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As you know, the secret to making money online is finding a hot product. You need to sell both physical and digital products. If you choose the right product, it will drive traffic for you – which is always available around.

To know what’s a hot product, you need to look at the trend of it and also know your audiences. For a newbie or intermediate eCom seller, it’s a time consuming process but no guarantee results. We must know what’s trendy or what’s steady before importing products or run advertisements.

I have been making money through e-commerce for 3 years. And I know that finding the right product is 90% earning you the most profit. I will share with you a secret. A product that helps you find the right product and sell it for you. My TrendyCom Review will tell you more about it.

TrendyCom Review – Product Overview


TrendyCom Rating $29.99
TrendyCom Review

Product Name: TrendyCom

Product Description: TrendyCom is an A.I. based platform that gives you access to millions of highly profitable ecom products they can launch right now and start banking!

Price: $29.99

Currency: USD

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  • Easy to Use
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Bonuses
  • Support


TrendyCom is a great to have product if you are serious with your eCom Business. When you sell products, if you understand your niche and winning products, you will win.


  • Lot of spying tools
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated with lot of major eCom site
  • Daily trending product
  • Weekly software update
  • YouTube video spy
  • Top news site feed
  • One time payment


  • Good internet connection required 
  • Full Benefits and Features is only for Upgrade Buyers


What is TrendyCom?

TrendyCom Review

TrendyCom is a new software & profit system designed for ecom marketers. It’s a powerful software & system that uncovers high margin, hot-selling & undiscovered ecom products to drive higher profits to your stores.

Uncover viral trends & products just by entering a keyword – then the software displays thousands of updated products you can list for unfair profits. The result is you save huge time & guesswork on manual research – and can access top-selling products to make you serious money.

What Makes TrendyCom Different?

The software uses artificial intelligence to go way beyond basic spy tools …On top of finding top-selling products, it finds the most current viral niches where people are spending the most money.

The software updates in real time, 24/7 – so every search gives you the most current results. The result is you’ll always know what products to offer in the hottest niches for the highest possible profits.

Creators of TrendyCom

TrendyCom Review

Devid Farah & Victory Akpos

Victory Akpos is the successful online marketer as well as software creator. He is well-known for many product launches such as AdSmartly, Targeting Academy, Reach Influencers,xFunnels, Dropship Selling Academy and LetSetCom…. All of them are highly appreciated by many experts in the world. He is very famous, so you can refer the information about him and his products from the Internet.

With the recent launch, he and his partner – Devid Farah have spent much time and energy to create and develop it. They promise to bring a new game changer for the way we run marketing and eCom store online by finding high profitable and hot selling product in just few seconds.

What Are the Features of TrendyCom?

Winning Products Finder

You can pick the new and hot products every day, sometime people said prouct “under the radar” mean, no one knows about that hot selling products. With this feature you will save lot of time and save lot of money, because you don’t need wasting time for product research and no more wasting money to sell bad eCom product.

Hot Product Spy

You can find profitable product before they go viral, you can be the first one to sell that products.

Trend Intelligence Technology™

Aside from showing you hidden, profitable products that other tools are missing, this ground-breaking software is able to offer you the trends that are most likely to generate money for you!

Buzzfeed Spy

You can get information from most popular news and media sites, so you can searching an eCom products about the trend and viral topic.

Trend Hunter Feature

You can access the hottest niches and the most profitable products.

YouTube Spy Feature

You can find related YouTube trending videos by using a keyword. So you can start spying trending eCom videos on YouTube and grab the buyer keywords, triggers and more.

Daily Trending Products

TrendyCom is updated daily only with the hosttest ecom products that have incredible profit margins and are provent to convert.

Reverse Engineering

TrendyCom shows you exactly what’s already converting, so you can spy on any competitor’s products to improve the strategy of your own FB ads.

Point and Click Feature

You don’t need any skill to use TrendyCom, just point and click and 100% newbie frendly

Cutting Edge Product Extraction Engine

Breakthrough (patented) engine with cutting edge algorithms finds thousands of products that are impossible to even know exist without hours of laborious research!

Exhaustive Data Display

You can immediately get all the info you need in order to get profitable products!

