Auto Commissions Jacker Review – Profit From Others Hard Work?

Auto Commissions Jacker Review

Hijacks The Top Videos And Websites For Free Viral Traffic?

Have you ever looked at those reputable websites or videos out there and wish that one day, yours will get the chance to emulate them?

That one day, the incredible things that they are benefiting from every day, viral traffic, customers, and massive sales, will all fall into your pocket?

I know that you have. In fact, we all have such a wish sometimes.

t would be great to be among the kings of the cyberspace and watch money come knocking on our door day by day while our business goes on growing, right?

You know what?

It is about time we turn that wish into reality!

With the help of a special tool, Auto Commissions Jacker, you will be able to relish whatever the owners of top authority sites are relishing without breaking a sweat.

Sounds interesting?

Then scroll down the rest of my Auto Commissions Jacker Review for more information about it!

Auto Commissions Jacker Review – Product Overview

Auto Commissions Jacker Review

Сrеаtоr: Victory Akpos et al
Рrоԁuсt: Auto Commissions Jacker
Lаunсһ Dаtе: 2020 – Nov – 20
Lаunсһ Тіmе: 11:00 ЕSТ
Оffісіаl ѕіtе:
Frоnt-Еnԁ Рrісе: $22
Rеfunԁ: ҮЕЅ, 30 Dау Nо Quеѕtіоnѕ Аѕkеԁ Money – Back Guаrаntее
Nісһе: Tool & Software
Ѕuрроrt: Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Rесоmmеnԁеԁ: Ніgһlу Rесоmmеnԁеԁ

What is Auto Commissions Jacker?

Auto Commission Jacker is a brand new cloud based app that gets you free traffic by hijacking YouTube videos and popular website pages…but traffic is just the beginning!

+ Once you hijack a video or website, you’ll be able to add an opt-in gate that locks down content until the visitor joins your list.

+ After opt-in Auto Commission Jacker automatically follows up with your brand new leads by using professionally-written, ‘done for you’ emails that are built-in to the system.

+ You don’t need a 3rd party auto-responder because all lead management is included with Auto Commission Jacker, although you can link to your email marketing software if you desire.

+ Choose from 20 ‘done for you’ promo campaigns and Auto Commission Jacker will automatically make you money without any additional investment in software, tools, or training required.

+ This is truly a complete all-in-one system that gives you everything you need to get free traffic, leads, and make money right away!

Meet The Creator

Auto Commissions Jacker Authors 

This product is brought to you by Victory Akpos who is talented and well-known in the digital marketing industry. He is the one standing behind multiple 6-figure launches in recent years and simultaneouly he has been showing up in many Top 10 Leaderboards as an undefeatable affiliate.

He has launched some remarkable products like OmniBlaster, DFY Review Funnel, Instant Agency, VideoMatic, ReachInfluencer, Upreachr, Adsmartly, Uduala eCom, Ezy MultiStores, etc. All of them were highly recommended by many experts in the world and got a lot of positive feedbacks from customers. Thus, it is not surprise that he is a top 1% affiliate and top 5% vendor on WarriorPlus.

Let’s take a look at his sales history:

Auto Commissions Jacker Author_s sale

This time, together with his partners, he decided to launch Auto Commissions Jacker which is certain to do wonder for you!

Please scroll down to see the detailed features of this product!

Auto Commissions Jacker Review – Features & Benefits

Let’s take a closer look at the features of Auto Commissions Jacker Auto Commissions Jacker and see how it can help you out perfectly with its amazing features:

Cloud-Based App

Auto Commissions Jacker is securely hosted in the cloud so you never have to worry about installing anything or dealing with updates. Access from anywhere with an internet connection.

Simple Dashboard

Auto Commissions Jacker is all about keeping this simple and easy-to-use, which is why they’ve designed the dashboard to be intuitive so you can jump right into the action and get immediate results.

Free Traffic Hijacker Tool

Never worry about getting traffic ever again. Just choose any video or website and Auto Commissions Jacker will hijack the traffic for an unlimited supply of targeted free traffic.

Content Gate For List-Building

Block the content you’ve hijacked with a special gate that requires the visitor to opt-in before accessing the video or website. This is proven to boost opt-in rates and makes it easier than ever to build a massive list.

Automation Workflow Technology

Easily schedule a sequence of automated emails that engage and convert your new leads into money in your pocket. ‘Done For You’ emails are included and everything is fully automated.

Built-In Lead Management

You don’t need to worry about buying an email management tool or autoresponder because Auto Commissions Jacker has all of that built-in to the easy-to-use software.

10 ‘Done For You’ Campaigns

Inside Auto Commissions Jacker you get access to 10 ‘done for you’ campaigns that include a ready-to-go emails series that are proven and have already generated 6 figures in profits.

