SociClicks Review – The Top Secrets For Your Social Network Marketing

SociClicks Review

The Top Secrets For Your Social Network Marketing

Have you ever wonder how big the social media is ? On a monthly basis, the total social media numbers surpass the milestone of 4.2 Billion. That is remarkable but it actually only covers most significant sites including Facebook, Twitter, G+, Youtube, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and LinkedIn. If Facebook is a nation, then it is bigger than China regarding population with over 1.5 Billion users.

Those statistics are the proof social media is enormous and can affect people’s life. It is evident that if you know how to utilize the advantages of social media networking, you can do good business. Accordingly, Social Media Marketing is the fastest way to broadcast your products and interact with the customers.

More and more people are jumping in this industry and try their best to turn a post into profit. But without a comprehensive knowledge of technical skills, content marketing and developing strategies, you won’t be able to generate sales and profits. Today, I am going to show you the top secrets to achieve outstanding performance in this field. Follow me through this SociClicks Review to learn more.

SociClicks Rating
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– Cloud-based
– Integrated with 5 biggest social media platforms
– Intuitive User Interface
– Latest technology of Clickable Images
– Built-in Image Search Engines and Image Editors
– Provided Training Videos
– Reasonable price
– 30 Days Money-Back Guaranteed

SociClicks Review – Product Overview

SociClicks Review

Vendor:                      Daniel Adetunji
Product:                    SociClicks
Launch Date:            2017-Oct-14
Launch Time:           11:00 EDT
Sales Page:              Click Here
Front-End Price:       $27
Refund:                     YES, 30 Day No Questions Asked Money – Back Guarantee
Niche:                       Social Media
Bonus:                      Huge Bonus
Recommend:           Totally Recommend

SociClicks review

What is SociClicks ?

SociClicks is a brand new software that is considered as the first of its kind. What makes this software outstanding from the rest is SociClicks allows you to turn an ordinary post into a clickable image. Stop using expensive paid ads since this product has an incredible ability to attract massive traffic to your content.

SociClicks quickly raise your traffic, engagement and conversion rate because it is fully integrated with major social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr can be used as a channel to perfectly reach your clients. This SociClicks Review will show you its top secrets and how it can benefit you.

About the creator – Daniel Adetunji

SociClicks author

Daniel Adetunji is the man behind SociClicks. He is a famous marketer that has been known for his outstanding projects. In 2015 alone, he had made $2500,000 through his products and got 2000 daily users. His products always sit on top of the leaderboards. Some of that excellent software are the SoCi Offer, Flexsocial, Audience Social and Traffic Buddy.

With the release of SociClicks, Daniel wants you to have an app that actually works for you and boost your business. Let’s get through this SociClicks Review to have the comprehensive understanding of this fantastic product.

Features & Benefits

Regularly when you want to promote your business in social media, all you have to do is compose a post with an attractive picture.  Even before composing the post, you also have to dig around the internet for that perfect pic, spend another hour to photoshop it. But everything has changed with SociClicks. This piece of software is empowered by several built-in tools that can save your time.

Generate 100% Free Traffic Instantly In Any Niche

SociClicks allows you to immediately raise the conversion rate with 10X higher exposure and engagement.

The Innovative Feature of Creating Clickable Image

Before, when a client clicks on your image but what they receive is a bigger picture. This also means you are failed to drive the audience to your sites. In the result, you are not making any profits.

Now take a look at this one:

SociClicks Features

With Clickable Image, your audience will be redirected to the selected sites. It means that you are getting total free traffic and ready to sell the products.

Provided Training Videos

Inside the dashboard, you can get access to the complete set of training material. With these tutorial videos, you will learn how to process the software and utilize it earn best results.

Action Link Controller

This option lets you customize the links in your posts. Thus maximize your organic reach and clicks.

Built-In Image Search Engines

The product comes with 2 powerful image databases: Pixabay Search and Unsplash Search. Why is this a big deal? Because, as mentioned above, to produce one glittering post, you need to spend hours after hours searching the right image online. This is time-consuming and frustrating. With the built-in search engines, the software let you freely search for the perfect image from 2 biggest image libraries. All is FREE.

Image Editors

SociClicks also packed with powerful yet simple-to-use image editors. The Youzign Integration and Pixie Image Editor. Adjust and customize your pictures without boundaries.

SociClicks Review – How does it work?

Step 1: Login to SociClicks and connect to your Social Network Accounts

             Connect your Facebook Pages and groups as well as your Pinterest boards, etc.

SociClicks demo

SociClicks demo

Step 2: Create a new Link Campaign. Using the provided tools to customize your link to get maximum organic reach

SociClicks demo

SociClicks demo

Step 3: Post to your social media and choose which network to post to

SociClicks demo

Here’s a full detailed DEMO showing you how to use SociClicks:

SociClicks details

Who is this for ?

SociClicks is for everybody who wants to achieve best results with social media marketing. This is a 100% cloud-based system so you can set up an promoting campaign from anywhere. Do it from your phone, in your house or on the beach. All you need is a working internet connection, and that’s all.

No high level of computing or coding skills is needed since this evolutionary program does not require any intensive knowledge. Even for beginners, they will find no difficulties.

Highlights of SociClicks

  • Cloud-based
  • Integrated with 5 biggest social media platforms
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Latest technology of Clickable Images
  • Built-in Image Search Engines and Image Editors
  • Provided Training Videos
  • Reasonable price
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guaranteed

Price & Evaluation

The Front End pack costs $9.99 for monthly and $27 for life time. The price of OTO 1 is $47 per month or you can choose the downsell cost $27. The OTO 2 cost $97, OTO 3 cost $97 and OTO4 cost $67 for life time and $97 for Agency License.

Detail, SociClicks has 1 Front-End & 4 OTO’s:

Front End – SociClicks ($9.99/month or $27 for life time) >>> See Detail <<<
OTO 1 – SociClicks  Pro ($47 for life time or $27 for downsell) >>> See Detail <<<
OTO 2 – SociClicks Custom Link ($67) >>> See Detail <<<
OTO 3 – Agency Package Unlimited ($97) >>> See Detail <<<
OTO 4 – Socinotifier & Lead Collector ($67 for life time and $97 for Agency License ) >>> See Detail <<<

SociClicks oto
Each of package bring you different features. Depending on your requirement, you can choose the best one. Don’t forget that if you decide to buy now, you will have more bonuses. Moreover, you also have the 30-day money back guarantee. After using it, if you are not satisfied with this product, you will receive 100% fund back without any question asked.

My Experience Using the SociClicks

SociClicks amazed from the first look. I  have to say that the very first thing you will notice is the dashboard. And inside the panel is where all the necessary tools are located. I have a basic knowledge of technology, so I get used to this quickly. Don’t worry if you are a newbie though; the product comes with tutorials just so you no.

SociClicks works perfectly for me. Before I have to attach links to the post and pray for the people to click on that links. Now with the evolutionary Clickable Image, the conversion rate goes up significantly and leading to the high result in sales. I am pleased with this. Did not expect this at all!


Bottom-up, SociClicks has done all the things that no other apps could do before. Campaigns created by SociClicks will run smoothly and bring you outstanding results. SociClicks has the power to provide full statistics at any time, so users are able to keep track of their campaigns and improve them when in need.

Thank you for reading my SociClicks Review. I hope this is helpful for you and stay tuned for my next review.

SociClicks bonus

SociClicks bonus

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SociClicks bonus

SociClicks bonus

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