Instant Connection

TrendyCom locates hot trends and products from all the major ecom platforms and much more! Just imagine that with a few clicks you will have an almost instantaneous connection with these sources so that you can source thousands of products for your stores easily and effortlessly!

Effectiveness to the MAX!

TrendyCom works with a super sophisticated engine that makes your product research quick and easy.

Amazing UI

Enjoy the gorgeous easy to use user interface with a full section of videos that show them how to easily use every feature of the software. No complicated terms or “cryptic” buttons!

100% Cloud Based

Nothing to download or install

Weekly Update

TrendyCom will add more amazing features weekly, so you will always get the best results and newest technology for eCom business

24 / 7 Support

If you have any questions or need help, you can reach the upport team anytime.

How Does TrendyCom work?

Now, I will show you exactly how TrendyCom works for you. This is the member’s area once you login.

TrendyCom Review

As I mentioned before, it’s a training and software suite. Let’s discover about the training first. This is the entire funnel of TrendyCom.

TrendyCom Review

Basically, they have the same login credentials.

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 7 26 26 PM

The main value of TrendyCom is to platform that locates top winning products. This works for Aliexpress and a lot more.


 TrendyCom Review

This is the eCom targeting formula.

TrendyCom Review

This is where you target audiences as a strategy of Devid.

2. FE Software

Now, I will introduce you about the software that TrendyCom will grant you access. It’s an Ecom Researching Tool and can be used to find interest,targeting and what’s trending now. Basically,it uses the viral formula.

a.Trend Spy

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 12 08 PM

This is the Trend Spy features, which finds you what’s trending from Wiki, Youtube, Articles and Ecommerce Product. For example, this is the Patriots Trends.

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 12 41 PM

The best idea from this is that you can find keywords and top content. Then you have an understanding about this niche and get your audiences interest idea.

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 13 12 PM

Creating a viral post is a nice idea that get your eCom Stores and Blog generate more traffic.

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 13 18 PM

Best of all, once you get some results, scaling is so easy.

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 13 33 PM

For example, I enter Watch.

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 14 05 PM

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 14 25 PM

Or Bikini as a keyword.

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 14 52 PM

Basically, you can understand fully about your niche and watch people are searching for.

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 15 09 PM

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 15 22 PM

If you have a FB Fanpage, it’s nice to share these posts accross social networks and you can get viral traffic.

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 15 30 PM

When looking at this, you can see that people will buy Bikini at the price range mostly. Personally, in a Bikini Niche, I sold bikini at $24,99 when dropshipping.

b.BuzzFeed Spy

With this option, you know that’s what is trending on social media. One of the most important factor to get free traffic is to become an authority in social media.

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 16 06 PM

Sharing someting fun in social media can make you more FB Like and Social Sharing.

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 16 27 PM

If you are looking to make extra income from Adsense, it’s a nice idea

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 16 48 PM

Besides, you can also search from keywords.

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 19 36 PM

When dropshipping, you can easily sell products for under $50. So, why not creating a blog post like Jackets you can buy under $50,etc.

c.Trend Hunter Spy

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 17 58 PM

With this option, you know how to create content for your Blogs and Ecom Stores.

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 18 02 PM

So, if you are in a Bikini Niche, you can create a post about Bikini Collections are instructing people about this category, etc.

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 18 09 PM

This is how the post look like.

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 18 28 PM

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 18 38 PM

Manually searching for viral content is so time-consuming. You should work less and be smarter when working.

Screen Shot 2019 01 13 at 8 19 08 PM

If you still feel confused with TrendyCom, please take minutes to watch the whole demo video below to know exactly how to use TrendyCom. It is very easy to customize everything!

Dropship Selling Academy Review

Who should try TrendyCom?

After having used TrendyCom for a while, I realize that e-commerce store owners are the ones who benefit the most from TrendyCom. If you have been in this field long enough, you would definitely agree with me that one of the most effective methods to enhance the sales performance is to utilize a winning product. The reason for this is because it sets your business apart from other conventional product listing styles. In fact, vendors might spend more than hundreds of dollars every single month on this aspect. On the other hand, the results are not always positive.

As a result, TrendyCom is undoubtedly an appropriate choice for beginners. To be specific, it offers subscribers with regular performance and data reports. Hence, you will find it easier to keep track of your results, as well as figure out which part of your strategies are not doing well. Therefore, you have enough input to make decisions to adjust your strategies to bring out the best outcomes.