Unlimited Lead Export

If you already have your own autoresponder that you want to use, you can export all of your leads with the click of your mouse. Unlimited lead export is included at no charge.

Custom SMTP Integration

Easily customize SMTP settings if you don’t want to use an external autoresponder for emails. This takes just a couple of minutes, and we show you exactly how to get it setup.

Why Auto Commissions Jacker Is Different Than Everything Else?

If you haven’t purchased yet, I’m guessing you’re just wondering: “What makes this different from other software tools out there?”

And it’s a good question.

The short answer is… It’s completely different and much more powerful than everything you’ve seen before.

But I know you want to make an educated decision, so I’ve listed 7 things below that make Auto Commissions Jacker different than most of the software apps you’ve seen this year.

#1 – Auto Commission Jacker is hosted in the cloud, features an attractive dashboard, and it’s extremely easy to use – The say it’s newbie-friendly, and it actually is!

#2 – Unlike other tools that claim to be an all-in-one solution, Auto Commission Jacker actually does everything for you and gives you everything you need to make money quickly and without needing to invest a lot of money.

#3 – Auto Commissions Jacker quickly makes it easy to get no cost targeted traffic by allowing you to hijack any YouTube video or website with a few clicks of the mouse. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it works really well.

#4 – Most tools stop at just getting users traffic, but Auto Commission Jacker takes things to the next level by allowing you to use a content gate to protect hijacked content for easy and fast list-building. This eliminates the need to have to come up with bribes to give away and makes it easier than ever to build your list.

#5 – You don’t even need to have your own 3rd party auto-responder required because Auto Commission Jacker comes with lead management tools right inside the dashboard.

#6 – Auto Commission Jacker also includes ‘Done For You’ emails that automatically go out to new leads to cultivate and monetize the list. And these aren’t just any emails… These emails are proven to convert and have resulted in 6 figures in commissions.

#7 – 10 ‘Done For You’ affiliate campaigns are built-in to the app – Just choose one or more campaigns you want to use and Auto Commissions Jacker does all the work on autopilot so you wake up to commissions!

How Does Auto Commissions Jacker work?

To be able to benefit from Auto Commissions Jacker, you will only have to fulfill 3 simple steps. Here they are:

Step #1 – Hijack Traffic

+ Just choose any video or website that you want to hijack:

Auto Commissions Jacker Demo + Design your video player or link player:

Auto Commissions Jacker Demo

+ Attach call-to-actions, annotations, preroll and midroll video widgets to your video:

Auto Commissions Jacker Demo

+ Share the link using the built-in social sharing feature:

Auto Commissions Jacker Demo

You can check some of my demo link below:

* Video from Youtube:

* Post from Mashable:

+ And sit back as you get tons of targeted, high-quality, viral traffic for free – No waiting and no more paying for traffic.

Step #2 – Get Leads

+ Once you hijack a video or website for a steady stream of free, targeted traffic, you’ll be able to add an opt-in gate that locks down content until the visitor joins your list so your list grows on autopilot:

Auto Commissions Jacker Demo

+ Automation Workflow Technology engages your leads on autopilot using ‘done for you’ emails that are proven to get results

+ No 3rd party lead management tools or autoresponder are needed:

Auto Commissions Jacker Demo

Step #3 – Make Money

+ Choose from 10 ‘Done For You’ Campaigns:

Auto Commissions Jacker Demo

+ You can easily schedule a new campaign to start when one ends, and it only takes a few minutes to get everything setup (It’s much easier than any other email tool you’ve used before):

Auto Commissions Jacker Demo

+ Auto Commissions Jacker emails your leads and converts them into commissions while you sleep:

Auto Commissions Jacker Demo

Please watch the Walkthrough Demo below for more information about Auto Commissions Jacker:

Auto Commissions Jacker

Who should try Auto Commissions Jacker?

The sole aim of Auto Commissions Jacker is to make it easy for anyone to extract real commissions from the others’ content, even the total newbies.

So, if you are eager to generate commissions quickly and effortlessly, this tool is the perfect option for you. Grab it now if you belong to the list below:

+ Affiliate marketers

+ E-com sellers

+ Product vendors

+ Small business owners

+ Freelancers

Why Should You Consider It?

From my using instruction, it’s obvious that Auto Commissions Jacker is super simple to use. Whether you are a complete newbie or experienced marketer, you can legally hack and monetize any website or video to generate online profits with Auto Commissions Jacker for the first time using.

There’s no need to create content to profit online anymore. This product is such a game-changer for you because creating content that people actually consume is the #1 roadblock for most marketers.

With Auto Commissions Jacker’s advanced technology, you can instantly leverage the most viral content, articles and websites online for personal gain.

Auto Commissions Jacker gets real results faster than you’d ever think possible because it eliminates all the traditional barriers to earning online.

With no content to create, list to build, products to make, videos to upload, websites to design, traffic to figure out and every other time-sucking “busy task” out there. There’s nothing standing between you and commissions.

