Sendley Review – The World-Class 3-in-1 Messaging Platform

Sendley Review

The World-Class 3-in-1 Messaging Platform

Have you been fed up with operating email marketing, SMS marketing, Facebook Messenger marketing yet do not get much profits?

You have been working with all your might, but the cost for these autoresponders individually is too high compared with the revenues you gained.

Why don’t you say goodbye to them and make use of a brilliant 3-in-1 platform called Sendley that helps to save your money while expanding your reach to your potential buyers?

Are you curious about this incredible tool? So, follow my Sendley Review to discover more detailed information.

Sendley Review – Overview

Sendley Review

Сrеаtоr: Ankit Mehta et al
Рrоԁuсt: Sendley
Lаunсһ Dаtе: 2020-Nov-28
Lаunсһ Тіmе: 11:00 EST
Оffісіаl ѕіtе:
Frоnt-Еnԁ Рrісе: $47
Rеfunԁ: ҮЕЅ, 30 Dау Nо Quеѕtіоnѕ Аѕkеԁ Money – Back Guаrаntее
Nісһе: Tool & Software
Ѕuрроrt: Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Rесоmmеnԁеԁ: Ніgһlу Rесоmmеnԁеԁ

What Is Sendley?

Sendley is a world-class cloud-based messaging platform that enables you to leverage the power of messenger, bots, SMS, and email with little to none effort.

Once being able to make good use of it, scaling up your online business will be easy as a cakewalk. That’s because this tool will help you increase the engagement rate, generate more sales, and obtain more profits at a rapid pace.

What’s more?

This tool comes with easy-to-follow training sessions and a simple implementation process. Thus, even if you have little digital-marketing experience or few technical skills, you can still employ this tool with ease.

In case you need any support, contact Sendley’s dedicated customer support, and they will swiftly send your detailed guidance on how to address your issues in the shortest time. 

About Its Creators

Sendley Authors

This incredible tool is brought to you from the busy desk of Ankit Mehta – a top-notch digital marketer with over ten years of experience in marketing and developing handy tools.

These tools have received loads of positive feedback from the users since they helped people quickly address many obstacles on the online-making journey and soon reach their financial freedom goals.

You might have heard about some of them: Freshmails, Influencer Hubs, xMails, Xfunnels and AppsBuilderPRO, to name a few.

This time, in conjunction with Anjali Adlakha – another experienced marketer, Ankit developed Sendley – a cutting-edge tool to expand your reach to your potential buyers and leverage your profits.

Coming from the desk of these brilliant marketers, I firmly believe that Sendley will be selling like hotcakes as soon as it hits the market.

What Remarkable Features Advantages Does It Offer?

Send Unlimited Messenger Broadcasts

Have you known about the power of Facebook messenger broadcasts? It is one of the most efficient ways to deliver messages, such as promotional broadcasts about the Black Friday event, to your subscribers.

Once you make good use of these messenger broadcasts, you will find it super easy to segment your users into more specific sequences and generate sky-high engagement and sales through Facebook Messenger.

The Brilliant Bots That Help You Handle The Tedious Tasks

Does the manual, tedious audience-connecting process on Facebook make you completely drained?

Then, let Sendley give you a hand with the brilliant bots. They will support you in many tasks, including automatically commenting or sending private messages for the audiences’ comments, segmenting subscribers, and so on.

Send Unlimited Emails

Another feature to love about Sendley is its user-friendly email creator. Thanks to this feature, you can effortlessly create appealing emails for your marketing campaigns, then send them by time zone, locale, and gender.

Features Many SMTP Integrations

Furthermore, Sendley enables you to integrate with multiple well-known SMTP services, including SendGrid, Amazon SES, Mailgun, Mandrill, Twillio, Nexmo, Plivo, RouteMobile, and so on.

Here are some of the many outstanding features that this tool offers. Because there are too many, I can’t tell you all within a concise review.

So, grab this tool now, check out yourself and experience all of them. I’m pretty sure that its incredible features will blow your mind away.

How To Employ It?

An advanced tool like Sendley must come with a complicated implementation process, right?

Think again as this tool is such an easy-to-employ tool. Here, let me show you how to take advantage of it and boost your business in four simple steps.

