Online Coaching Business Marketing Tip Of The Week [Ep. #4]

Online Coaching Business Marketing Tip
Of The Week [Ep. #4]

Hey, what’s going on?

It’s Lucas from, and I’m coming at you with another online coaching business marketing tip of the week number four, I believe full disclaimer, like a train keeps coming by every two or three minutes.

So you’re gonna have to deal with it.

But it’s not about that it’s really about the content I’m about to give you.

And it’s going to be actionable.

And what I want you to do, what I’m going to challenge you to do is how can you implement this into your coaching business literally, like this moment.

The next time you write a post on Instagram, or you send an email, whichI’m hoping you’re sending, you’re building a list, I’m hoping, the next time you put out a video, the next time you put out anything I want you to just think about this right before you hit send, right before you type, right before you hit record, and see if you can just implement it.

It’s simple, but it’s fundamental.

It’s foundational and it will help you make more sales.

It’ll help you build better relationships.

And it’s simply fundamentally this, cold, warm, hot.

You’ve got to remember there’s a journey your clients are going through and at some point they do not know you exist.

So for those people out there for those people on the inter webs, your first job is to really get their attention.

And once you have their attention, then it’s to give them something valuable, to educate them, to build a relationship, and then after that, so now they’re kind of warming up to you.

After that is to turn warm people or your leads or your prospects or people who are warming up to you into actual clients.

So you can really think of it as cold, warm, hot, train’s, train’s about to come like two seconds.

So bear with me here.

Cold, warm, hot, you can think of it as awareness, education, consideration, purchase, we can keep going down the road now purchase, turn them into fans, turn them into referral sources, and all this fun stuff.

There is a journey to this.

And so if you’re putting out a message and you only touch on, let’s say cold people in your message, you’re doing anyone that’s warm or hot, a massive disservice.

So if you put on an Instagram post, and you’re always trying to sell on it, so you’re treating everyone like they’re hot prospects, you miss it out at 95% of your audience.

But if you put out a message and you just talking to warm people and you’re just trying to warm up already warm people without making an offer, you’re doing them a massive disservice, you should be selling.

And if you’re talking to people who have just learned about you or they’re just coming across your stuff, and you’re trying to sell, they’re not buying or if you’re trying to warm them up, their relationship isn’t there yet, you’re premature, you’re asking too much for where the relationship’s at, just like any human relationship.

And so the best way or the easiest way to do this is just to make sure you hit all three cold, warm, hot in every post, or every video or every blog post or everything you put out there, you wanna hit on all three.

Meaning if you put an Instagram post out, make sure that you bring some awareness, you’re talking to cold people there.

So you’re educating, you’re building relationship and you’re giving them something to looking forward, then you can turn those people into warm.

So you gonna have a call to action somewhere in there saying hey, join the email list.

You’re turning cold people into warm or you can have something out for your warm people.

Put them, bring them into conversation, move them into a webinar, say that you’re going live later on in the day.

And that they can join you there to keep building that relationship.

Then you can have another call to action at the end, if you’ve been around for a while.

If you’re resonating with this, if you’ve been following this for a while, or if you’ve been getting your mind blown with all the value I’m giving you check out this, you can have linked to a sales page or a link to book or call or a link to your offer, the link to something you sell.

If you want to know  what is CRO is, just click the link now

In the top of the email, you could have a link to you know, a relationship building piece of content.

Hit some of the cold, hit some of the warm people, build that relationship.

Then at the end of thee mail, you can have a PS, that’s a straight up sales message or hey, check this out, or we have an offer here or we’re selling this this month.

Or we have a special invite for you here.

And so with one post, you can speak to you’re cold, you’re warm, you’re hot, with every video, with every social media post to do, warm, cold, hot and I really want you to get into the pattern or the habit of just thinking every time you’re about to hit send, did I hit cold?

Did you hit warm?

Did you hit hot and that consistently done over time, you’re gonna drop all of these seeds all over the internet and you’re constantly either building relationships or making sales so with that said, I’m gonna ask you and you can leave it in the comments if you wanna be held accountable, how are you gonna apply this into your coaching business?

How can you apply this into your next email?

Into your next post, into your next video?

Let me know below and with that said, if you haven’t checked out the online coaching business Crash Course it’s a free program, that literally blows coach’s mind we’re giving it away for free.

Check that out that’s forward slash OCA, I’ll leave the link around here somewhere or just scour, we’ve got a podcast, I get emails all of the time, of coaches adding two K, three K, five K, 10K in income into the coaching business through the podcast.

We’ve got the coaching channel on YouTube, use this stuff, apply it, I always say this, wisdom, knowledge is knowing, you can know this stuff, wisdom is doing it.

I really want you doing I really want you applying, with that said I’m gonna beat the next train.

I’m gonna let you go and I’ll see you in the next video.

So I don’t know when this whole get a job, nine to five, play it safe, think small and hopefully someday retire with enough time to maybe chase my dreams, became okay, but for people like you and me, it’s not.

I’m Lucas Rubix and welcome to the coaching channel where I continue my mission of setting human beings free.

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