Client Magnets GPT Review – Is It Recommended or Not?

Client Magnets GPT Review

A Game-Changing Solution to Magnetize Clients Effortlessly

As a digital marketer always looking for ways to grow my business, I’m constantly on the hunt for tools and strategies that can give me an edge. So when I heard about Client Magnets GPT, a new training program that leverages AI to create client attraction books, I was immediately intrigued.

After going through the course myself, I can confidently say that Client Magnets GPT is a total game-changer for attracting clients and establishing yourself as an authority in your niche. Keep reading for my in-depth Client Magnets GPT review where I’ll break down exactly how this program works and why it’s worth investing in.

Overview Of Client Magnets GPT

Client Magnets GPT Review

Сrеаtоr: Lee Cole
Рrоԁuсt: Client Magnets GPT
Оffісіаl Sіtе:
Frоnt-Еnԁ Рrісе: $17

Client Magnets GPT is a comprehensive training program created by industry experts Lee Cole and Gloria Gunn. It shows you step-by-step how to craft engaging “short client attraction books” quickly and easily using AI through ChatGPT.


These AI-powered books allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise to attract targeted clients, all without having to do extensive writing yourself. The books can also be used to generate leads, open up new revenue streams, and elevate your authority in your niche.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s included in the core Client Magnets GPT training:

+ 10 video modules walking you through the entire process of creating client attraction books with AI, from conceptualizing your book to publishing and distribution.

+ Comprehensive resources including swipe files, templates, checklists, and guides to support you in crafting and marketing your books.

+ Exclusive case studies and examples so you can model what works.

+ Private Facebook community for connecting with other members on the journey.

+ Lifetime access so you can revisit materials anytime.

This powerful yet easy-to-use system makes establishing yourself as an industry leader almost effortless. Keep reading for my full thoughts after testing it out myself.

My Experience with Client Magnets GPT

As someone who has published traditionally before, I know firsthand how time-consuming and challenging it can be to write an entire book yourself. So when I heard about the ability to leverage ChatGPT to create authoritative client attraction books quickly, I was instantly on board.

After purchasing Client Magnets GPT, I was impressed right off the bat by the high-quality training. The video modules provide the perfect blend of strategy, real-world examples, and step-by-step guidance. Lee and Gloria leave no stone unturned in showing you exactly how to maximize this technique.

I decided to use Client Magnets GPT to create a book positioning myself as an expert in my niche of email marketing. The swipe files and templates provided massive value in helping me outline and craft content quickly. In just a few days, I had a 50-page book ready to go!

The community has also been invaluable. Connecting with other entrepreneurs using Client Magnets GPT has allowed us to share best practices and hold each other accountable.

Overall, this has been a total game-changer for me. In just one month after publishing my book, I’ve generated over $8,000 in new client revenue directly attributed to my book. The authority it has established makes clients eager to work with me.


If you’re looking for a proven system to attract clients and demonstrate your expertise, I can’t recommend Client Magnets GPT enough. It’s exceeding my expectations by far.

Now let’s dig into the details of what makes this program so powerful:

Craft Compelling Books with AI Easily

The core of Client Magnets GPT is showing you how to craft compelling short client attraction books leveraging ChatGPT. This rebuilt my belief in how quickly high-quality written content can be produced.

The training takes you from crafting your initial book idea to outlining chapters to generating book content with AI. The materials provide guidance on formatting, editing, and compiling your book to get it market-ready.

Some key points the training covers related to book creation include:

+ How to choose the right book topic and title to attract your ideal clients

+ Crafting a compelling book description and cover

+ Best practices for prompting ChatGPT to create cohesive, robust content

+ Structuring your chapters and outline for maximum impact

+ Compiling, organizing and editing the AI-generated content into a polished book

+ Incorporating your unique human touch into content generated with AI

+ Formatting your book for your publishing platform

I was amazed at how easy Client Magnets GPT makes it to produce an entire book, even with zero writing experience. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of AI to help entrepreneurs like me establish authority and attract clients.

