WP Emails Review: Unlimited Emails, One-Time Payment

WP Emails Review

Boosting Your Email Campaigns Efficiently

In the digital age, email marketing remains one of the most powerful tools for businesses to connect with their customers. Despite the rise of social media, emails provide a direct and personal line of communication that can foster relationships, deliver valuable content, and drive conversions.

However, to fully leverage the potential of email marketing, businesses need a robust and efficient tool. This is where WP Emails comes into play. As a user who has experienced this tool firsthand, I’m excited to share a detailed and comprehensive review of WP Emails, a product that promises to revolutionize email marketing for WordPress users.

Overview Of WP Emails


Сrеаtоr: Amit Gaikwad & Anirudh Baavra
Рrоԁuсt: WP Emails
Оffісіаl Sіtе: https://getwpemails.com
Frоnt-Еnԁ Рrісе: $18.5

What Is WP Emails?

WP Emails is a groundbreaking email marketing solution designed specifically for WordPress users. It is the first WordPress-based autoresponder that is compatible with Gmail and Yahoo, allowing users to send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers using built-in WP servers. This unique tool promises a 99.4% inbox delivery rate, all for a one-time price. Unlike other email marketing platforms that charge recurring monthly fees, WP Emails offers an affordable and efficient alternative, eliminating the need for third-party subscriptions.

WP Emails simplifies the process of creating, sending, and tracking email campaigns in three simple steps:

+ Log In: After logging in with their credentials, users can start using WP Emails within 60 seconds.

+ Create: Users can easily create, edit, and manage email lists.

+ Send & Profit: Users can start sending targeted emails with a high inbox delivery rate, without the need for third-party subscriptions.

Meet The Creator

Amit Gaikwad and Anirudh Baavra

WP Emails was created by Amit Gaikwad and Anirudh Baavra, two seasoned professionals with extensive experience in digital marketing and software development.

Amit Gaikwad is a digital marketer and software developer known for creating solutions that simplify online business operations. Anirudh Baavra, a tech enthusiast and entrepreneur, has a background in computer science and a knack for integrating advanced features into marketing tools. Together, they have developed several innovative products, including Azon Autosites, MegaPLR Suite, WEBWISE and TypoGram among others.

The Features Of WP Emails

WP Emails comes packed with features that make it a powerful and versatile tool for email marketing. Some of the key features include:

+ Unlimited Email Sending: Users can send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers using built-in WP servers, ensuring that their marketing efforts are never hindered by limitations.

+ High Inbox Delivery Rate: With a 99.4% inbox delivery rate, WP Emails ensures that emails reach their intended recipients without getting marked as spam.

+ No Monthly Fees: Unlike traditional platforms like Aweber, GetResponse, and MailChimp that require monthly subscriptions, WP Emails offers a one-time payment solution.

+ Built-in WP SMTP: The tool leverages built-in WordPress SMTP servers optimized for delivering emails directly to recipients’ inboxes.

+ Detailed Analytics: WP Emails provides comprehensive analytics, allowing users to track open rates, click rates, bounce rates, and spam reports with precision.

+ User-Friendly Interface: The tool is designed to be newbie-friendly, making it easy for even novice marketers to create and manage email campaigns.

+ AI Writer: An integrated AI writer helps users quickly create email content by rewriting existing content.

+ Customizable Templates: Users can choose from a variety of templates to design their emails, ensuring they look professional and engaging.

But that’s not all – with WP Emails, you’ll also receive these exclusive bonuses:

1) WP Virtual Assistant

This unique WordPress plugin adds a smart virtual assistant on your website,and allows you to easily program his A.I am from a powerful visual system. An assistant can be created to intelligently sell products, advise and inform your customers, guide them on the website, etc

2) WordPress WhatsApp Chat

The WhatsApp Chat Rotator plugin will help you display WhatsApp chat buttons in WordPress and WooCommerce easily. One of the main features of this WhatsApp chat plugin is it can rotate (randomize) your chat agents evenly, you can also assign each agent view percentage.

3) WP Membership

Membership plugin for your wordpress websites

4) WP Exit Intent Popup

Exit Intent Pop-up Plugin is a plugin that allows you to easily create and manage popups on your WordPress website or blog. With this plugin, you can create a popup on any page and posts of the WordPress site. With exit intent, you can trigger pop-up forms based on user behavior

5) WP Blocker

Fake Customer Blocker for WordPress plugin blocks your unwanted spam customers who come to your site and download free items with fake email addresses and test user details.