Is TrendyCom worth buying?

You know, choosing the right product is very important to get the huge profits. And, I want to tell you about my fun story when I started to build a beauty & fitness blog one year ago.

At that time, the hardest work was not the product promotion, but looking for the winning products took me too much time. And terribly, I chose the wrong products (but I didn’t know).

With my strong determination, I had tried my best to promote them for a long time and even I paid much money to use Google Adwords.

Finally, I spent money in my pocket without getting any commission. Then, I sold that site and how it pains me to receive the criticism of choosing the products on my site from one buyer.

He gave the reason why I could not make any sale and I was really devastated.

The lack of basic knowledge and experience is the main cause leading to my failure. When knowing TrendyCom, I wished this product could appear one year ago so I would not sell my blog and made the passive income from it.

Therefore, you should feel luckier than me because TrendyCom will help you look for the best selling products. All you need to do is launch your potential products and put money into your pocket everyday.

Besides, if you get a copy of this platform today, you will buy it with the super low price – only $29.99 and it is an one-time payment.

Therefore, I highly recommend this product and hope that you will buy it to improve your difficulties.

TrendyCom Results

Let’s me show you some of result from the real users when using this tool:

TrendyCom Review TrendyCom Review TrendyCom Review

TrendyCom Price & Discounts & Launch Date

This TrendyCom Review intends to put an emphasis on the official launch date of this stunning application. If you look forward to trying out this system, please patiently wait until January 28, 2019.

In addition, the front-end price of this automated platform is $29.99. You can hardly find any software with such an affordable price like that. Therefore, you should not hesitate to claim a copy of this application as soon as possible. You never know when the price changes because there is not any alert.

Furthermore, I think small-scale businesses will value TrendyCom the most because they can easily afford this application. Besides, this product pairs up with some other price packages:

TrendyCom OTO 1 – TrendyCom Pro ($47)

With this OTO 1 you will be ablle to access more feature and uncover unlimited cheap and proven products to sell and more eCom platform. 

TrendyCom OTO 2 – TrendyCom Gold ($67)

With this OTO 2 you will unlock Shopify spy features, will allow you to uncover thousand of best selling products on Shopify stores in any niches. =

TrendyCom OTO 3 – TrendyCom Platinum ($47)

With this OTO 3 you will unlock feature that can be find “under the rada” eCom products on, Wanelo and Facebook.

TrendyCom OTO 4 – TrendyCom Deluxe  ($67)

With this OTO 4 you will get instant access to more than 100 up to thousand of “under the radar” profitable products from Catch, MyDeal, and 

Consequently, you can pay a visit to the official sales page in order to figure out the most suitable package for your purpose. The developers of this software also consider consumer protection as one of their essential priorities.

Don’t forget to use my special coupon “5off” to get $5 off in the first 7 hrs of the launch ONLY!

TrendyCom Review

That is the reason why TrendyCom comes along with a full refund. The developers have included this refund in their policy. To be specific, you have 30 days to try and test all its features to see whether it fits your business or not. If you do not want it anymore, you have the right to ask for your money back. Unlike other applications which you can never be sure about, this guarantee allows you to safeguard your investment to the fullest extent.

TrendyCom Bonuses

The TrendyCom program doesn’t come alone; you will also get the special bonus package from author:

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Pros and Cons of TrendyCom


  • Lot of spying tools
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated with lot of major eCom site
  • Daily trending product
  • Weekly software update
  • YouTube video spy
  • Top news site feed
  • One time payment


Good internet connection required

Full Benefits and Features is only for Upgrade Buyers

Conclusion – TrendyCom is Recommended

At the end of my TrendyCom Review, I want to say thank you for your reading. That is the information I know and experience I can share with you. I hope it is useful for you in decision making and you can use it to make a wise choice. I assess this product is incredible for all of us. Moreover, for the launch date, you have the discounted price, so you should not hesitate too long to miss out the bargain. I wish you success and good luck!

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Step 1: Order TrendyCom through my TrendyCom Review:

TrendyCom Review
Step 2: After you complete the order, send [the receipt id] in a message to my email at: or complete your information on this page.

Step 3: I will send all bonuses for you within 24 hours. Please wait your bonus.

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