How To Get The Most Out Of Your Traffic By Using Retargeting?

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Traffic By Using Retargeting

Do you own a business website and get lots of traffic but somehow don’t seem to be getting those visitors to convert to a sale?

Some studies have shown that up to 98 percent of site visitors to business websites don’t convert! That’s a lot of potential sales going down the drain, so what can be done to get reconnected to those previous visitors? The answer is retargeting.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is when you use a strategy to keep you connected to the traffic that came to your page, but didn’t buy anything. If you don’t learn how to use retargeting, then you are losing a chance to make more sales because those visitors may be still interested, but for whatever reason were not able or willing to buy at the time of their first visit. By staying in touch with them, you have a chance of selling to them the second time around.

Retargeting is when you produce advertising that is based on the person’s prior visit to your website. By using retargeting you don’t have to lose all the traffic because it brings these ads to the people who visited your site after they have left it. It is a way of reminding these previous visitors that the product or service is still available and finding out if they are now able to complete a sale.

Kinds of Retargeting Strategies

There are several retargeting methods. Here is some information on a few of them:


Email is a simple method of retargeting. Studies show that about three-quarters of all potential customers prefer to communicate via email. Therefore, by retargeting them through email you offer a good way to get their attention once again. This method, however, does require that the visitor at least opted in to give you their email address.

Email retargeting provides the seller an opportunity to upsell their existing clients, contact the potential customers who filled out a shopping cart, but didn’t complete the sale, as well as promote special offers or coupons, etc.  If you combine the email with display ads, it works even stronger and can help you to get a substantial increase in your traffic, as well as your sales conversions.

Direct Mail –

With direct mail you can use retargeting by sending out things like catalogs to the visitors to your website as long as you have their physical address. This form of retargeting can work to keep them interested in buying your products or services, as it helps them to reengage with your company.

Social Media –

Another good use of retargeting is to set up a Facebook or other social media account and promote the posts you want your followers to see about your brand. For instance, Facebook gives businesses a medium to use to post their ads and information about their product or service in a way that will reach previous, current and potential customers. You as a business owner can use the social media network to retarget people who have visited your website and coax them back to buy something by offering them discounts or coupons and by giving them more information on your products that will cause them to want to buy.

Retargeting Also Works With Current Customers

When your retargeting campaign gets one of your previous visitors to turn into a buyer, you can also try an upselling campaign to see if they would like to purchase something else by offer them some kind of free product to try as a gift for coming back and offering them, for instance, a coupon on it if they buy a full-sized product. For instance, if you are selling vitamins, you could send them a trial sized bottle of one of the types of vitamins along with a coupon for 10 percent off a regular sized bottle. This is a form of retargeting previous customers and is a great way to make additional sales from satisfied past customers.

Why does retargeting work?

Retargeting keeps your brand in the minds and eyes of the previous visitors who may have been window shopping, but are now ready to buy. Every time they see the retargeting advertisements, it reminds them that you are still offering these products or services. Then, they are more likely to buy from you once they are ready to buy that product or service.

The bottom line is that all affiliate marketers and other business website owners should be using retargeting as a way to convert more visitors into actual sales.

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