PressPlay Review – The Most Powerful Video Player In The Market

PressPlay Review

PressPlay Review – The Most Powerful Video Player In The Market

As a marketer, we always want to find the best solution to promote our products to our customers. The more customers we have, the more benefit we can get from that. But the question is how to make them keep an eye on our product? How to make them believe in our product’s quality? Are there any tools which can help us to solve these problems?

And the answer is YES.

A new form of media has cropped up for you to do your business with many great features that will impress you a lot. It is called PressPlay. This useful software has been received a lot of positive response from many users, and now it has been updated to a new version 2.0 with more functions of the most powerful customizable video player.

If you are interested in it, why don’t you continue my PressPlay Review?

PressPlay Review
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Весаuѕе іt’ѕ tһе bеѕt “ѕmаrt vіԁео сrеаtоr” оn tһе mаrkеt. Іt һаѕ nо brаnԁіng аnԁ іt’ѕ ѕо flехіblе. Үоu саn соmbіnе аll fеаturеѕ wіtһоut аnу іѕѕuеѕ. Моѕt оtһеr vіԁео рlауеrѕ һаvе оnlу а fеw fеаturеѕ оr tһеѕе fеаturеѕ ԁоn’t ԁо wһаt tһеу ѕuрроѕе tо ԁо.


PressPlay Review – Overviewpressplay review

  • Vendor: Mark Thompson and Matt Callen
  • Niche: Video Marketing
  • Launch day: March 21st, 2017
  • Launch Time: 11 am EST
  • Sale page: CLICK HERE
  • Price: $197
  • Bonus: YES


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What is PressPlay?

pressplay review bonus

PressPlay is the most powerful software with customizable video player for marketing online on the market. This PressPlay 2.0 has been raised to  a high level with a completely new design interface and new groundbreaking features.

What are the features of PressPlay?

PressPlay 2.0 has a ton of innovative functions which is superior to the version 1.0. Continue my PressPlay Review to see those amazing features.

FireShot Capture 35 Customizable Video Player HTML5 Video Emb  https home page

  • Control your video: You will see a Lead Gate to insert opt-in form, it will show you a dashboard on the screen where you have to enter your first name and email address. You can add your branding watermark at the corner of the screen. There is a call to action button to insert CTA button, images and text at any time. The Share Gate will appear at the right corner for you to share on social networks. Player elements with default options help you add or remove each element on the player.
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  • Video Player Control: Player Style & Controls helps you control the video player itself and brand the player for your website. Player Skins can set in your video inside of one of the eye-popping video player skin. Watermark will add a watermark logo or graphic to the video.

vec screen1

  • Viewer Experience Control: You can easily walk your viewer through the sale video process and customize it to your special audience. The Resume Playback will pause at the part your customer left and continue play that part when they return this page.

FireShot Capture 32 PressPlay JV Area I Launching March 31st 2  https jv swipes

  • Lead Generation And Sale Control: The Share Gate will interrupt viewers for a second while watching the video by creating a signal interrupt required all the viewer to share on Facebook newsfeed before continuing to watch the video. CTA Gate will direct your audience to want anywhere them to go by a clickable text, images or call to action. Lead Gate surrounds your video inside of one of the eye-popping video player skins. Overlay Annotation shows beautiful designs opt-in overlay at the beginning f the video to capture contact emails in details of customers.

FireShot Capture 33 PressPlay JV Area I Launching March 31st 2  https jv swipes

  • Insights An Analytics: Engagement Gap helps you see the number of people seeing your video, measure engagement and track conversation on the dashboard. Viewer Based Tracking will show you how customers interact to your video. Split-Test will compare site A and site B, the one which has a higher percent will be rotated automatically by PressPlay to see which one is more out0-standing from the other. Google Analytics Integration helps you to add tags and track views for important engagements.

FireShot Capture 34 PressPlay JV Area I Launching March 31st 2  https jv swipes

  • Embed Everywhere: for the Single Video, copy and paste the embed code to see those wonderful features of PressPlay. On the Playlist, you can select as many videos as you want from PressPlay and arrange them in a suitable order to create your playlist

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Price and how to buy it?

The Front-End of PressPlay is $197 per year or $27 per month.

The also have the extra option OTO1 Video Squeeze Pack which costs $97.

The upsell 2 with Agency License costs $197 and upsell 3 with Easy VSL v2.0 costs $67 then $9.99

bonus 1

There are also bonuses that I am sure you will be interested in:

  • Bonus 1: Video Profit Blueprint

2017 02 23 1609

  • Bonus 2: Viral Email Opt-in


  • Bonus 3: Video Ads In A Box


  • Bonus 4: VidAnalytics


  • Bonus 5: Inside Mark’s Home Video Studio


  • Bonus 6: Video Affiliate Pro


  • Bonus 7: Youtube Squeeze Page


  • Bonus 8: Legally Use Other People Youtube Videos


  • Bonus 9: How To Generate 10.000 Views On Youtube


  • Bonus 10: WP Video Opt-in



Click to see more information about Special Bonus Package :


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email-marketing affiliate-marketing
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Why Should You Buy PressPlay?

The reason I wrote this PressPlay Review is to share with you the experience, the benefits as well the modern features that this tool has brought to me. This customizable video player helps me to create a gorgeous website where I 100% put my faith to promote my products. I got more people visiting my page and give lots of positive comments on my products; I am also able to increase my conversations and rise  more sales. I am not anymore need to hire a designer or a programmer to make a website, but myself create a video landing pages with no worry that it will resemble any websites.

Comparison Chart PressPlay with EasyVideoSuite and Wistia

What makes PressPlay outstanding is that it can help you do a lot of things at the same time and help you earn more money? I’m sure that after reading my PressPlay Review you will provide enough recommendations about this product. Is it worth its weight in gold? Only you could know the answer.

Do not hesitate to use this awesome Video Player to enjoy the best features and see what it can bring to you. You will never be disappointed.

Thank you for reading my PressPlay Review, and I’ll see you later!

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