How to Get 10000 Instagram Followers in Just 2 Weeks?

How to Get 10000 Instagram Followers in Just 2 Weeks

Instagram is a place where your brands and businesses get recognition.

But growing your brand value is not an easy task. Many strategies can help you in expanding your list of followers, but these strategies should be updated with each update of Instagram.

Here you can read the effective and updated strategies to get followers on Instagram.

Find Out Customers’ Interest

If you are using Instagram with a business perspective, you must consider the taste of your target audience.  You should post things they are interested in and love to watch in their free time. You must connect with those who like your posts a lot and publish content as per their taste. It will entice them to follow your account.

Use Hashtags

Before posting any image or video, you need to search popular hashtags related to your post. You will see relevant hashtags as you type your search along with a number of posts associated with.  You must use the tags which have the highest number of posts. Try to give at least 10-11 hashtags to your post.

Add Location (Geotag)

Along with hashtags you should also use Geotags in your posts. Geotags are locations where you are posting the pictures.  Adding locations can get your posts in front of local users. You can see Geotag in the top left of your post.

Connect with Your Audience

Try to interact with the people who comment on your post. Your response to their comments can make a big difference.  You will get more engagement and followers. All you need to do is to find out the accounts within your target audiences and like some of their posts.

Stay Social with Others

Along with replying to your audience, you should also comment on others’ profile and posts. It’s the rule of social media that the more engagement you show outside, the more potential followers you will get in return.

Follow Accounts under Your Niche

In your marketing process, you will get to see many Instagram accounts sharing the same niche. You must follow them to get an idea of the stuff they share and the strategy they use. Make sure you don’t copy any of their content. You can use the pattern, but the content should be unique.

Post Stories

Along with posting feeds you can also use the Story Feature of Instagram. Stories receive more engagement nowadays. You can check the story feature at the top of your Instagram feeds. You can share the latest discount, offers, etc. as your stories.

You can try these strategies on your Instagram account to drive traffic and get followers to your profile. This might seem typical but when you start following the strategies you will find them working for your Instagram marketing.

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