Benefits of Using Twitter for Social Media Marketing

Benefits of Using Twitter for Social Media Marketing


The stats say that Twitter has 336 million monthly active users and 500 million tweets are posted every single day. The surprising growth of Twitter has made it an important tool of social media marketing strategies. It’s an effective marketing platform that can also be used to build consumer relationships. Now Twitter is a necessary part of every business’ social media marketing plan as it gives your businesses a good online presence.

Drive Traffic

With Twitter, you can catch customers’ attention with special offers. By providing special offers or events, you can direct people to your local store or website to get more info, sign up, leave a comment, etc. If you announce valuable offers, your tweets can easily spread on twitter and let you stand out from the crowd easily.


By using Twitter, you can easily convey your brand message to a bigger audience. Twitter’s fast-moving platform and character limitation support share more branded content frequently. Communicating your brand is also represented in your interactions with others, so make sure you engage, provide value, and convey your message consistently.


Reaching out to people on Twitter is as simple as texting. Twitter is the platform where you can reach high profile industry influencers. Using Twitter’s search and hashtag functionality, it’s simple to join conversations, contribute value, and be visible.

Competitor Analysis

The main activity on Twitter is to share content and information. When you do a search related to your business or industry, Twitter will give you dozens of links to websites or blogs. It’s one of the benefits of Twitter which enables you to learn about current trends in your industry. Also, you can find out about your competitors’ current activities and strategies and grab ideas if they are successful.

Content Distribution

Even if you don’t have followers on Twitter, your tweets are accessible by the public and those who are searching. Make sure you are sharing quality content that’s relevant to your audience. Also, you need to tweet frequently otherwise content distribution will be more difficult.


There is a special relationship between Twitter and SEO as tweeting helps you boost your overall SEO. Your tweets appear in Google searches, so you must add relevant keywords in your tweets to get ranked.

Target Audience

Twitter gives you an opportunity to expand your existing reach. You’ll be able to connect with a diverse audience that can significantly extend your reach.


As you share more quality content on Twitter, your authority increases. Twitter has an open nature that allows more visibility and more people find out about you and your expertise. And as people start looking for your advice, your authority automatically gets increased.

Discover Feedback

On Twitter, you are able to discover what your audience actually wants. You’ll get feedback, opinions, guidance, and information from your audience. You can also see how your competitors’ audience is reacting to their products, services, & content and act accordingly.

Twitter has lots of benefits for social media marketing and plays a very important role in the growth of small businesses. So, don’t let the opportunity pass  and give Twitter a chance in your social media marketing strategy.

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