6) WP Social Share

CRM Social is an app for scheduling, planning, and publishing media content on the most popular social networks. The CRM Social app is sharing posts in a list with available networks. A network(in the CRM Social app) is a platform where is possible to share posts.

7) WordPress Plugin Maker + Code Generator

WordPress Plugin Maker (stand-alone tool) can build a complete plugin code and also you can develop a WordPress Plugin that customizes features very quickly. Like: ReadMe, Image Size, Custom Posts, Custom Fields, Short Codes/TinyMCE Plugin, Custom Taxonomies, Extra Fields, User Roles, Extra User Fields, Enqueue Scripts, Enqueue Styles, Widgets, Plugin Options, Admin Bars, REST-API, WXR File, Elementor Widgets, WPBakery Page Builders, WooCommerce Settings, WooCommerce Checkout Fields and other.

8) WP Theme Customizer

This is an easy-to-use code set that enables you to add a Powerful Options Panel to any WordPress Theme

9) Temporary Email System

This is an email service that allows receiving email at a temporary address that self-destructed after a certain time elapses.

10) AI SMS & Email Manager

You can manage your contacts, create SMS/Email templates, send SMS/Email, schedule SMS/Email, wish your contacts’ birthday, etc using Smart SMS & Email Manager in a smarter way.

WP Emails Bonus

How Exactly Does It Operate?

WP Emails is designed to simplify the process of email marketing, making it accessible and efficient for users of all experience levels. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how it operates:

Step 1: Log In to Access Your Account

The first step in using WP Emails is logging in to your account. Once you have purchased the product and received your login credentials, accessing your account is straightforward. Simply enter your username and password on the WP Emails login page, and you’ll be directed to your dashboard. This user-friendly interface is designed to make navigation intuitive, even for beginners:

WP Emails Demo

Step 2: Uploading Lists and Contacts

After logging in, the next step is to upload your lists and contacts. WP Emails allows you to import files containing your contact information and subscriber lists. This can be done easily through the “Import Contacts” section of the dashboard. You can upload CSV files or manually add contacts to your list. This feature ensures that all your potential recipients are in one place, ready to receive your emails:

WP Emails Demo

Step 3: Setting Up Your Email Campaign

Once your contacts are uploaded, you can set up the email you wish to send to your subscribers. WP Emails provides a streamlined process for creating and customizing your email campaigns. Here’s how it works:

+ Fill in the Email Sections: You’ll need to complete various sections such as the email subject line, sender information, and email body. The platform guides you through this process, ensuring you don’t miss any critical details:

WP Emails Demo

+ Choose a Template: WP Emails offers a variety of customizable templates to choose from. These templates are professionally designed to ensure your emails look polished and engaging. Simply select a template that suits your campaign’s needs and customize it with your content:

WP Emails Demo

+ Use the AI Writer: For those who need assistance in crafting the perfect message, WP Emails includes an AI writer tool. This feature can rewrite existing content or help generate new text, making it easier to create compelling emails quickly:

WP Emails Demo

Step 4: Designing the Subscription Form

To attract more subscribers, you can design a subscription form directly within WP Emails. This form can be customized by choosing various elements and adding a title that aligns with your campaign. An appealing and well-designed subscription form can significantly increase your subscriber base, ensuring your email campaigns reach a broader audience:

WP Emails Demo

Step 5: Sending Your Emails

Once your email is set up and your subscription form is designed, you are ready to send your emails. WP Emails allows you to send unlimited emails to your subscribers automatically. The platform ensures a high delivery rate, meaning your emails are more likely to land in the recipients’ inboxes rather than their spam folders:

WP Emails Demo

Step 6: Tracking and Analyzing Performance

After your emails are sent, WP Emails provides detailed analytics to help you track and analyze the performance of your campaigns. You can monitor open rates, click rates, bounce rates, and spam reports. These insights are crucial for understanding how your audience interacts with your emails and for making data-driven decisions to improve future campaigns:

WP Emails Demo

For a thorough exploration of the platform, make sure to watch the informative demo video provided below:

WP Emails Demo

What Is WP Emails Used For?

WP Emails is designed to be a comprehensive email marketing solution for a variety of users, including small business owners, marketers, bloggers, online stores, agencies, and nonprofits. It is used for promoting products, sharing content, and connecting with audiences in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

By providing unlimited email sending capabilities and detailed analytics, WP Emails helps users maximize the impact of their email marketing campaigns.

What Do I Think After Experiencing It?

After using WP Emails, I can confidently say that it is a game-changer for email marketing.

