How to Use LinkedIn For Social Media Marketing?

How to Use LinkedIn For Social Media Marketing


The facts say that 93% of B2B marketers feel that LinkedIn is the best place to win leads. But it’s possible only if you use the accurate LinkedIn marketing strategies that are used by the pro marketers. So, let’s discover the strategies the pros use to boost their LinkedIn marketing.

Optimize Your Profile

With LinkedIn, you get various opportunities to build new connections and contacts. You can expand your professional business network through search, group discussions, direct email, premium paid features, targeted advertising and many other features. There are immense ways to create traffic and leads via LinkedIn. So, you must get your personal profile ready always. Your profile should be personal. You must not use your ‘business logo’ as people first want to know about you, not about your business. Your profile should be unique, attention-grabbing and completely filled.

Visual Content to Your Profile

You can visually enhance your LinkedIn profile by using the Professional Portfolio feature to add photos, videos, linked articles with images, screenshots or even infographics and SlideShare presentations. Many people are not aware of this feature. So, you must stand out and use this feature and own its benefits.

Use Sponsored Updates

Sponsored updates provide a better way to put your content in front of key influencers and decision makers on LinkedIn. It will ultimately help you in building your authority as an expert in your niche and increase your attention to people who are not in your network.

Tag Your Connections in Posts

You can also tag your connections in your posts. By this you ensure that they see your post, so even if they haven’t visited LinkedIn for a while, they get a short email saying they’ve been tagged, which includes a link back to see what they’ve been tagged in. Use it strategically to inform a connection of something important or specifically of interest to that person that you don’t want him or her to miss.

Influence Networking

Influence Networking is spending time on developing real relationships with your connections. Through Influence networking, your connections will be much more receptive to the content that you do share on LinkedIn. You’ll easily stand out from your competitors because you’re doing something different than they are.

Focus on Small, Local Discussion Groups

The best way to gain positive attention is to provide valuable content. Today every marketer is using this strategy so if you want to stand out among them, you have to focus your efforts on local, small groups rather than targeting larger ones. They’re more likely to read your posts and respond to them if they feel a local connection.

Develop Relationships

Before building relations, you must choose and make a decision as to which of your contacts you want to know better and start reaching out to them periodically from your personal profile. Share information, ask them questions and learn more about them. If you do this right, you can create a long-term bond between marketer and connection. It will help you become a trusted advisor to each other, so if there’s an opportunity to help each other out, answer a question, buy a product, etc., you’re the first person they turn to. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to develop relationships.

Use the above-stated tactics and you can see a lot of positive changes in social media marketing strategy. LinkedIn let you make professional connections that will help you grow your business.

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