WP Traffic Guard Review – Self Optimizing Set & Forget Ads For Your Lost Traffic

WP Traffic Guard Review

DFY Monetized 404 Click Tracking & Optimization

Most bloggers aren’t even aware that they’re missing out on a whole bunch of people who visit their site.


Broken Links & 404 Errors – these are a natural occurence with websites, whether it’s because you’ve deleted or renamed a page, or simply because someone has linked to you with a ‘miss-splet’ link the end result is a bunch of your visitors will come to a page that doesn’t exist, and they’ll end up on the default 404 error page, which is not going to give a good impression.

In this review, I would like to introduce WP Traffic Guard – a new product that can instantly boost your income with these self optimizing, set & forget ads that automatically suck in pure profit sales from lost traffic!

As its name suggests, after installing this product, you can quickly turn a big problem into a huge opportunity today!

Please roll down to explore this comprehensive system.

WP Traffic Guard Review – Product Overview

WP Traffic Guard Review

Сrеаtоr: IM Wealth Builders
Рrоԁuсt: WP Traffic Guard
Lаunсһ Dаtе: 2020 – Aug – 17
Lаunсһ Тіmе: 11:00 EST
Оffісіаl ѕіtе: http://wptrafficguard.com
Frоnt-Еnԁ Рrісе: $17
Rеfunԁ: ҮЕЅ, 30 Dау Nо Quеѕtіоnѕ Аѕkеԁ Money – Back Guаrаntее
Nісһе: Theme & Plugin
Ѕuрроrt: Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Rесоmmеnԁеԁ: Ніgһlу Rесоmmеnԁеԁ

WP Traffic Guard Rating $17
WP Traffic Guard Logo

Product Name: WP Traffic Guard

Product Description: WP Traffic Guard is the world’s first 1-click WordPress plugin that instantly gives you fully monetized, set and forget 404 error pages.

Price: 17

Currency: USD

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4.77 of 5 stars 0 reviews
  • Easy to Use
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Bonuses
  • Support


While showing you exactly why and how your 404 errors happen so you can plug any holes and optimize your revenue in real time!


  • User friendly
  • Newbie friendly
  • Reasonable price
  • Highly compatible
  • Zero monthly fees
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


  • Remember that this is a WP Plugin, it means you must have a Wordpress site.

What is WP Traffic Guard?

WP Traffic Guard

WP Traffic Guard is the world’s first 1-click WordPress plugin that instantly gives you fully monetized, set and forget 404 error pages.

While showing you exactly why and how your 404 errors happen so you can plug any holes and optimize your revenue in real time!

Meet The Creator

Matt Garrett

This WP Traffic Guard is brought to you by IM Wealth Builders, also as known as Matt Garret who has long gained a good reputation in online marketing field due to his broad vision in making products that aid digital marketers in running their campaign smoothly.

Some of the most famous products which have been previously released and have generated more than millions of dollars in online software sales can be named as Convert Video Press V3, Smart Links, Ultimate Content Plugin and many more.

Thus there is no doubt that WP Traffic Guard would be a big hit when it’s released.

To figure out if WP Traffic Guard would be a powerful tool for marketers, please roll down to find out awesome features of this software.

WP Traffic Guard Review – Features & Benefits

Let’s take a look at the detailed features of WP Traffic Guard and see why I say this is a must-have:

Stop Bleeding Sales

Within minutes from right now you have your new 404 error pages working for you… bringing in sales on autopilot and preventing your visitors from going to your competition instead.

No Need To Build Your Own Ads

Straight out of the box, WP Traffic Guard comes preloaded with ad templates you can activate with a single click.

These proven ad templates mean that you can get started earning from your 404 error pages immediately – even if you couldn’t build a page to save your life.

Instant Access To The Best Converting Offers

Even better… you can automatically prefill your new 404 error pages with your own affiliates links for some of the best money making offers on the market.

This means you don’t have to do any research or even write a single word yourself – we’ve done all the hard work for you!