Step 1: Take Sendley home and login to your account.

Sendley Demo 1

Step 2: Connect.

To begin with, you can connect your pages to Sendley or upload your existing email/SMS subscriber lists:

Step 3: Engage.

In this step, you can create chatbots, send automated replies, and send automated emails/SMS on any schedule you prefer. Here, let me show you the chatbot-creating process as an example.

First, you need to click on “chatbot” and choose “chatbot settings” on the dashboard. Then, customize the settings for welcome message, sequence message, default answers for the audiences’ questions, and so on:

Repeat a similar process for the other features to create SMS and email marketing campaigns that help you entice leads and gain sales effortlessly.

Step 4: Convert.

Once you have completed the steps above, leave the lead-generating-and-converting process for Sendley. It will help to convert your traffic into leads, increase the open and click rates, as well as grow your business like blazes:

That is how you can make use of this brilliant tool. So simple, right? Thus, give it a try, and embark on a more prosperous journey with Sendley.

There is а video trаining thаt shows you detаil steps to work. You should wаtch it and follow whаt the expert guides:

Sendley Review

Who Is It For?

Do you want to have a powerful yet cost-effective messaging cloud-based platform that helps you generate more traffic, gain more deals, and obtain more profits?

If so, Sendley will be your best sidekick regardless of the niche you are working on.  Thus, take it home now if you belong to the list below:

+ Digital marketers

+ E-com store owners

+ Online tutors

+ Bloggers

+ Product creators

+ Website owners

+ Local business owners

+ Real estate brokers

+ Freelancers

Pros And Cons


+ Newbie-friendly

+ Fully cloud-based software

+ Includes step-by-step video training sessions

+ Quickly and effortlessly generate qualified leads.

+ Includes commercial license

+ Features many valuable bonuses

+ No monthly fees

+ Robust customer support

+ 30-Day Money-back guarantee


+ Up to now, I haven’t found out any downsides yet.

User Experience

Is Sendley a well-worth investment?

Let’s consider the main points I summarized while testing this tool and make your own assessment.

First, the training sessions are extremely easy to follow, regardless of your digital marketing experience and technical skills.

Every feature is explained clearly and concisely so that you can learn how to employ most efficiently with ease.

The only minor downside I found about the tutorials is the accent of Ankit Mehta. If you are not a native English speaker, you might find it a little bit difficult to catch up with his lessons.

In those situations, turn on the subscriptions, and everything will be alright!

Now, let’s move to the implementation process. Since you can manage everything in one central dashboard, it would be easier to communicate with your potential and current clients on multiple platforms.

Once you enhance your relationships with your customers, you can generate more clicks, more conversions, and thereby more profits. Within no time, your business will turn into a golden duck if you use Sendley.

Along with the fantastic features, this tool also comes with premium customer support. They are always ready to help you out no matter which issues you are struggling with.

The Bonuses

You will be given a list of valuable bonuses after purchasing Sendley:

Sendley Bonuses

Price And Evaluation

How much does it cost to take a premium tool like Sendley home?

Let me ask you a question – how much does it cost for Facebook Messenger, SMS, and email autoresponder individually? I bet that the cost for these services is hefty, right?

Fortunately, Sendley comes with such a low price tag – only $47. And the best part is that you only have to pay once to make use of this tool forever:

Sendley Price

This means that you invest a tiny amount of money in the tool that can save your time while boosting your business’ performance and leveraging your profits within the shortest time.

However, this lucrative deal is only available within a limited time. So save your time and take this valuable opportunity to grow your business and yield increased profits.

But, what’s about the financial risk?

Well, purchasing this tool is a risk-free investment. That’s because it features a full refund policy within 30-day of your purchase.

Thus, leave all your worries behind and try out this fascinating tool. I’m pretty sure that you will love it in no time.

Discount Coupon Details:

Coupon (first 10 AM EST 28th Nov):

  1. EarlySendley15 (10 AM – 2PM)
  2. EarlySendley 12 (2PM – 11:59 PM)
  3. BlackSendley (29th Dec)
  4. CyberSendley (30th Dec)
  5. Sendley10
  6. Sendley 8

coupon banner

What’s In The Funnel?