So, why you need to work for commissions when you can legally hack them instead?!!

Thanks to the DFY campaigns packed inside, you now can effortlessly get the same results as Victory Akpos has done when using this Auto Commissions Jacker. I would have to say that they are tested and proven to work perfectly for literally anyone! Thus, there is no need to worry about its reliability.

Let check what other beta testers say about this product:





The Bonuses

In addition, you will be getting tons the author’s greatest bonuses for your fast action:

VIP Bonus #1: F’ree Reseller License To My Best Selling OmniBlaster (Worth $297)

OmniBlaster Review

The Worlds #1 ‘All-in-One’ Marketing Platform That Helps Convert 3X MORE Visitors Into Buyers And Drive More Sales by Combining eMail with SMS and Voice broadcasting. All from one platform. No Hosting; Nothing to Install

VIP Bonus #2: F’ree Reseller License To My Best Selling DFY LeadFunnel (Worth $297)

DFY Lead Funnel Review

DFY Lead Funnel is a 3-in-one Funnel suite that helps your customers Generate Leads, Nurture these leads, and rake in a huge affiliate commission from these, with a built-in 100% FREE Viral Traffic System. No Hosting; Nothing to Install

VIP Bonus #3: F’ree Reseller License To My Best Selling AlterStores (Worth $297)

AlterStores Review

AlterStores Allows You & Your Subscribers To Quickly Create High-Value “Affiliate Authority Stores” That Automatically Suck In Traffic, Build Your List, And Practically Force People to Buy in 2020!

With Amazing Features such as Price comparisons options, price discount alert notifications, Search log showing you what people are looking for, real time discounts with up-to-date prices, original content, and plenty of quality product choices from multiple networks in one….

No Hosting; Nothing to Install

And the Fast Action Bonuses:

Auto Commissions Jacker Bonuses

Evaluation & Price

For the time being, in order to take home a copy of Auto Commissions Jacker, you are going to have to pay $22.

Auto Commissions Jacker Price

I do not know about you, but to me, this is definitely a good deal. I mean, just think about it. By getting this second-to-none tool, not only will you get to benefit from the others’ content, but you can also use that for your personal intention.

Is there anything out there that lets you do such a thing?

Still, if you want Auto Commissions Jacker, you had better hurry up. Within the next few days, its price is going to climb up.

Auto Commissions Jacker

What’s In The Funnel?

To maximize your benefits, you can learn more some upgrade versions below:

OTO 1: Auto Commissions Jacker Ultimate ($47)

OTO 2: Auto Commissions Jacker Email Platform + 50 DFY Swipes ($67)

OTO 3: Auto Commissions Jacker Jumpstart Package ($97)

OTO 4: Auto Commissions Jacker Reseller ($497)

So pay a visit to its official sales page to look for more details about them:

Auto Commissions Jacker salepage

What I Like & What I Don’t Like

I like:

+ Easy to use

+ Require no prior experience

+ No third-party tool needed

+ Benefit from other people’s viral traffic

+ Includes step-by-step training sessions

+ Add your own offers

+ No monthly fees

+ Fantastic bonuses

+ Robust support

+ 30-day-money-back-guarantee policy

I don’t like:

+ So far, there is none

Conclusion – Auto Commissions Jacker is Recommended

Honestly speaking, Auto Commissions Jacker is the magic wand that makes your dream of generating massive money online come true.

With his tool’s help, you can easily automate the process of legally hacking and monetizing any video or website for various income streams.

So, are you going to grab this tool now and embark on a whole new journey to a wealthier life?

Or are you going to reject this opportunity and stick to your old time-consuming method of making money?

The choice is yours. Hence, take action now.

Finally, thank you for reading my Auto Commissions Jacker Review. It is my pleasure to present to you a reliable sidekick for your upcoming journey! I wish you and your business all the best things!

Auto Commissions Jacker Rating $22
Auto Commissions Jacker Logo

Product Name: Auto Commissions Jacker

Product Description: This is a brand new, all-in-one app that hijacks the top videos and websites for free viral traffic, automatically sends out ‘done for you’ emails, and makes you money while you sleep.

Price: 22

Currency: USD

[ More ]

  • Easy to Use
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Features
  • Bonuses
  • Support

Auto Commissions Jacker ReviewAuto Commissions Jacker

(You will receive ALL Bonuses on Part 1 to Part 6)

Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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Part 4

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Part 5

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Part 6

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Click to see more information:


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Step 1: Order Auto Commissions Jacker through my Auto Commissions Jacker Review:

Auto Commissions Jacker
Step 2: After you complete the order, send [The Receipt ID] and [Your Favorite Bonus Package ] in a message to my email at: or contact me on this page.

Step 3: I will send all bonuses for you within 24 hours. Please wait your bonus.

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