Self Optimizing Ads

Choose between showing 6 smaller ads or one big ad on each 404 error page. WP Traffic Guard will automatically rotate between all available ads.

It will even self optimize and assign more weight to the best performing ads – showing you top money makers more often.

Grow Your Income

WP Traffic Guard will also automatically track which ads get the most clicks, so you can optimize what you show on your 404 pages and maximize your profits.

Plug The Holes With Money

It will even detect exactly why each individual visitor hits your 404 page, where they came from and what they were looking for.

This will allow you to easily plug any holes and replace them with the money making sites your audience are already looking for.

Fast Action Bonus: Free Canva Training

If you take action and secure your access to WP Traffic Guard today, we’ll even include free training on how to use Canva to create your own custom profit pulling ads to use on your 404 pages.

And here’s the bottom line: WP Traffic Guard really is the easiest way for you to stop bleeding sales and instantly start monetizing your 404 error pages…

How Does WP Traffic Guard work?

Here’s how WP Traffic Guard works in just 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Easy 1-Click Setup

WP Traffic Guard Demo

The easy 1-click installation allows you to quickly add WP Traffic Guard to any WordPress blog.

Step 2: Select Your Ready Made Template

WP Traffic Guard Demo

Choose which one of their many high converting ad templates and instantly build your new money making 404 error pages.

Step 3: Earn With Proven Sellers

WP Traffic Guard Demo

Select one or more of their ready made ads with proven, high converting offers (or make your own). WP Traffic Guard will immediately start showing these ads on your new 404 error pages.

You’ll only have to do this once and the ads will keep bringing in hands-free income for years to come.

For more details, let’s check the instruction video below:

WP Traffic Guard Review

Who should try WP Traffic Guard?

I believe that WP Traffic Guard works perfectly for people who own a WP website. If you belong to the following list, you should seriously take this into consideration:

+  Affiliate Marketers

+  Social Media Marketers

+  Content Creators

+  Digital Marketers

+  Product Creators

+  CPA

+  Bloggers

+  Freelancers

Look At What Some Of Many Happy Users Have To Say About WP Traffic Guard:

WP Traffic Guard Testimonial

Evaluation & Price

As I have stated above with all these amazing features of this plugin, you should not miss the chance to possess this product. To own this outstanding tool, all you have to pay for WP Traffic Guard is just $17.

Don’t worry too much if this product can meet your requirement, you are surely guaranteed with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.

WP Traffic Guard

What’s In The Funnel?

If you want to add more value to your business, buy these OTOs below once you check out:

Upsell 1: Traffic Guard DFY Banner Packs ($27)

Upsell 2: Blog Niche Tools ($17)

Upsell 3: Blog Niche Tools-100k Mega Articles Pack ($17)

Upsell 4: WP Toolkit Smart Links ($37)

Upsell 5: WP Toolkit Smart Links Add On 1 ($17)

Upsell 6: WP Toolkit GPL ($67)

So pay a visit to its official sales page to look for more details about them:

WP Traffic Guard salepage

Pros and Cons


+ User friendly

+ Newbie friendly

+ Reasonable price

+ Highly compatible

+ Zero monthly fees

+ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


+ Remember that this is a WP Plugin, it means you must have a WordPress site.

The End Of Affilibuilder Review

Thank you for your time on my website!

Whether you are a newbie or expert, this WP Traffic Guard is what you need to boost your affiliate marketing. Hopefully, my review can give you enough information to make a smart decision.

Please put in my that the price will not last long, so you had better take action now to close the best deal.

WP Traffic Guard ReviewWP Traffic Guard

(You will receive ALL Bonuses on Part 1 to Part 5)

Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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Part 4

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Part 5

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Step 1: Order WP Traffic Guard through my WP Traffic Guard Review :

WP Traffic Guard Review

Step 2: After you complete the order, send [The Receipt ID] and [Your Favorite Bonus Package ] in a message to my email at: support@tikareview.com or contact me on this page.

Step 3: I will send all bonuses for you within 24 hours. Please wait your bonus.


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