Below are some one-time offers that give you the opportunity to take more advantages out of Sendley:

OTO 1: Sendley Pro  $47 (Commercial), $97 (Agency) >>More Details<<

The Ultimate Leads and Engagement Booster Suite for Business and Agencies:

+ Automatically Reply on instagram posts, hide comments, send personal message

+ Provide Support or Generate More Leads from your website using messenger

+ Post Images, Videos and links on 6+ Major Social Media Pltforms in 1-Click

+ Create eCommerce stores right inside messenger to collect orders and book appointments

+ Zapier integration to connect with 2000+ Apps

+ Plus 10 more pro features

OTO 2: Sendley Links Pro:$47 (Commercial), $97 (Agency) >>More Details<<

World’s Smartest Link Cloaking Cloud App Whopping 87% Sendley users use this app on a daily basis. Imagine Sending Same Messenger and Email Campaign, Sent to the Same List and Subscribers But 500% More Profits by Supercharing Your Links:

+ Strong Link Cloaking which bypasses Google & Facebook Smartly

+ Ultra High Inboxing In Primary Folder Of Your Subscribers

+ Smart Building Of Fb Re-marketing List via Xlinks used in Mails

+ Geo-targeting to show personalized offers

+ Device Targeting To Leverage Maximum Potential

+ CTA Overlays to make extra money with little banner-like ads

+ Link Expiration After Specific Time or Redirection To Different Page

+ Mass Cloaking To Boost Click-Through Rate

+ Custom Domain Authority For Super Authority, control & Branding

+ Auto-Promotion Sync Of Links On Fb, Instagram and Other Social Channels

+ Newbie Friendly & Fully Cloud-Based Software

+ Winning Support

+ Complete Step by Step Video training

OTO 3: Sendley Reseller with Consultant Kit: $197 (100 Licenses) & $297 (250 Licenses) >>More Details<<

+ Setup Your Own 6 Figure Business Like their Previous Users without Even Creating a single campaign.

+ Every Business Needs Sendley & Now You Can Sell It To Them and Keep 100% of the Profit.

+ With Sendley Agency you can unlock incredible Agency Features as well as their premium Sales Funnel and charge your buyers monthly or one time.

OTO 4: Stockliy: $47 (Commercial), $97 (Agency) >>More Details<<

+ Stop wasting time and money on expensive stock memberships and files.

+ A Searchable Cloud-Based Platform With 3 Million+ Royalty Free HD & 4K Stock Videos, Images, Vectors And Audios.

+ With Photoshop Like Graphics Editor And Camtasia Like Timeline Video Editor.

+ Search your perfect footage or image for your next post, ad, blog or website, with only a keyword, right now!


Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You have to buy FE firstly and then you can buy any Upgrades if you like.

If you buy Upgrades alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to ask for refund. Remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the software is working.

Final Thoughts

What do you think of Sendley?

Isn’t the powerful yet cost-effective 3-in-1 autoresponder that you have been looking for for a very long period?

Have you just nodded your head?

If so, save your time and take action now. A fulfilled and comfortable future is waiting for you ahead when you have this tool by your side.

Lastly, I want to say thank you for spending your precious time on my Sendley Review. I hope that you will soon take this golden opportunity and quickly scale up your business.

Sendley Rating $47
Sendley Logo

Product Name: Sendley

Product Description: Sendley is the most powerful 3-in 1 autoresponder for 1 time low price . This brand new app is extremely powerful as it integrates with the latest cutting edge technologies - saving you thousands! This is the perfect solution to completely replace any other autoresponder or marketing service

Price: 47

Currency: USD

[ More ]

  • Easy to Use
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Bonuses
  • Support
Sendley Review

Sendley Bonus

(You will receive ALL Bonuses on Part 1 to Part 6)

Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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Part 4

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Part 5

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Part 6

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Click to see more information:


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Step 1: Order Sendley through my Sendley Review:

Sendley Review

Step 2: After you complete the order, send [The Receipt ID] in a message to my email at: or contact me on this page.

Step 3: I will send all bonuses for you within 24 hours. Please wait your bonus.

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