QishioVid Review – Create, Organize, Manage, Publish & Host Video!

QishioVid Review

The Ultimate Solution To Video Marketing

Once you work in online marketing fields, the first thing you need to consider is to engage your targeted audience, drive huge traffic and convert them into leads. In fact, when it comes to Engaging audiences, there is nothing better than videos.

However, creating attractive videos is not easy and hosting videos is sometimes unaffordable because you have to pay huge monthly fees to some types of video hosting providers such as Wistia, Vimeo, YouTube, etc. or you will end up losing our traffic because it annoys ads or other’s videos on YouTube.

Fortunately, QishioVid coming as your savior.  This is one of the best video hosting tools I have ever seen. With all of its amazing features, videos uploading and storing become easier than ever.

Let’s find out more information about this powerful software in my QishioVid Review!

QishioVid Review – Overview

QishioVid Review

Сrеаtоr: Kenny Tan
Рrоԁuсt: QishioVid
Lаunсһ Dаtе: 2021 – Jul – 04
Lаunсһ Тіmе: 10:00 ЕDТ
Оffісіаl ѕіtе: https://qishiovid.com
Frоnt-Еnԁ Рrісе: $17 
Rеfunԁ: ҮЕЅ, 30 Dау Nо Quеѕtіоnѕ Аѕkеԁ Money – Back Guаrаntее
Nісһе: Video & Graphic
Ѕuрроrt: Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Rесоmmеnԁеԁ: Ніgһlу Rесоmmеnԁеԁ

What Is QishioVid?

QishioVid is a is a “6 in 1” video marketing tools which gives you everything you need for your online marketing journey, saving you tons of money:

1 – Cloud Video Storage

2 – 20k+ Media Stock access

3 – Screen Recorder like Loom

4 – Video and Image Editor

5 – 46 SEO Tools

6 – Youtube Automation Tools

Since QishioVid is made for all business owners, it never requires any prior experience or special skills. You simply click a button for the tool you want to use and the platform will do the rest for you.

Who Is Its Creator?

QishioVid Creator


This product is created based on the idea of Kenny Tan.

He has been working with all his might for years to develop easy-to-use products that support people in making more money online.

Some of his products have become the best sidekicks of freelancers and digital marketers, such as EezeyTraffic, QishioSuite, ProfitMailrr, InstaProfit, etc.

Due to his experience in online marketing and tons of positive feedback from previous users, I strongly believe that QishioVid is going to be another best-selling tool as soon as it launches.

Are you curious about what features are inside this tool? Let’s move onto the next part of my QishioVid Review to discover the answer.

What Fantastic Features Does It Offer?

QishioVid is fully loaded with features that simplify video creation, hosting & marketing, let’s have a look:

Your Video Hosting Platform

QishioVid marketing suite replaces the need to invest in expensive monthly subscription hosts like Wistia.

​Host your own videos quickly, easily and professionally without ever having to pay a monthly subscription.

Your Image Editing Software

No longer will you need to be a Photoshop or Canva guru to create “traffic sucking” video thumbnails.

The QishioVid Image Editor is completely newbie friendly, enabling anyone to make professional thumbnails or images in minutes, without any experience or tech skills.

Your Stock Asset Websites

As a QishioVid member, you’ll never have to invest your hard earned money in stock footage again.

Get access to over 20k assets that are completely free to use, so you can create incredible videos without ever having to record your own footage.

Your Screen Recording Software

Want to create tutorial videos but put off by the expensive price tag of tools like Camtasia?

QishioVid’s built in screen recorder means you can effortlessly create screen capture videos in 1 click, without ever having to spend another penny on software…

Your SEO Team

Let’s face it, when all is said and done, you want eyeballs on your video.

With the built in SEO Tools, you have everything you need to optimise your video so it generates views from the world’s most frequented website.

You can also share your videos across the top social networks in 1 click, going viral has never been easier!

How To Implement It?

Not only does QishioVid come with awesome features but also a simple implementation process.

Even if you are a complete amateur in video marketing, you still find it super easy to make use of this tool.

Here, let me show you how you can do that in nine simple steps:

Step 1: Login to QishioVid

Sign up for QishioVid and log in to your account:

QishioVid Demo

When you log in successfully, you can see the main dashboard as below, which summarizes the business overview for you:

QishioVid Demo

Step 2: Use QishioVid Promote Your Video

As I mentioned in the feature section, there are many useful tools QishioVid offers users:

1. Upload Video

In case you already have a video, you can upload it to this platform:

QishioVid Demo

Then publish your videos on any website or landing page and watch your customer engagement, sales and profits rolling in fast:

QishioVid Demo

2. Image Creator

It is a simple drag and drop graphics app, now you can easily brand your business, and social media handles, in a few minutes:

QishioVid Demo

3. Video Editor

This is an Online Video Editor where you can cut, join and convert videos:

QishioVid Demo

4. 20,000 Stock Assets

Now you can access 20,000 Stock Assets (Image, Video and more):

QishioVid Demo

Just Choose, Preview & Download the stock media you need to use:

QishioVid Demo 7

5. Screen Recoder:

QishioVid Demo

+ SEO Tool

QishioVid Demo

Here are list of 46 tools you get inside SEO Tool:

SEO Tools:

+ Meta Tag Generator

+ Meta Tags Analyzer

+ Keyword Position Checker

+ Robots.txt Generator

+ XML Sitemap Generator

+ Keyword Density Checker

+ Google Index Checker

+ Keywords Suggestion Tool

+ Backlink Maker

+ Backlink Checker

Blogging Tools:

+ Plagiarism Checker

+ Word Counter

+ Article Rewriter

+ Link Analyzer

+ URL Rewriting Tool

+ Server Tools

+ Online Ping Website Tool

+ My IP Address

+ Domain into IP

+ Server Status Checker

+ Reverse IP Domain Checker

+ Domain Hosting Checker

+ Class C Ip Checker

+ Page Speed Checker

+ Find DNS records

+ What is my Browser

+ Pagespeed Insights Checker

Basic Tools

+ Alexa Rank Checker

+ Google Malware Checker

+ Domain Age Checker

+ Whois Checker

+ www Redirect Checker

+ Mozrank Checker

+ URL Encoder / Decoder

+ Blacklist Lookup

+ Suspicious Domain Checker

+ Link Price Calculator

+ Website Screenshot Generator

+ Online Md5 Generator

+ Email Privacy

Website Tools:

+ Page Screen Resolution Simulator

+ Page Size Checker

+ Website Screenshot Generator

+ Get Source Code of Webpage

+ Code to Text Ratio Checker

+ Broken Links Finder

+ Search Engine Spider Simulator

6. YouTube Tool Automation

QishioVid Demo

Watch this demo video to see the full power of QishioVid in action:

QishioVid Review

Who Is It For?

QishioVid is suitable for all those who create videos and want to build an impact with videos. These are the ones that will love the experience of using QishioVid:

+ Marketers

+ Videomakers

+ Trainers

+ Teachers/Coaches who use videos to teach

+ Sellers

+ Advertisers

+ Reviewers

+ And many more

User Experience

Well, with most of the video marketing tools these days, it’s simply a one-stop-shop and you need so many tools to manage videos. However, when you get QishioVid, it can reduce the amount of work you are handling.

You can host, stream, and publish videos from one powerful dashboard that has limitless features. The best part is that you pay such a small amount for such a great product!

I know most of you are thinking this product is built for complete newbies who don’t know much about coding or designing but have a demand for using videos for side tasks.

But look at the big picture, when you can manage, host, embed, share, edit image & video, recorder your screen… and do everything from one dashboard, basically you are building an entire video empire with this platform.

I think this product can also be exploited by regular video marketers who are looking for a better way to manage their video business. You just need to invest a little bit more time and money in the video making and everything should be fine.

See other people’s proof on using QishioVid below:

QishioVid Feedbacks

Pros And Cons


+ Access in-depth video analytics

+ Newbie-friendly

+ Require no technical skills

+ Include easy-to-follow training

+ No additional costs.

+ Dedicated support

+ 30 Day Money-back guarantee


+ Up to now, I have not found any cons yet.

Price And Evaluation

QishioVid Price

With the investment of $17, you will get all the benefits from QishioVid listed in the feature section.

Yes, you will have a game changer technology to host, play & market your videos for with no monthly fees without any special skills.

Compared to the price you would have to pay for many different products used for these tools, you would save so much money.

So be quick to grab your chance and get QishioVid now because the price will increase shortly after.

Don’t hesitate because if you are not satisfied with this product, you can always ask for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase. Thus, this is not only a low-cost but also risk-free investment!

QishioVid Price


The Upgrades

Also, if you want to maximize your benefits from this app, be sure to consider these upsells once you check out:

OTO 1 – QishioVid Pro Edition – $37 / $27

OTO 2 – QishioBuilder Pro Edition – $47 / $37

OTO 3 – QishioVid & Builder Reseller – $97 / $67

OTO 4 – QishioVid White Label – $297 / $197 

Full QishioVid installation on customer server with customized branding and logo plus lifetime developer support and future updates

OTO 5 – QishioVid DFY Traffic – $397

The creators will send 500 targeted MMO buyers traffic to your optin / sales page of your choice

OTO 6 – QishioVid Steal Their Website Traffic – $197 / $97

Place your Adwords and FB re-targeting pixel on QishioVid Sales page and their past top selling products

Besides, you should also take a look for more details at this product’s sales page:

QishioVid salepage

Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for reading my QishioVid Review until this moment. I hope that you have gathered enough information to completely understand QishioVid and its powerful functions.

Just one last thing to emphasize here, after this launch ends, QishioVid will be available only on a recurring monthly and yearly fee due to the costs. So, if you find it come up to your expectations, go get it now and don’t pay more for it.

To your online success.

QishioVid Rating $17
QishioVid Logo

Product Name: QishioVid

Product Description: QishioVid is a brand new video marketing app created by Kenny Tan and his team. These guys have been creating top selling software for a while and offer great support. QisihioVid allows you to replace services like Wistia and Vimeo and send great buyer traffic to you at the same time.

Price: 17

Currency: USD

[ More ]

  • Easy to Use
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Bonuses
  • Support


QishioVid Bonus

(You will receive ALL Bonuses on Part 1 to Part 6)

(Part 1 to Part 6)


bonus webbuilder 3


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51267568451 c799c67a56 o


50648797477 b718dabbf8 o


Bonus Pack 30


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1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12
13 14 15
16 17 18
19 20 21
22 23 24
25 26 27
28 29 30


Step 1: Order QishioVid through my QishioVid Review:

QishioVid Bonus
Step 2: After you complete the order, send [the receipt ID] in a message to my email at: support@tikareview.com or complete your information on this page.

Step 3: I will send all bonuses for you within 24 hours. Please wait your bonus.

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