The ease of use, coupled with the robust features and high inbox delivery rate, makes it a valuable tool for any marketer.

The absence of monthly fees is a significant advantage, allowing businesses to save on recurring costs while still achieving effective email marketing results.

The detailed analytics provided by WP Emails are invaluable for refining strategies and understanding audience behavior.

Here’s how WP Emails compares to other popular platforms on the market:

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Overall, my experience with WP Emails has been extremely positive, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their email marketing efforts.

WP Emails has received acclaim from both early adopters and experienced marketers. Here’s what they have to say about the software:


WP Emails Pricing

WP Emails is available for a one-time payment of $18.50, making it an affordable alternative to other email marketing platforms that charge monthly fees.

This price includes access to all the basic features of WP Emails, allowing users to send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers with a high inbox delivery rate.


WP Emails price

The OTO Details

WP Emails offers several optional upgrades (OTOs) that provide additional features and functionalities:

OTO 1: Premium Edition ($36.5 for Premium, $46.5 for Premium Gold)

This upgrade unlocks premium features such as designing email sequences and access to 40 additional templates.

OTO 2: Unlimited Edition ($36.5 for Unlimited, $47 for Unlimited Gold)

This upgrade provides unlimited access to lists, campaigns, and email-sending capabilities, along with the ability to add 10 more SMTPs.

OTO 3: WP List Cleaner ($46.5 for Cleaner, $66.5 for Cleaner Gold)

This upgrade includes tools for cleaning and verifying email lists to achieve higher open and click rates.

OTO 4: Enterprise Edition ($47 for Enterprise, $66.5 for Enterprise PRO)

This upgrade includes features like the AI Email Rewriter and Rest API for integration with other programs.

OTO 5: Agency Edition ($86.5 for 100 Client Plan, $96.5 for Unlimited Client Plan)

This upgrade allows users to create WP Emails accounts for clients and charge a monthly fee.

OTO 6: Reseller Edition ($96.5)

This upgrade allows users to sell WP Emails to others and keep 100% of the profits.

OTO 7: White Label ($196.5)

This upgrade provides a Whitelabel license, allowing users to rebrand and sell WP Emails as their product.

For further information, kindly visit the official page provided below:

WP Emails salepage

Good And Bad Points

Good Points:

+ Unlimited Email Sending: Send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers without any restrictions.

+ High Inbox Delivery Rate: Achieve a 99.4% inbox delivery rate, ensuring emails reach their recipients.

+ No Monthly Fees: Enjoy a one-time payment solution, eliminating the need for expensive monthly subscriptions.

+ Built-in WP SMTP: Use built-in WordPress SMTP servers optimized for email delivery.

+ Detailed Analytics: Track open rates, click rates, bounce rates, and spam reports with precision.

+ User-Friendly Interface: Easy to use, even for novice marketers.

+ AI Writer: Quickly generate email content using the integrated AI writer.

Customizable Templates: Choose from a variety of templates to design professional-looking emails.

Bad Points:

+ Learning Curve: Some users may experience a learning curve when first using the tool.

My Final Thoughts

In conclusion, WP Emails is a powerful and cost-effective email marketing solution for WordPress users. It offers a range of features that make it easy to create, send, and track email campaigns, all without the need for expensive monthly subscriptions. The high inbox delivery rate and detailed analytics ensure that users can maximize the impact of their email marketing efforts.

While there may be a slight learning curve for some users, the overall benefits of WP Emails far outweigh any potential drawbacks. If you’re looking for an efficient and affordable way to enhance your email marketing, WP Emails is definitely worth considering.

WP Emails Rating $18.5
WP Emails Logo

Product Name: WP Emails

Product Description: WP Emails is a revolutionary WordPress plugin that turns your website into a full-fledged autoresponder, allowing you to send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers using built-in SMTP servers, all for a one-time payment. It offers a suite of powerful features, including customizable email templates, AI-powered content rewriting tools, subscription form builders, and detailed campaign analytics.

Price: 18.5

Currency: USD

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WP Emails Review

WP Emails Bonuses

(You will receive ALL Bonuses on Part 1 to Part 5)
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Online Course Course



SEO & Traffic Bonuses

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And you can pick 1 package (for each purchase) from the following packages that you think are the most useful for you:

Affiliate Marketing Bonus


Video & Graphic Bonuses

Website Builder Bonuses

Theme & Plugin Bonuses


Agency Services Bonuses


eCommerce Bonuses


Email Marketing Bonuses


Online Course Course



SEO & Traffic Bonuses

Social Media Bonuses


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