8 Insider Tips for Creating That Perfect Explainer Video

8 Insider Tips for Creating That Perfect Explainer Video

8 Insider Tips for Creating That Perfect Explainer Video

Video marketing is booming. As per research conducted by experts at Wyzowl, video has become a priority for most of the marketers. The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the video marketing landscape in different ways. While video is viewed as a necessity by both the marketers as well as customers, a lot of them have faced financial restrictions too.

There has been a drastic increase in the number of viewers watching online videos due to the pandemic. As a result, marketers can foresee promising benefits of video content in the form of increased leads, conversions, sales and traffic.

Here are few of the key findings:

86% of brands & businesses use video content as a powerful marketing tool

+ 87% of marketers believe that videos offer a positive ROI

+ 94% of marketers say that videos help them to better explain their products or services to the consumers

+ 43% marketers claim that using video content has decreased the number of customer queries through phone calls

All the above statistics prove that videos act as a powerhouse for marketing purposes.

Explainer videos are undoubtedly one of the most beneficial forms of video marketing. Explainer videos easily grab the attention of the audience as they convey the message or idea in a more simplified manner. They boost the conversion rate as well as the traffic on a website thereby increasing sales of a particular product or service.

8 Insider Tips for Creating That Perfect Explainer Video

Additionally, explainer videos also come in handy for giving out customer testimonials to prospective customers.

In this article, we walk you through the key tips & tricks that you must follow to create an effective explainer video:

Insider Tips to Create an Awesome Explainer Video

Explainer videos or whiteboard animation are a great way to impress your potential customers. Therefore, it’s important to create an impactful explainer in order to lure your customers towards your brand.

1.  An Impressive Script

A well-written script is the secret to a successful explainer video. Choose an outsider to write the script, who can take a fresh & honest outlook of your business.

Write a creative brief first. This helps you define your business at a higher level and determine what is important. A creative brief can ask questions such as the goal of your business, elevator pitch, your target audience, the problem that you aim to solve, the tone of your video, etc.

2.  Keep it Simple & Short

Remember, the shorter the video, the more attention it will get from the audience. The ideal rule is to say 150 words in a minute, but make sure you give time to let your message sink in the minds of your viewers. So, be concise.

Additionally, simplicity is a must. All you need to focus on while creating your video is:

+ The problem

+ The solution

+ How does your product/service work?

+ A call-to-action

3.  Mention the Benefits

Whether you’re promoting a product, app or service, it will have countless features. However, it’s the benefits that really attracts the viewers’ attention. So, instead of bragging about the many technical aspects, tell your audience how your product or service will make their lives easier.

4.  Keep a Professional Tone

A poor audio quality ruins an entire video no matter how visually-appealing it is. Sometimes, the quality is alright, but the voice lacks the professionalism that is important to convey an idea or message.

Therefore, investing in a professional tone of voice is necessary.

5.  Use Fun Element

Create an explainer video that resonates with your viewers. No matter who’s watching, – CEO, marketers, parents, children, everyone loves being entertained.

So, adding a little humour or surprise element to your explainer video goes a long way. It entertains your audience and helps them connect with your brand in a better way.

6.  Visuals Aren’t So Important

An  explainer video can be attractive & engaging even with simple visuals. A lot of professional videos use basic visuals and still get successful in convincing the audience.

The secret lies in using visuals that illustrate the idea or message effectively while reinforcing the voiceover. Too complex visuals may distract your viewers from the real message.

7.  Use Music to Set the Tone

A song or any music amazingly sets the tone of a video. Music evokes emotions which is important to set the pace of an explainer video.

Many times we may have the perfect audio while creating the explainer video, however, at other times we’ll look for a song that suits the mood well after we are done creating the video.

In any case, music is important for setting the tone of an explainer video.

8.  Plan the Launch

Make sure you show the same enthusiasm for launching your explainer video like how you did while creating it. A successful launch must have the following three things:

+ Pick a Host – There are a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a video host, but we suggest Vimeo PRO, Wistia, Vidyard & Brightcove

+ Plan its Marketing – Your explainer wouldn’t go viral on its own. So you can use your blogs, newsletters, emails, social media profiles to increase its visibility.

+ Upload the video on your website – Whether the homepage or anywhere else on your website, make sure the explainer seamlessly integrates with your brand.


If you’re considering making more explainer videos for your brand this year, these tips will guide you in producing a video that delivers profitable results. 

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