What is Reddit ? How To Get More Traffic From Reddit?

get more traffic from Reddit.

For believers making money online, how to get more traffic is always the subject of attention because even sales methods such as Sale Funnel or Email Marketing require traffic.

In addition to using paid traffic sources such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, you can take advantage of free traffic sources from social networking platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram

But the Most people ignore a platform that attracts extremely high quality traffic like Reddit.

So what is Reddit?

And how to get more traffic from Reddit ?

In this article, I will explain and show you how I did to get more traffic from Reddit.

What is reddit?

Similar to the forum, reddit is a platform where you can post text posts, questions about a problem or share links with images, videos or links to websites and other social networks.

For example, image format (imgur):

14 FILEminimizer

For example: video format (Youtube, Gfycat, Vimeo …):

15 FILEminimizer 1

Reddit is divided into subreddit similar to categories with different fields. When you post a post in any subreddit, users on that subreddit can join the discussion by commenting on your post. Conversely, you can also comment on other people’s posts or link.

Reddit has an upvote and downvote mechanism for posts (this one is voted by users on reddit), which posts get a lot of upvote will rank in top of that subreddit, whereas posts that get a lot of downvote will be relegated on that subreddit. Similar to comment likewise. Especially for comments that get too much downvote may be hidden or deleted in the comments.


In the reddit community, you cannot post links right away, you must be eligible to post links on reddit.

How to get more traffic from reddit?

Reddit is a community shared among users. So, in order to get more traffic from reddit, you need to share, contribute effectively to users and act on reddit as a real user. Avoid spam on reddit because you could be reported by your account and banned from that subreddit. If yes, spam smartly.

When you post a new post, the new post will show up in the New section as shown below.

traffic from reddit

If your post gets a lot of upvote users, your post will rank TOP on that subreddit. That means your post will get more attention and the ability to get more traffic from reddit will be better. For the same comment.

traffic from reddit

In this example, the post that ranked # 1 on subreddit/r/aww received 24300 votes and the number of users viewing this post was many times larger (only your account can see it. by the number of users who saw your post).

Conditions for posting links on reddit

In reddit account divided into 2 sections are “post karma” and “comment karma”.

  • post karma: count the post
  • karma comment: calculate the comment score

When you gain a certain amount of “post karma” and “karma comment” points, you can post links on reddit.

Note: For new accounts created less than 7 days, you can not post but need to be active for some time to increase the trust of the account (simply call an account). You need to increase the score “comment karma” to a certain amount to increase the score “post karma”. And when posting on a certain subreddit, you need to read carefully about the policies and terms of content that that subreddit allows you to post, to avoid making the nickname wrong.

Here are some subreddit that will help you increase your “post karma” and “karma comment” points quickly:

  • Subreddit helps increase the score “post karma” quickly here
  • Subreddit helps increase the score “karma comment” fast here

Note: the first time, the “karma comment” is still a few points low, the time between each comment is 8 minutes, after the “karma comment” score is slightly higher, you can comment freely.

How to increase “karma comment” as quickly as possible

Above, I gave a subreddit to help increase the score of “karma comment” fast but if you want to speed up the increase of “karma comment” as fast as possible, you can do the following:

Step 1: In subreddit/r/ AskReddit/ choose to answer questions in Hot and New section on this subreddit.

Step 2: Copy the questions you want to answer to Google

Step 3: Choose a quality comment or answer and comment on that subreddit.

www.quora.com is a pretty good site to get quality comments. Note not to get comments that have been on reddit before because you may be reported by users.

The reason that the “karma comment” score can increase so quickly (even a significantly increasing AFTER 1 NIGHT) is that the upvote community gives you a lot if you contribute truly quality and interesting answers.

How to check if your post or link shows up on reddit or not?

After posting the post, use an anonymous tab and visit the New section of that subreddit (note not to login) to check if your post or link has been displayed on that subreddit. . If it’s OK then the subreddit user will be able to see your post.

traffic from reddit

  • Conversely, if your post or link does not show up on subreddit for a number of reasons:
  • Your nick has been banned from that subbredit, cannot post or comment links.
  • The admin of that subreddit blocked your post or comment because you violated the terms.
  • The content of the post or link format that you post is not in accordance with the policy of that subreddit.
  • You are not eligible to post or comment links on that subreddit.

In this article, I have explained in detail and given detailed instructions on how to get more traffic from Reddit.

In the next article on the topic of traffic, I will introduce to you another traffic platform, Pinterest and techniques to get more traffic from this potential social network.

Comment your comments on the article or raise issues that you do not understand, I will explain more!

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