to do is optimize the search engine on Pinterest, I call it SEO for Pinterest.

For example, users will search for the images or content they want on Pinterest’s search toolbar via keywords.

traffic from Pinterest

And you will receive this result:

traffic from Pinterest

Above are the results shown at the top and often users are only interested in the results they find at the top. So if you want to get the best traffic from Pinterest, your posts must also show in the top of the search results, so the job you need to do is optimize SEO for your posts. This part I will say more shortly.

12 tips to help optimize your Pinterest account, Pins and Pinboards for SEO

1. Create Pinboard display for search engines

Before I say deeper into SEO optimization for Pinterest, the first thing you need to do is make sure that search engines can find you.

This is a fairly simple edit, go to the Settings section of your account settings. In the Search Privacy section, you will find that you can hide your Pinterest profile from search engines like Google. If your account is a Business account, you probably don’t want to use this feature. Make sure the setting for this feature is No as shown in the picture.

traffic from Pinterest

2. Create a Pinterest for Business account

If you are using Pinterest for business purposes and want to get the best traffic from Pinterest, you should have a Business account. Personal and Business accounts on Pinterest are similar in features, with only a few differences.

With your Business account, your website can be more easily verified and will have access to some important features like the Pinterest Analytics feature used to track the number of users viewing and interacting with your posts. .

3. Optimize names for Business accounts

Don’t use a too long name for your Business account, make sure that your business name is easily searchable on Pinterest. Include your full name when you set up your account. Optimal username length from 3-15 characters. If you shorten your business name make sure it is easily recognizable.

4. Include keywords in your account introduction

Your introduction may show up in searches. This introduction is limited to 200 characters, so keep it short, clear and include a few keywords. Tell them who you are, what you do and why users should follow you. This section you should use your business name, Pinterest and one of the main keywords.


traffic from Pinterest

5. Verify website

Pinterest allows you to verify your site. This is to help you certify that you are the owner of the website. Here are a few simple steps to get your site verified and help rank for SEO. Verified websites will be displayed with a checkmark in the domain search results. This also helps you to get more traffic to your website.

Pinterest traffic

6. Name the Table by keyword

When you set up a Table, you should name that Table after the keyword. Doing this will give you a chance to increase your SERP (search results page) rankings. Often there will be some Table names that Pinterest suggests for you such as “For the Home”, My Style “,” Product I Love “. It is advised not to use such common Table names. If you want to be found on Pinterest through other searches to get traffic from Pinterest better then you need to be specific and specific for how to name each Table.

Pinterest traffic

7. Use keywords in the description of the Table

For each Pinterest, you can add a short description for each Table. Take advantage of this to include specific keywords, brief and concise descriptions for each of your Tables.

You should find out what your customers are looking for and using on their own Pinterest pages:

  • Do some web searches for businesses and products that are in your industry. So you will be able to connect well with more consumers.
  • Do some keyword searches, you’ll be able to gather a bunch of new ideas and terms that you can use in your descriptive keywords.

8. Use keywords in the description of Pin

In Pin’s description, Pinterest provides you with 500 characters so you can describe the content for the image you post.

Normally images with descriptions of about 200-300 characters will be most repin user. When writing descriptive focus on writing to connect with users and search results, do not miss the opportunity to include keywords in the description but do not overdo it. Use keywords related to the image you post.

For example, I will post an image about the topic “weight loss workout”

Pinterest traffic

And then include the relevant keywords in the description of the image as follows:

Pinterest traffic

9. Use the Hashtags tag

Surely everyone knows the benefit of the hashtag tag is that it helps users find exactly the content or topic they want and it is the main component found on Pinterest websites. Using hashtags is a great way to make your pins more searchable and you can get better traffic from Pinterest.

Pinterest traffic

A maximum of 3 hashtag tags should be used for each post, should include the main tags and tags related to the description in your post.

10. Use keywords in images

The search engine cannot read the image. It can only read the file names and the “alt” tag.

Before you upload the image to Pinterest, please change the filename with the keyword you are optimizing for it. Do not save the image with a default number from your computer, but change it to reflect your image. For example, edit the file name “08215.jpeg” to the name “weightlossdiet.jpeg” (if your image is about diet to lose weight)

11. Includes Pin-it button on website

Pin-it button or Save button helps people to save your website content directly to Pinterest. When you install this button, Pinterest’s icon will appear on images on your site. Users who visit your website can click on that icon to save your content directly to their Pinterest Board.

Pinterest traffic

When everyone uses the Save button, they will add your content to Pinterest. That also means that other users on Pinterest will see it too, helping increase your presence on Pinterest. Impressions on Pinterest can also drive traffic to your site because people who are interested in your Pins will click your site.

12. Use Pinterest Analytics

With a Business account on Pinterest, you can use the Pinterest Analytics feature to see which of your pins are most repin, displayed and most clicked. You can track changes, build strategies and optimize SEO to help you get the most traffic from Pinterest.

Pinterest traffic

In this article, I explained in detail what Pinterest is? And give detailed instructions on how to get more traffic from Pinterest.

In addition, I also include 12 tips to help optimize SEO for Pinterest to help you in attracting traffic from Pinterest better. This is a source of traffic that you cannot ignore if you want to increase sales, grow the community and reach more users.

Comment your comments on the article or ask questions that you have questions, I will answer more carefully! And don’t forget to share this article if you find it really useful to you and others. Thank you for reading all the articles!

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