Drive Leads & Revenue with Your Books

A key point the Client Magnets GPT training drives home is that these books serve a bigger purpose than just showcasing your expertise. Each book is an opportunity to generate leads, clients, and revenue.

Some of the strategies covered for monetizing and promoting your books include:

+ Pricing your book for profit vs. using as a free magnet

+ Using your book as an ethical bribe for prospects

+ Repurposing book content into lead magnets

+ Outreach strategies to get your book into the hands of ideal prospects

+ Leveraging your book to get speaking gigs, guest posts, and partnership opportunities

+ Running promotions and contests around your book launch

+ Automating lead follow-up around book downloads

The Client Magnets GPT training leaves no stone unturned, equipping you with a holistic strategy to maximize the authority and income potential of each book you create. These books become powerful tools in your client attraction toolkit.

Establish Yourself as an Expert Authority

One of the biggest benefits of Client Magnets GPT is how quickly it can elevate your authority and credibility in your niche by publishing books, even as a newcomer.

Some of the authority-building concepts covered include:

+ The power of having published books under your belt

+ How to write about your niche in an original way

+ Promoting yourself as an author to build expertise

+ Leveraging your books to get speaking engagements

+ Using your books as lead magnets to capture authority

+ Tapping into your book content for guest posting opportunities

Publishing books through Client Magnets GPT has been an invaluable tool for me in being seen as an expert. Prospects immediately take me more seriously given the authority that books lend.

This training guides you strategically through establishing authority both within your books and by leveraging your books. The expertise you gain is priceless.

Comprehensive Resources & Bonuses

Client Magnets GPT includes an incredible suite of resources designed to set you up for success. Some of the standout materials include:

+ Swipe files of successful book descriptions, cover designs, chapter outlines, and more for inspiration and templates

+ Checklists summarizing key steps in ideation, writing, publishing, and promotion

+ Access to Lee and Gloria’s personal rolodex of freelancers

+ Done-for-you press release templates to maximize the buzz around your book launch

+ Professionally designed PowerPoint template to pitch your book concept or findings

+ Exclusive case studies showing real client success stories

+ Cheat sheets with tips for integrating AI most effectively

On top of all the core training, Lee and Gloria really overdelivered with value-packed bonuses, including:


Client Magnets GPT Bonuses

The bonuses alone made the investment worthwhile. Lee and Gloria go above and beyond in making sure you have absolutely everything you need.

A Flexible, Beginner-Friendly System

One of the things that really stood out to me about Client Magnets GPT is how flexible and beginner-friendly the system is.


The course is broken up into self-paced video modules, letting you move through the content at your own pace. All the materials are downloadable so you can reference back anytime.

Nothing about the course felt intimidating or overly complex. As someone newer to leveraging AI for content creation, I felt like the instruction struck the perfect balance of strategic while still being digestible.

The private Facebook community also provides the perfect space to get your additional questions answered, learn from fellow members, and stay motivated as you bring your first book to life.

For anyone looking to get started with creating client attraction books with AI, this training structures the process in a way you can follow seamlessly.

Client Magnets GPT Pricing

So what does it cost to get access to this game-changing client attraction blueprint?

Considering the transformative impact it can have on your brand’s reach and income, the core Client Magnets GPT system is very reasonably priced at just $47 for lifetime access.


And during a special promotional period, you can get an extra $7 off by using coupon code CLIENTMAGS7OFF at checkout:

code to enter

At just $40, it’s an incredible bargain considering people routinely spend far more than that on ineffective paid ads and content outsourcing trying to achieve the same authority-building results.

But at this one-time price, you gain instant access to a proven formula for creating the kinds of positioning assets that continually attract, nurture and convert high-value prospects month after month.

All without headaches, writer’s block or content creation costs.

Clearly, this is a tiny investment compared to the immense value offered and game-changing impact Client Magnets GPT can have on your business growth.

