Instagram christian business Mistakes

Instagram christian business Mistakes

Well, in this post, I will be sharing with you why you may not be seeing the results as you want as a Christian content creator on Instagram.

I will be exposing three mistakes that I’ve seen and made myself, to hurt my Instagram growth, as well as I’ll be showing three ways to turn around those mistakes into results.

Hey, lovely bosses.

It’s Chanique, owner of Clean It Cleaning Services, and the face behind Life With Niques Christian Business Blog where I help you grow you brand or business without compromising your faith.

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So, let’s begin.

I have engaged with many Christian owned businesses, that have great things to offer, products and services, amazing content that they wanna share, but they’re not getting the engagement that they want on Instagram, because they’re making some deadly mistakes.

However, don’t be discouraged, ’cause we can turn those mistakes around.

I will be exposing those three mistakes, and give you three awesome ways that you can turn the mistakes into results, more followers, more engagements, and even more sales.

But be sure to stick to the end of this video, because I’m going to be sharing with you two extra bonus tips that have been game changers for my personal Instagram, so let’s get into it.

So the first mistake that I’ve seen, as well as committed, is having an unappealing Instagram feed.

Nobody stays engaged with a messy and sloppy low quality page for too long.

Even if you give them all sorts of likes, all sorts of comments, it’s not going to turn them into a follow if you don’t have a pleasing and clear flow on your Instagram page.

I have seen pages with post but no intention.

Posting up anything and everything that has nothing to do with their business.

It creates confusion for people that are coming on your page, and it’s messy when you’re trying to go ahead and see the flow, and see what is really working with your page.

So now, how do you turn your unappealing Instagram page to something that followers wanna stick to? Well, I personally use apps to keep me organized, and help me to map out how my Instagram page is going to look.

So the three biggest apps that I use, I do have a whole bunch of apps, but for the sake of keeping this video short, I’m just gonna share with you three major ones.

The first one is the preview app, that helps me organize and see how my page is going to be after I post a certain picture.

This is where I am able to cut what doesn’t look pleasing, doesn’t look eye-catching, also helps me catch any errors on my posts.

The preview app also has in functions that help you organize your post, reminds you to post, as well as help you to organize and get your caption in order as well.

Next app is Canva.

I’m still so excited to be using Canva for all these years, because it continues to grow, and grow so many features, and most of them you can get these features in the free option.

It is a great graphic app that I use, especially for someone who uses their phone for basically everything.

My edits, my videos, my posts, all that, I’m more of my mobile, on the go kind of person.

So Canva is great to quickly put together a graphic on the go.

The next app is pretty recent, and may be a shock to you, but it’s Face tune.

Yes, I bought into this whole hype on Face tune.

I personally like the quick and easy, flawless edits that Face tune offer.

I’m not so much savvy on Adobe, on Photoshop and such like that, which I do believe it’s really important to  improve on your skill, so it’s something I will be improving on, however if you need something for fast and flawless touch up, I do personally, highly request Face tune, because not only is it great for your selfies, but it’s great for your full body, and even product pictures are greatly edited on Face tune.

Second mistake that I seen that cripples your content, and cripples your engagement, and cripples your following, is not having a clear call to action.

Does your feed look like you just threw up a whole bunch of great content with no intention?

You may have amazing pictures, you may have a great product and great services, but you’re not telling the people what to do.

We just see great things, so we just comment, and we just like, but if you need sales, but if you need followers, and you’re not asking for it, then how do you expect us to do what you want? It is highly recommended to stay within your niche audience target, and offer great content that they need.

But if you don’t give them a clear direction, then they’re just going to be ghost followers.

Yes, inactive because you’re not giving them instructions.

The day of Instagram being a great place to post a picture is over.

If you are here as a content creator, it is all about strategic marketing.

And being able to reach your followers and provide them with awesome services, but they need to know what to do to get to your services, to get to your product, and to be an awesome and active follower.

What can you do to turn that mess around?

Well one, is to be very intentional with your post.

Before you post, ask yourself, “Is this relevant “to my audience?”

Is this going to speak to someone “that I’m really reaching out to?”

Is this going to drive the sales?

Am I asking the right questions?

Am I allowing my followers to opt-in “and buy into the message?”

If you’re just posting a great picture with a great smile, at least ask them to like or to comment.

What makes you smile today?

How’s your day going?

So they can engage with you.

Another tip to get your call to action right, is to get your bio right.

You need to make sure that your bio in your Instagram is clear.

It’s not about all those fancy fonts, or all the emojis, or even the hashtags.

That’s not gonna help you, if your followers don’t even know that you’re offering a program, that you have a book, that you need more followers, or that you even have a YouTube channel that can really help them.

Make sure that you build the right bio.

Luckily for you, that is going to be my next post.

So make sure that you bang on the notification so you do not miss that post coming up next week.

The third mistake that you might be committing right now, is not giving what the people want.

You may have some great content that you like, but is not resonating, nor speaking or helping the people that are following you, or potentially wanna follow you.

Do you ask yourself, “Is this what my target audience wants?”

Will this benefit the group of people “that I’m trying to reach?”

Stop right there, do you even know what your target audience is?

And you don’t know how to figure that out, like this post below if you want me to make a video on how to create or scope down and find your target audience.

Because if you don’t have your target audience, and you’re just going out and just spattering a whole bunch of content, if you’re just trying to please everyone, you are going to get a few people lost in the sauce.

You’re going to get some people bored out of their minds, and then you’re gonna also make a few people less value, because you’re not giving yourself to understanding who you’re speaking to, and how you can cater your business, your services, your brand to these people.

You’re just going out and giving anything and everything.

And not everyone loves what you like.

You need to be able to provide what your followers or potential followers like and want to engage with.

How do you figure what your audience wants?

I’ll give you a few tips and tricks, some hacks that I have been using and seen great things.

First is having story poles.

Ask your followers questions.

I’m sure you’ve notice people having those yes or nos, left or right split screen polls, or ask me a question.

No matter where you are in your Instagram game, I highly suggest that you have poles, and you have a way for followers or potential followers to engage with you.

Ask them, “What do you wanna see next?”

So that can help you create content that is catered to people that are being engaged with you.

Another great way, is to kinda creep your competition, and other accounts that are similar to yours.

That’s how you know your target audience is on their page, because you kinda have the same thing going on.

If you notice that there’s a large amount of comments on one of their pictures, kinda figure out why was there so much engagement.

Was there something being offered that those followers wanted, and how can you kinda put your own personal touch to it, and create the same content on your page.

That leads me into the two bonus tips.

Since you are already on your competitors page, preferably a larger account, you can now turn on the notifications and be updated as soon as this account posts.

Because if you are the first person to comment on their picture, you are more likely to get responses to your comment and likes.

Which means people are seeing your comment, which means people are likely to be curious and click on your page, and could turn into potential followers.

And that’s bonus tip number one.

Bonus tip number two, is going a step further.

Not only do you comment on the larger account, but you replied to the comment also being placed under that same picture.

You are engaging with this larger accounts following, which is also your target audience, and again, it will bean other form of curiosity, these followers will then check out your page, and then could be a potential follower.

So make sure your page is on point.

Great quality, clear and concise action call, so when you have these people going on your page, they know exactly what to do, they see your clear page, it’s attractive, they wanna stick around, and they wanna know more about you.

Speaking about comments and likes, don’t forget to comment below any of your obstacles as a lovely boss Christian entrepreneur.

And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, and go ahead and check out my other adventures that I’ve been on lately.

Hope to see you soon, bye guys.

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