What Is A Backlink? SEO Backlinks And How They Work

What Is A Backlink? SEO Backlinks And How They Work

So if you own a website you probably wondering how to rank first on Google.

Well this comes down to something called backlinks, and they’re one of the most important ranking factors for your website.

So, today we’re gonna learn What backlinks are?

How they work?

And how to build high quality links that actually drive more traffic to your site.

So, if you want to rank first on Google, and grow your website, then keep watching.

So, back links basically links from other websites to yours.

So, you know, for example if you’re reading a blog and you click on a link and it takes you to another website, that’s essentially a backlink.

And it’s pretty much as simple as that.

But, links kind of act like a voting system and in Google’s algorithm, links like ways to measure how authoritative your website is.

So for example, the more votes AK backlinks you have, the higher your content is gonna rank on Google.

But it’s not quite as simple as that and not all backlinks were created equal.

So for example, if you get a link from a very authoritative site like bbc.com, that’s worth a lot more than a website no one’s ever heard of.

Okay? And also relevance counts.

So, if you have a website about cats, then you wanna get a link from some of the most authoritative websites in the cat niche, because that’s way more important than getting a link from a website that’s not even related to your content.

So it’s important when you’re building links to focus, number one on quality, and number two on relevance.

But do backlinks actually work? Well, the short answer is yes.

Okay, so there’s three reasons for this.

Number one, you know SEO experts around the world have been interviewed and they always say that backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors for your website.

So if you follow people like Neil Patel, or Branden from Backlinko, they always say that backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors but not just that, ahrefs.

com have even done a case study on this and when they looked at over one billion pages on the internet, they found that most of them don’t get any traffic.

And why is that?

Well, the number one reason is because they don’t have any links to the page.

So it’s really important to note that if, okay, you’re going to publish content and you’re gonna spend that much time investing in it, then you also need to build links to the content too.

Because there’s no point publishing and praying that your content’s gonna get fees from Google.

You have to build links to it too, and you have to promote that content also.

And finally, the third reason that backlinks work is that Google have even revealed that of 200 factors in their algorithm, backlinks are one of the top three.

So, you know, this is how important it is.

Now as I said before, not all backlinks are created equal, okay.

And there’s a good type of way to build links, and there’s a bad type, okay? So, this is what’s commonly referred to as Whitehat and Blackhat backlinks.

And Whitehat links are ethical links that you build in because your content is awesome and people want to share it.

And Blackhat links are links you build that you’re only building because you want to manipulate Google’s algorithm and it’s not particularly because your content is good it’s just because you wanna try and trick the system and rank your content higher.

You have to be really careful of this because if you’re building links that are Blackhat, you can get your website penalized.

And Google actually, you know, they can de-index your content, they could give you a manual penalty, or you could even face a harsh algorithm penalty that, you know, basically dwindles your copy traffic overnight.

So it’s really important to focus on building Whitehat links.

Google doesn’t like people trying to manipulate the system.

Instead, they want you to build links because your content is that good, and you have amazing content that people want to share and promote on their own websites.

It’s so important to know that some link building methods are better than others.

So this comes down again to Blackhat and Whitehat tecniques, okay.

So for example, if you’re promoting your content via reach, and you’re networking with people, then that’s a Whitehatlink building method.

And that’s one you should definitely try yourself.

But, you should avoid paying for links.

You should avoid buying software and automating your link-building, and you should definitely avoid manipulating the type of words that people link to from their website to yours, which is also known as anchor text.

Because, these are all ways you can get penalized by Google, and they’re all Blackhat link-building methods that you should try and avoid.

The other thing to know as well, is you have to be careful who you link out to.

So, you know, if you’re linking out to, like gambling sites or porn websites or casinos from your website, then that’s gonna reflect really badly on you.

And Google’s algorithm is gonna detect that you’re linking out to spammy websites, and therefore you’re not quite an authority or you’re doing something unethical on your website.

Um, so it’s really important to be careful of that.

But why does Google use link building as a ranking factor?

And why not just look at your content instead?

Well, one of the reasons for this is that it’s externally validating your content so it’s kind of checking, okay, from neutral third-party sources, is it something that other people are linking to?

So for example, very hard to fake high-quality link building.

And if you’re getting links from other sites, it’s usually because your content is really good.

And also, the other thing is that if you have a website that’s got really poor content or you’re doing something unethical, or maybe your website isn’t very good for user-experience, then that means you won’t be able to attain the sort of high-quality links that you’d need.

No body’s going to link to you.

So Google’s algorithm picks up links and uses a ranking factor because it’s a powerful way to authenticate and validate that your content is good from external third-party sources.

So once you start building links to your site, you’re gonna to see the power of the compound effect.

And this can work both ways, okay?

So you could get a really strong backlink profile, with lots of high-quality links from really authoritative sources that are highly relevant to your website and therefore you’re gonna have a really strong backlink profile.

Or you could have a poor backlink profile.

And this would be a network of spammy websites linking to and from your website.

And if you do that, either way, Google could really quickly check your backlink profile with its algorithm when it’s crawling your site.

Um, the other thing is, as well to know that, this is an overall picture of the backlinks to your site.

So, you know you wanna start building high-quality links straight from the start, as soon as you start building links.

You don’t wanna, you know, try and get some spammy links and then figure out, okay if it doesn’t work, let’s get some high-quality links.

Instead, you wanna focus on building high-quality links straight from the start.

And you wanna focus on a high-quality backlink profile that reflects well on your website.

I’d also recommend regularly auditing the backlinks of your site.

So, you can do that with HTTPS://AHREFS.COM and you can see who’s linking to you and who you’re linking out to.

And if you do that, you can get a really strong picture of how authoritative your link profile is, and if there are any links you need to disavow.

So, to sum it up: Backlinks are basically like votes from other websites to say that your content is good.

And this is one of the most important ranking factors for Google.

In fact if you want to rank your content, you really need to focus on building links not just publishing content and praying that it’s gonna rank.

Um, and the other important factor to focus on is creating high-quality, relevant links to your site, because that’s what’s gonna get your results.

You really wanna shy away from the Blackhat link building techniques that could get your website penalized on Google or even de-indexed completely.

So, thanks for watching.

Let me know if you have any questions about link building.

And if you want more advice, don’t forget to subscribe and check out my other link building tutorials.

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