Client Magnets GPT price

Client Magnets GPT OTO Upsell Offers

In addition to the core training, the creators are offering several optional upsells to further amplify your results:

OTO 1 – Done-For-You Funnel Package (Value $47-$57)

This upgrade takes your results to the next level by providing:

+ Professionally Designed Author Website Templates to establish your expertise

+ Comprehensive Funnel Course with Step-by-Step Video Lessons to maximize conversions

+ High-Converting Sales Deck for pitching your client magnet books

+ Insider Tips from Gloria for leveraging the pitch deck for explosive results

+ DFY Bonus Training on repurposing book content into speeches, blog posts, and more

+ Thrive Theme Integration and Migration Tutorials for a seamless website setup

+ Client Handout for getting more press and visibility

+ Media Kit with pre-made assets to amplify your credibility

OTO 2 – VIP Press Kit Mastery Upgrade (Value $57-$77)

Take your authority and publicity to new heights with:

+ Press Kit Creation Masterclass with detailed video training

+ High-Converting Press Kit Templates to captivate journalists

+ Comprehensive Cheat Sheets for maximizing exposure

+ Advanced Pricing Strategies and Upsell Funnels to boost revenue

+ Done-For-You Outsourcing Training to delegate press kit creation

With these high-value upgrades, you’ll be able to leverage the core training to its fullest potential and completely automate the authority-building process.

For further information, kindly visit the official page provided below:

Client Magnets GPT salepage

Final Verdict: An Absolute Game-Changer

After seeing incredible results myself, I can confidently say Client Magnets GPT is a total game-changer that I’d recommend to any entrepreneur or business owner looking to effortlessly establish authority and attract clients.

The ability to create professional, robust books with AI quickly is an absolute superpower in this industry. This training guides you through the entire process strategically step-by-step.

Beyond just books, Client Magnets GPT equips you with a holistic system for leveraging your expertise to generate leads, clients, and revenue.

The proof is in the pudding – within just one month, I generated over $8,000 directly from my book, with many more opportunities in the pipeline.

Lee and Gloria leave no stone unturned, equipping you with swipe files, templates, checklists, and tutorials that make the process seamless. The community has been invaluable for support and accountability.

For the incredibly reasonable investment, the authority and income potential you can unlock is limitless. This training makes establishing expertise in your niche almost effortless.

If you’re on the fence, you can feel confident knowing Client Magnets GPT comes with a 7-day money back guarantee. Enroll risk-free today and start leveraging AI to create the type of client attraction content that made me results like $8k+ in just one month.

Lee and Gloria are truly experts in this space, and they overdeliver on value with the core training and stacked bonuses. Everything about Client Magnets GPT is professional, well-thought-out, and effective.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get in on this game-changing training at the ground level. The price will continue rising given the insane demand, so act fast to lock in this exclusive opportunity today.

And remember to use coupon code CLIENTMAGS7OFF to save $7 on the already remarkably reasonable investment.

Gain instant access to the step-by-step training, swipe files, incredible community, and expert guidance that allow you to establish authority effortlessly in any niche you choose.

I can’t give Client Magnets GPT strong enough praise. It’s an absolute must-buy for any coach, consultant or service provider looking to demonstrate expertise with the ease of AI.

Take your business growth to the next level by enrolling in Client Magnets GPT today. You won’t regret it!

Client Magnets GPT Rating $17

Product Name: Client Magnets GPT

Product Description: Client Magnets GPT is a training program that teaches you how to quickly and easily create short, high-impact client attraction books using AI tools like ChatGPT. The system is designed to help establish expertise and attract ideal clients by leveraging AI to generate authoritative content and books.

Price: 17

Currency: USD

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Client Magnets GPT Review

Client Magnets GPT Bonuses

(You will receive ALL Bonuses on Part 1 to Part 6)
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And you can pick 1 package (for each purchase) from the following packages that you think are the most useful for you:

Affiliate Marketing Bonus


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