WP Blazer Review – How does it work and is it worth a try?

WP Blazer Review

WP Blazer Review – How does it work and is it worth a try?

wp blazer review

Hello everyone,

Starting early of this month I’ve got a lot more websites to manage. There are some sites I’ve been running for my own and some for my friends or clients. In total, I have 8 WordPress sites and I started feeling overwhelmed. So, basically I was looking for a solution on this, to help me save more time and reduce all the frustration and even boring repeatable process from sites to sites, well, you know, for example, new themes installation, plugin removal, ect…

So I came across this one from the Internet, WP Blazer, a tool which is supposed to help me manage all the sites or in another word, help me to get over the headache of handling many WordPress sites at the same time. After some time trying it, today I’d like to make a WP Blazer review here.

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WP Blazer Review
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WP Blazer is a cloudbased SaaS platform to automate, backup and secure ALL of your Wordpress sites.
One Click Update, Activate/Deactivate/Delete Wordpress Plugin/Themes
Easy To Use Central Admin Dashboard
Scheduled Backups and/or Instant Wordpress Backups Anytime
Off-site Remote Backups inc. Amazon s3, FTP & Email

WP Blazer review – Overview

wp blazer review


  • Vendor:             Cindy Donovan
  • Product:            WP Blazer
  • Launch Date:   2017-Mar-08
  • Launch Time:   11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price:  $37
  • Bonus:  From my Site
  • Niche:  General

Bolt Publisher guarantee


What is WP Blazer?

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WP Blazer is a cloud-based software, plus service which helps to automate, manage, backup and secure WordPress websites. It is designed to monitor many WordPress sites at the same time. Therefore, this product is supposed to save more of users’ time and avoid them from repeating similar steps on each site.

What are the great features of WP Blazer?

Have been trying WP Blazer for the last few days, I now can claim that WP Blazer has some certain great features that has really transformed my being panic to peace.


Firstly, as a management tool, WP Blazer obviously can update, activate, deactivate or delete plugins or themes just in 1 click for different websites.

Secondly, the admin dashboard of WP Blazer is also user-friendly and easy to use I have to admit. Everything is neat and simple.

Thirdly, this software has great backup function which is monitored just in one click away. User can set either scheduled backups or instant backups for their data. And it even works for offsite remote backups on Amazon Simple Storage Service, FTP and email.

How does WP Blazer work?

Activate WP Blazer Plugin

Enter the site’s name that you want WP Blazer to manage, then add URL and group name of the site. Once the site is added, you need to download and install WP Blazer plugin or you can just choose to activate it automatically.

Remember that WP admin login credentials are required to activate WP Blazer or you can install manually by going to your site and install it. After activating the plugin successfully, you can start managing your sites already.

WordPress update

After having the plugin in your hand, you can upgrade all the plugins or themes of multi-sites at one time. So now you don’t need to feel headache thinking of going through one by one manually any more. You can save more time for things which matter more!

Plugin and theme management

Similarly, you can activate, deactivate, delete or add plugins and themes on multi-sites.

Post management

Managing post is way easier with WP Blazer. You can edit any post from any site or delete many unwanted posts on different sites.

Checking comments and managing them (making them appear as approved, pending or spam) on the same control screen have made everything less miserable and time-consuming for me.

User management

On the user management screen, you can easily create new user, see all the display of users or delete any of them. Just take less than 5 seconds.

Cloud backup

WP Blazer allows you to have backup at 02 options: either backup both files and database or backup database only. You can also exclude some directories along the way. Pick your schedule backup, time zone, your backup repeated preferences (daily, weekly, monthly), destination type (Amazon, FTP, email) and there it go.

Price and how to buy WP Blazer?

I’ve been telling you about all of WP Blazer’s good features and how it is operated. Now that you may be curious how much it’s gonna cost you. I am glad to list out all the offers below to help you have better idea of this product’s pricing.

Offer 1 – WP Blazer Pro: $27, coming along with following features:

WPBlazer PRO cover 1

  • Unlimited websites access
  • Premium cloud backup on Rackspace, Dropbox, Google drive…
  • Media file backup
  • SEO management including analytics and SEO tools
  • Social media management

Offer 2 – WP Blazer Developer: $67, coming along with following features:

membership card mockup

  • Unlimited Clients & Unlimited Websites access
  • Full access of site management
  • Installation of WP Blazer plugin at site
  • Access of all SEO and social modules

Offer 3 – WP Whitelabel: $97, coming along with following features:

membership card mockup v2

  • Able to resell or rebrand WP Blazer
  • Able to rebrand WP Blazer plugin
  • Have fully managed and maintained software product
  • Have WP Blazer promotional tools
  • Have Professional written copy that can generate sales
  • Have promo email sequences for high opportunities of conversion



Why should you buy it?

Basically, I’ve been using this product for the last few days and personally still feel satisfied about it. In my opinion, it’s quite going to worth your money with its all-in-one features at an affordable price.

  • Proper sites management
  • Premium database backup on reliable hosts
  • Media file backup
  • SEO tool support
  • Add-on social media management

It’s not only going to save you time, save your money; but also helps you generate more profit for your business.


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email-marketing affiliate-marketing
seo-trafic wp plugin bonuses



So, the purpose of me writing this WP Blazer review is actually to encourage anyone who suffers from dealing with many WordPress sites at the same time like me to give this product a try. It is among the good choices I’ve made this year 2017. 

The launch close is on 12th March 11:59 PM Eastern so be sure to grab it before this date.

I hope my review has given you quite a clear description on this product and thank you for reading.

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